Cat Care: Fleas & Parasites : About Acetaminophen & Cats

Let’s talk about acetaminophen in cats. Acetaminophen
is what the active ingredient is in Tylenol, but acetaminophen is actually in a lot of
things. It’s a pain reliever and a fever reducer in humans. The problem with it is that it’s
deadly in cats, so the first thing I have to say is that never ever give any type of
medication over-the-counter to your any pets, and check with your veterinary clinic first
if if there’s anything you have a question about as far as a medication is concerned.
The major reason is this, because acetaminophen in cats is extremely toxic. It’s a small tablet.
A three hundred and twenty five milligram tablet can be deadly to a cat. What happens
is it ties up hemoglobin. Hemoglobin is what actively carries oxygen in the red blood cells
in the bloodstream, and so if the oxygen carrying capacity is tied up these cats cannot breathe
essentially, and so what happens is they get really muddy gums, muddy colored gums, dark,
pale, and and blue muddy colored gums. They also sometimes will get edema, which is fluid
under the chin, or on the forehead, liver disease basically sets in very, very quickly,
and their liver dies essentially. And when, within typically twenty four to thirty six
hours a cat can be, can die from an acetaminophen or Tylenol toxicity. Tylenol is in a lot of
things, especially things that are for sinus problems. And so, never give an over-the-counter
medication to your cat or pet without your veterinary clinic’s consult first.

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