Coconut Almond Jello, Dim Sum with a Twist (Chef’s Plate Ep. 4)

One of the most meaningful dishes to me is almond jello. That dish means so much to me ’cause that was probably the first thing I made and that was something my dad taught me how to make. I’m Dory Fung. I’m a pastry chef in Houston, Texas. Right now I’m the executive pastry chef at Poitín. So I have a dessert on the menu called, “Oh What A Lovely Tea Party.” It’s a play off of the almond jello. So instead of having regular whole milk, I used a coconut milk and then it’s still set with the agar. In the coconut milk I actually infused it with a jasmine tea. Normally the almond jello is presented with fruit cocktail on top. So instead I took lychees and I soaked them in a hibiscus tea. To give it this really beautiful purple color. In my childhood, I grew up at Fung’s Kitchen. Fung’s Kitchen is a Cantonese seafood restaurant. We also serve dim sum. Growing up in the kitchen was really, really fun. When I was younger too my dad also, he let me ring the bell. So for your recipe too, do the exact same thing. Today, what we’re working on is working on our final exam cakes. Every group is going to make their own cake. They can make any flavor they want. The Houston food scene means so much to me and I feel like, it’s a very small amount for me to do is just to help the new younger, future chefs become the best chef that they can be. If you didn’t love what you do you couldn’t be able to get up every single day, work you know 15, 16, 17 hours sometimes and still have the energy. When I’m teaching I don’t feel like I’m at work. I just feel like I’m just, you know, hanging out with a lot of other people that are very passionate about what they do. The best part of my work definitely is when you spend so much time and so much heart and you put everything into making a dish. When you hand off that dish and somebody eats it and they tell you, it’s the best bite ever. I think that is probably the best feeling in the world. Definitely, I think my dad’s very proud. It’s probably really meaningful because I am the fifth generation chef so, it’s funny because my dad never thought that I would be a chef and I think it’s really, I think it’s really awesome that I can make him proud by doing something that he loves so much too. Ok. Well done. Thank you.

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  1. Terrific video clip! Here at Y&S FOOD! we all love to find this amazing content. We create Travel & Food films too, all over the world, and we are always looking to get inspirations and also good ideas. Thank You.

  2. This video hit so close to home. I'm also an abc that is trying to follow in the foot steps of my father's and trying to be in the food/service industry

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