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  1. Are there any legitimate drug-free de-worming protocols that a relative newcomer to a plant-based diet could follow? Just in case..!

  2. Gentle bro, try the seeds of PAPAYA and squash combine make a paste out of them.
    put them in a blender together with the ripe papaya for a better taste..

  3. Grandmother's instructions : for 3 days eat salty herrings don't drink much. when going to toilet seat on bucket filled with water or hot milk to force the worms to evacuate themselves

  4. you can find that in all meat ;-D
    the reason that muslims don't eat pork is because of to much uric acid 😉
    no meat is better 😉

  5. Oh, man, now i don't want to eat in any restaurants except vegetarian ones. I've been vegetarian 30+ years, but i used to eat pork chops as a child, and i guarantee mom did't cook them for 2 hours. Maybe 10 or 15 minutes on each side, just until the pink color was gone. And I've had headaches all my life, but they recently got a lot better. Otherwise i'd be asking how to get tested.

  6. Parasites of any kind give me the heebie jeebies. But, from the information I can find, you'd sooner get tape worm from someone with bad hygiene, then from the US Pork industry. Although tapeworm infection is prevalent in Latin American countries to include Mexico. Who's to say migrant workers infected with tapeworms wouldn't cause an outbreak through a vegetable crops they were picking? It is my opinion that highlighting the dietary (il)legitimacy is the better argument.

  7. @lilyroza Ironically parasites can be easy to get in salads too if not washed properly. I feel more comfortable eating salads at home to make sure they're washed carefully. A few months ago there was even an outbreak of some salads getting protozoa psrssites. At least some foods if cooked properly lessen the risk of a parasite from them

  8. Once the worms/parasites are dead, does your body eventually flush out all of it from your brain or can some of it stay forever? I've heard that if you do not eat any animal products that if you do have any parasites in your body they die because they cannot live without meat. Is this true?

  9. I suffered with worms multiple times during my childhood – probably from the Dutch diet featuring liverwurst and occasionally raw meat. I've been vegan now for 26 1/2 years. Last year I decided to get multiple parasite tests done just to be sure I'm not harboring any unwanted guests. None were found in my stool.I was relieved and grateful to have found the vegan lifestyle so long ago. 🙂

  10. Just wash your vegetables before eating them and you will be fine. It's also very easy to spot rotten fruits and vegetables. However, it's not easy to identify contaminated meat.

    I come from a poor country (Brazil) and meat is widely consumed among the lower income classes. Since it's subsidized by the government, it's cheaper to eat meat than organic vegetables.

  11. Bentonite clay slurry. Cheap and easy livestock de-wormer; reduce solution ratio for your body weight relative to the instructions for a horse or dog.

  12. So did this guy eat the sprouts whole and they just managed to survive through his digestive system completely intact or did they sprout in his guts? What is going on! 😂😂😂

  13. The CD; C lies; not one stool sample really gets tested; I am dying from a large tapeworm and the medical community does nothing;; try drinking a bunch of real fresh squeezed lemon juice; the parasites hate it and you will feel them rebel; good luck america as we have been duped here!

  14. I got all those symptoms. Seizures, eye floaters, depression, psych meds etc etc. Going raw vegan and doing urine therapy helped a lot. No drugs.

  15. For the past 3weeks
    My sister having really
    Bad severe headaches..
    She went to the hospital
    2times already..and they
    Didn't find anything.so
    What's causing her
    Headaches?!! Human
    Pain are mysterious

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