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Bad breath is also known as halitosis
and it is a very common disorder that is characterized for causing an unpleasant smell in the mouth,
It can be a big problem, especially when you are about to embrace with your love or
you want to tell a joke to your friend in your ear and usually, half of the people
in the world suffers from halitosis, it is a condition more common than we think and, therefore,
difficult to evaluate. Since it is a symptom very shameful for those who suffer it, the
Most look for methods to neutralize it and prevent it. However, there are different
causes that cause bad odor in the mouth, from bad habits to factors of the
body as the inability to generate enough saliva, but calm, Fortunately, there is a
series of natural methods and tricks for help to deep clean the mouth and
So help mitigate this annoying problem and for that reason, today in curious data we will show you
10 tips and remedies to eliminate evil breath. So, if you want to know which
are, I invite you to stay and see the next video, are you ready? Let’s start! 1. Increase water consumption As we know, consume plenty of water during
the day will keep your body and your mouth very hydrated, this will help you to generate
more saliva and so you get a natural rinse for your mouth, with this you can mitigate the
stagnation of the bacteria present between your teeth, tongue and cheeks, which are a
of the main causes of bad breath, not to mention that drinking water will always result
good to maintain a healthy diet and your organs clean and working at 100.
Therefore, it is important that it be consumed between 2 and 3 liters of water per day, so you will avoid
that the flow of saliva decreases, in addition that also in the water we find a
large amount of fluoride, essential for prevention of tooth decay. 2. Take care of what you eat Stay away from foods with smells
strong as garlic, onion and fish, and that these contain very strong oils and
because these oils do not just stay in your mouth, but they go through everything
your esophagus permeating its smell this makes that when speaking all that aroma goes towards
out through the mouth, producing bad breath for hours although apparently your mouth already
this one cleans … but there are also others foods like artichoke, cabbage, cauliflower,
the cabbage or broccoli that can cause the same, well, because these foods
are rich in sulfur, predispose to the appearance of halitosis.
On the other hand, it is advisable to avoid diets high in proteins and low in carbohydrates,
well this will generate bad breath, but EYE … it’s not about eliminating them from the diet, but
yes try to reduce them to the maximum in case of suffering continuous episodes of halitosis. 3. Avoid staying without eating for more than 3
hours It has happened to all of us at some point that
We can not eat at our hours due to work situations, due to lack of time
or for another personal reason, and it is done to us easy to eat whatever it takes to satisfy
that need However, stay long times without eating or overeating
that are not healthy also cause halitosis. In fact, poor diet is the third
most common cause of bad breath and here it includes staying more than three hours without
Eat or skip meals. Therefore, it is important to eat frequently
easily digested foods like salads raw, cooked vegetables and low meats in
fat, since they are foods that are maintained less times in the stomach but that you
They will do well in your digestion. So, perform five meals a day, in small quantities
and spread throughout the day, it can be a fruit, jelly or yogurt what you can
consume as a collation in what comes the time to eat. 4. Avoid consuming alcoholic beverages The relationship between alcohol and bad breath
is a basic contradiction, since consumption of alcohol can cause bad breath, while
that, at the same time, a series of rinses commercial mouthwashes and mouthwashes that are sold
for the treatment of halitosis contains alcohol as an antibacterial ingredient. But,
How is the contradiction explained? … Well, it’s said that alcohol is antibacterial
and antiseptic, with which we agree that alcohol kills bacteria that enter
in contact with him, so the added alcohol to the mouthwash in effect, tend to cause
an improvement in breath odor, but for On the other hand, drinking alcohol predisposes
to the appearance of bad breath, because the oxidation of ethanol occurs initially in the mouth
and then it becomes more predominant in the liver, giving rise to various compounds
of the bad smell, like acetaldehyde. So … you know … alcohol is an agent
Dehydrating, contributing to salivary malodour. What do you think … You agree or disagree
in stopping consuming alcohol? 5. Say goodbye to the cigar If you ever needed another reason to
stop smoking, here is a very simple … you knew What … The smell of tobacco and its components
They are distributed not only throughout your mouth but also inside your body?
say, it expands through all the teeth, mucous, larynx pharynx and tongue, which causes
bad breath. By logic, the smoker can not perceive it as such, since it is accustomed
to this penetrating smell. In addition, tobacco dry the mouth, preventing saliva from
its cleaning functions and regulation of the pH of the mouth.
