COOK WITH ME | Spicy Garlic Vegetarian Ramen! ✨

Hello friends its Allison and welcome to
episode number two of Allison’s eats today we are going to be making a super
easy and vegetarian spicy sriracha garlic ramen truly so delicious
and although it might not be the most nutritional recipe it still is a
healthier option and I love to pair my ramen with a nice little side salad of
spinach and ginger dressing it’s so so yummy and that’s a good way to add a
little more vegetables to this meal but I really hope you guys enjoy and let’s
get into it for this recipe you’ll need some instant
ramen noodles some garlic cloves sriracha green onions vegetable broth or
a broth of your choice some corn for topping unsweetened milk sesame oil soy
sauce and 1 egg okay not in the way and then pop me on my apron because we are
working with sriracha today after all and I don’t really want sriracha stains
all over my outfit okay so I already started boiling my eggs and they finish
boiling I still need to peel them but basically if you don’t know how to hard
boil eggs I would just do a quick little google search there’s many different
methods but it’s all super easy sometimes it’s tricky to get the eggs
the right consistency but just keep an eye on them and I’m sure you’ll do just
fine I added mine to boiling water and then
once they were in there for seconds I turned off the heat and
covered the pot in let them sit there for ten minutes in the hot water so
that’s what I did but now I’m just going to cut up my garlic actually I’m gonna
grate my garlic because we’re having grated garlic and cuz we want it to be
super super fine and then I’m going to chop up my green onions so as I was cutting my green onion I
actually separated it from like the more white part of the green onion to the
darker leafy air parts and we’re gonna use this part to top our ramen bowl and
then this part we’re going to use when we’re cooking our broth and noodles just
to add some additional flavor but this side of the green onion is a lot more
tough and rough so this one’s more ideal just as a little sprinkle on top so I do want to say be super careful if
you’re using a handheld grater because the garlic is really really tiny so it’s
UV to kind of skim your finger so just super careful I’ve done that before and
I have a scar on my thumb from cutting Parmesan with a handheld grater so once
it gets too small just mince it and it’ll be totally fine okay now that our
produce is all chopped up I’m going to just take the shell off of my hard
boiled eggs this is definitely the most time-consuming part but of course
another option is to buy pretty hard boiled and peeled eggs also a side note
if you are vegan or you’re trying to do more vegan meals the only thing that is
not me in in this recipe are the eggs so that’s a super easy thing that you can
just omit and even the ROM and I have is vegan and I used coconut milk
unsweetened coconut milk for the cream so really great option but yeah I’m just
going to put on some music and POVs name also side note you do not need three
hard-boiled eggs you actually just need one number ramen bowl but I just mean
I’m sure right now because it’s easier to kind of make them in bulk and I know
I want to have ramen one other night and I want Brandon Table one so therefore
any three hey guys I really making progress and now we’re going to just
take a pie and you can add canola oil or avocado oil actually does the thing and
I have some but I’m just going to add some olive oil to my pot I always just
eyeball it you can just use half a tablespoon I just kind of like to fill
the whole bottom of the pot because then we’re gonna add our greeted / minced
garlic okay now we’re just going to turn on our
burner on medium heat and what’s going to let it cook for a couple minutes
until it becomes fragrant and then we’re gonna start adding our other ingredients
like our sesame oil sriracha soy sauce and our broth and then we’re gonna cook
the ramen separately so we have our instant ramen and you might have a
different brand than I so what you’re gonna do is just follow the directions
on the back of your packaging and if you did get just like the generic ramen that
comes with a seasoning pack you can discard the seasoning pack and those
really cheap ramen tastes so good and the seasoning pack is just amazing but
the reason why it’s so amazing so incredibly salty so this is definitely a
healthier option I will probably see some mine with some pepper and sea salt
at the end but it’s a lot better than the little packets that are so processed
okay so I’m gonna have two and a half tablespoons of sriracha and if you are
not a spicy lover like I am I would do a bit less definitely tweak it towards
your taste preferences but again I have a very high spice tolerance so I could
probably like put this whole bottle in and just be fine but you got to do what
works best for you okay and now we’re gonna add one and a half tablespoons of
sweet sauce and soy stuff that I actually use it’s not actually soy sauce
is no soy less sodium soy free sauce so basically it has 40% less sodium than
other leading lower sodium soy sauce brands so it’s just kind of a healthier
option but seriously no worries if you’re using regular soy sauce it
honestly probably will taste better that way but I’m just trying to be a little
more healthy and starting to smell so freaking
it’s just garlic and sriracha so it sounds pretty heavenly I’m also gonna
add in my green onions like I shared I would earlier and now they can get nice
and tender when we have the heat on now we’re gonna
add two whole cups of your broth and again I’m using vegetable broth because
I want to make it vegetarian but if you want some kind of meat broth that is
totally fine as well almost we need add our sesame oil and we only do a half a
teaspoon of this so if you are trying to save a little money and you want to make
this recipe you can totally skip the sesame oil it definitely isn’t crucial
but it does add some extra flavor but we really use such a small amount of stuff
just wanted to point that out that if you’re trying to be cost efficient and
save what you can you can definitely skip the sesame oil honestly the only time I use my system
étoile is when I make ramen so it definitely I’m sure you can use it for
tons of other things but that’s all I use it or so again it’s definitely not
necessary okay the last thing for our broth is our milk and again I opted for
coconut milk make sure you get unsweetened because sweet coconut milk
and your spicy ramen would be horrifying so make sure you pick out the
unsweetened if you choose coconut milk as well and so now that we have
everything for our broth we’re just gonna let it simmer for about three or
four minutes I’m also going to add a little garlic powder and onion powder to
my broth just for some additional flavor this again is totally optional but I
love these spices those are some of my basics and also some ground pepper I
feel like it adds so much to every dish and since we are making spicy garlic
ramen some garlic powder can really take it to the next level and I honestly
eyeball this I know that’s frustrating when you’re trying to follow a recipe
but once you start cooking more and more you will definitely kind of feel it out
better and it’ll just come more naturally okay my ramen and just finished
cooking’s and I’m just going to drain it it only took about three minutes to cook
so soup is super quick and then once it’s drained I’m going to add a reefing
together and then we’re done and cannot wait to show you guys the final product right to the top okay and now I’m going to talk with
someone born – just from a can you can do fresh or canned either way
so tasty i’m canè hungry and then we do have a good amount of a green onion
already but I’m gonna add a little bit more and then of course our pick you for pictures so yummy okay guys we did it we made our
delicious ramen I actually haven’t tasted it yet I have made it before so
I’m hoping it still tastes delicious but I’m gonna do a live taste test to get
everything mmm that is so good it is spicy though
so again you have a very low spice tolerance lay low on the sriracha but I
really hope you guys enjoyed this recipe I’m gonna go ahead and beat this all up
because it’s lunchtime and I’m hungry but thank you guys so much for watching
I hope you guys are enjoying these cook me and Allison’s eats videos I’m so
thankful for you and can’t wait for the next one
so I’ll see you very soon

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