D.I.Y Bakery Style Cookies – TOFFEE ALMOND – Super Easy & Delicious

hey everybody! today, I’m going to be taking you into my kitchen and I’m going to be showing you how to make a super easy toffee almond cookie. it’s loaded with slivered almonds and Corvette’s. it’s super delicious, it’s easy, it’s simple, it’s perfect for school lunches. delicious right out of the oven. super chewy cookies. they’re really good. if you can’t eat an entire batch of cookies, the dough freezes really well. so you can freeze the cookie dough in little pucks and take it out and put it on a tray and bake it off at a later date, if you want. as always, the recipe is in the description box below. I hope you enjoy this recipe. let’s get started. so start these cookies, I’m just gonna cream together the butter and the sugars. the butter just keeps getting stuck. so you just want to keep mixing it until all the sugar and butter is incorporated together. so for this particular recipe I don’t want my butter and sugar to be light and fluffy. I’m just scraping the paddle attachment and the sides of the bowl to make sure that all of the butter and sugar got mixed together properly. you don’t there to be a clump of butter or just like a clump of sugar in your cookie dough. all right so that looks good now. we can move on to the next step. so the next step is going to be adding the eggs. I’m going to crack the eggs in one at a time and I’m just gonna wait for the eggs to be fully incorporated before I the next one. that is looking good. now, we’re going to add in our vanilla so just one teaspoon of this. I like to use pure vanilla extract but you can totally use artificial. vanilla is super expensive okay, so now that all the wet ingredients have been mixed together, I’m just gonna start adding in the flour and baking soda at the baking powder and the salt. since this isn’t a big bucket cookies I just like to mix it in all at once and then I mix the flour in at a really low speech so that it doesn’t splash up and hit me in the face all right so now we’re just gonna scrape the paddle attachment and the sides of the bowl and make sure that all of the flour and all of the cookie dough has been mixed together properly one of the most important steps to baking in my opinion if you’re using a mixer like this is to constantly be scraping the bowl while you’re mixing because you want all of your ingredients to get incorporated into your dough so now that our cookie dough is all mixed together it’s time to add in our extra ingredients so we’re gonna start off with almonds now we’re gonna add the score beds the thing that I love so much about this cookie dough recipe is that if you don’t want to use the almonds or the trophy bit you can use pretty much anything else and these cookies will turn out amazing they are like soft and chewy and delicious they’re so good fresh out of the oven all right so now that all the items have been mixed in I’m just going to use my fingers to scrape everything off the paddle attachment then back into the bowl we don’t want to waste any of this delicious cookie dough like edible gold it’s so good I can say it is so freaking good of course see if you just want to eat on the cookie dough all the pile attachment go right ahead I’m trying to be professional for this video so I’m not doing that but I usually do okay now we’re just going to scrape the sides of the bowl let’s get everything into the middle so it’s a little bit easier to scoop out of the bowl one year putting all of our cookies onto a tray so I’m just gonna take this ice cream scoop and scoop out a bunch of dough clap over and we’re just gonna fill up the whole entire tray now so now these babies are ready to go into the oven and we’re gonna put them in at 350 for about 10 minutes a few minutes later all right so now our cookies are out of the oven there are soft and chewy they’re awesome for school lunches perfect snack if you’re just someone who likes to eat cookies these are super easy to make and they’re really good one of the things that I love most about these little cookie trucks is that you can easily put them into the toaster oven as well if you have a toaster oven I just set it on high for like 10 minute and you should be able to bake your cookie off no problem it’s awesome if you live in a dorm or if you live by yourself or like I said earlier if you live in a house where everybody’s on a diet or will have allergies or different mission or car there’s no point baking and entire batch of cookies because no one’s gonna eat this is the way just don’t get your fresh-baked cookie without wasting anything when I’m putting it in the freezer I like to write the instructions just on the bag in case anyone else finds a cookie and they decide that they want to eat a cookie that day I hope you guys enjoyed this recipe video stay tuned for more

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