So, if you’re one of those who like to smoke, It is advisable that you leave this bad habit
since apart from leaving you bad breath, you it will stain your teeth and you will have other affectations
in your health. 6. Use natural remedies Sure, nobody likes to have bad breath
or what is worse, smell it, However, years before there was toothpaste and
mouth rinses were used different herbs to prevent and combat halitosis.
There is no other that you resort to remedies such as: the lemon, the nettle, the mint, the parsley,
coriander, peppermint, alfalfa, fennel and rosemary, which to date are
plants that help eliminate bad breath. You can chew them directly or prepare
a tea, boiling two cups of water with some of these herbs, letting it cool and using it
as a mouthwash. The best of all is that you can see results instantly! A) Yes
that you already know … if you’re going to party and you need a quick remedy, do not hesitate
count on these supplies in your kitchen. 7. Chew gum without sugar Usually when a person detects a
bad breath, resort to alternatives such as lying down a mint pill to the mouth or chewing gum;
since it is said that sugar-free gum reduce the acidity of the mouth and increase the
salivation while chewing, this is a phenomenal consequence of chewing gum
saliva, thanks to its antibacterial action, It is an effective mouth rinse and reduces the amount
of bacteria from dental plaque, which are responsible for producing the substances that
They create the bad smell. Of course, do not overdo it; keep in mind
that, even if they are promoted as products without sweet, chewing one, is equivalent to consuming
a bucket of sugar and you can be damaging your health, by the way I invite you to go to
see the video we have of 10 things that would happen with your body if you eliminate sugar
your life. 8. Use apple cider vinegar Apple cider vinegar It is a medicine
home to combat bad breath, which is surprisingly powerful, and that explains why
people have been using it for centuries. Apple cider vinegar has antibacterial properties
and antivirals that are advantageous in reducing of toxicity levels, thus avoiding
the halitosis. Therefore, a natural rinse with apple cider vinegar is ideal for
combat bad breath, as it regulates the PH of the mouth and prevents infections.
It’s easy and simple to prepare, just mix half a tablespoon of vinegar in a glass of water
and ready! … you will not hurt your teeth and so you will fight all the harmful bacteria of
an economical and natural way, try it and tell us how it worked. 9. Uses baking soda Almost everyone has the baking soda
sodium in your house, because it is very economical and it’s not a problem to get it, just like
that the apple cider vinegar works change the pH level inside the
mouth, fighting in this way against bacteria that cause bad breath other than that it is
excellent for whitening teeth. It is very easy to use … You just have to apply
a little bit in your usual toothpaste, brush and finally rinse … this will leave you a
Feeling cooler, you can add some drops of peppermint or lemon oil … What
simple, no? But eye uses maximum this maximum advice once a week so that
avoid damaging the enamel of your teeth and gums 10. Eat natural yogurth Yogurt, like the rest of probiotics,
Strengthens the defenses of our gums against those bacteria that cause their
inflammation, causing gingivitis and, therefore, also halitosis. But EYE … It should not be
any yogurth, you should consume yoghurts natural, since today is not only good
for the health of bones and teeth, It is proven that natural yogurt
It is excellent for killing bacteria that produce bad breath, eliminate cavities
and diseases of the gums, it also helps to reduce acid levels that cause
some foods, thanks to its components of Lactobacillus. Did you know this remedy?
Finally, you obviously already know, but even so we will remember you is that brushes
your teeth daily after consuming food, tomato the patience it deserves
your mouth wash and above all you should not ignore the importance of cleaning your language
and cheeks, remember that’s where you host half of the bacteria that generate
bad breath. But EYE … Bad breath too It can be caused by serious problems of
health as cancer, although it is not common and, therefore, if the bad breath remains after
to follow these tips is recommended to go to a medical consultation to perform exams
and identify what is causing the halitosis. I hope the video was to your liking,
if it’s the first time you see one of my videos, I invite you to come to see my other content
and if you like it, subscribe, do not forget activate the notification bell, which
Have an excellent day and see you next time.

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