Creamy Tomato Vegetarian Pasta | Healthy Food | Quick and Easy Recipe | Indo Italian Fusion Cooking

When we think of Italian dish one of the first thing comes in our mind is Pasta and today we are going to cook Pasta. Which is very easy to cook. Just have a little bit oil first, not take
a lot because it should be healthy. and these are the vegetables which I am going
to use. Onion, french beans, carrot, bell peppers,
broccoli and zuccuni. and this is the one of the recipe which is Indi-Italian pasta
and we are going to make creamy tomato sauce pasta. Now the oil is quite hot and we can start
with onion first. you can see I have cut all the vegetables
because I am using here penny pasta so it gives the nice look all the vegetables just
have to saute it little bit not a lot you can see its not very much cooked now we can
add bell peppers you can see it is so colourful this is colourful. now I am putting all the vegetables in this
broccoli, zuccini, see it is really colourful. and put little bit of salt in this little
bit of salt. meanwhile I am putting pasta to boil. and
add little bit of salt. you can see it is cooked but not so cooked.
it is having crunchyness. and now I am adding tomato puree with basil. this you make easily
at home just boil little bit of tomatoes and add basil into it to get this tomato puree. steer little and now I am adding cream because
it is creamy tomato pasta. You can see the texture of this. cook for 1 to one and half minute now I am
adding oregano just half tea spoon to 1 tea spoon. and black pepper add fress it gives
great taste. now we can check the pasta. it is boiled or not. yes it is properly cooked. you can stew it
now. her i have stewed pasta. just putting it in. just little bit stir as I told you it is Indo-Italian
pasta the fusion is I am going to add tomato sauce and little bit of chilli sauce. which
gives the fusion taste. I am putting tomato sauce. see it is like one table spoon. I am adding 1 table spoon of chilli sauce. give it a good stirr and it is almost ready
now we are going to serve. i am going to garnish with olive and sweet
corn. Now I am going to take this pasta out into
this bowl. now I garnishing it with olive and little
bit of sweet corn. and also add grated cheese. that will give good taste and here it is you
can enjoy with a drink. next video is coming soon…

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