Chronic Yeast Infection Cure Naturally

A yeast infection is a type of infection that
is caused by fungus. This is a rather unpleasant, uncomfortable,
and an embarrassing problem to suffer from. Candida infections can happen anywhere on
the body; with the genitals, mouth, fingers, and toes being the most common places. A yeast infection can usually be self-diagnosed
and can be even treated on your own. The most common symptoms experienced include
discolored patches of skin, associated with itchiness. This problem has caused you stress I’m sure
by now, and you just want to cure it once and for all. You are in luck, because the chronic yeast
infection cure remedies in this video all work. These are all very safe, potent, and effective
treatments for curing your yeast infection once and for all. The first chronic yeast infection cure is
Coconut Oil. Coconut Oil has so many effective purposes
for our health, and it’s a natural fungus killer. Especially if you have thrust, it’s recommended
to do what is known as oil pulling. Swishing one to two tablespoons around in
your mouth for 20 minutes, then spit. This removes all the toxins inside your mouth. It’s recommended to do this three times a
day if you’re suffering from thrush. The caprylic acid found in coconut oil is
a very potent anti-fungal. For men and women that suffer from yeast infections
on their body, just rub a few tablespoons into the infected area. Repeat this as long as needed; within a few
days you should begin to notice a significant difference. The second chronic yeast infection cure is
Colloidal Silver. If you have a chronic yeast infection, then
you won’t want to mess around with it. You’ll want something very potent that will
kill fungus, and does so fast. That’s what colloidal silver does, it kills
every disease that’s in its track. Known as a very strong anti-bacterial, colloidal
silver is also very effective in killing fungus. You can swish colloidal silver around in your
mouth if you have thrush. Or apply colloidal silver directly to the
yeast infection on the skin, and do this daily. You’ll be amazed at how fast colloidal silver
works in killing any disease it hits. The third chronic yeast infection cure is
Tea Tree Oil. Tea tree oil is one of the most popular herbal
remedies to use for yeast infections. Tea tree oil is one of the most potent natural
anti-fungal remedies you’ll ever find. However, I wouldn’t recommend using tea tree
oil for thrush. Tea tree oil should never be digested, since
it is a heavy toxin in the body. Always dilute tea tree oil first, specifically
with olive oil before using. The fourth chronic yeast infection cure is
Apple Cider Vinegar. Apple cider vinegar is another very popular
and effective remedy to use to cure yeast infections. It’s best to dilute apple cider vinegar with
water, then apply to the fungal infections. Apple cider vinegar can alleviate itching,
pain, and can also treat yeast infections, especially in the vagina area. Also, it’s recommended to digest apple cider
vinegar, because it alkalizes the body and encourages good bacteria. Good bacteria can kill off candida. The anti-fungal properties in apple cider
vinegar and the ability to heal pain makes this a very effective natural remedy. The fifth yeast infection cure is Oregano
Oil. Oregano oil is a very popular and effective
home remedy that will kill yeast infections immediately. Oregano oil has a rich amount of concentrated
phenols that are known to kill fungus. Research has shown that oregano oil not only
kills yeast infections, it doesn’t lose its effectiveness over time like other anti-fungal
remedies. Oregano oil also has very potent anti-bacterial
properties and will reduce inflammation caused by yeast infections. And that will conclude the chronic yeast infection
cure remedies that work. All five of these home remedies do work, and
will help alleviate pain and other symptoms caused by yeast infections. It’s best to use them consistently to see
the best results. Results might vary for each individual, but
within a few days you should see some progress with your yeast infections. Thank you for watching and please checkout
the description box down below for more details.

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