Dal Makhani Recipe by Manjula, Indian Vegetarian food

Today I will be making dal makhani. Very popular dish. Usually served with naan or tandoori roti. This recipe will serve 2-3. Here I have 1/2 cup of whole urad dal. 1/8 cup of rajma (kidney beans) 3/4 tablespoon of salt 1/2 tablespoon of turmeric 1 teaspoon shredded ginger 1 green chilli, shredded but chopped very fine. 1/4 cup of heavy cream 1/2 teaspoon of mango powder 1/4 teaspoon of garam masala 2 tablespoons of ghee Pinch of hing. 1/2 teaspoon of cumin seeds 3 whole red chillies For garnishing, I have 1 teaspoon of shredded ginger I have already washed and soaked the urad dal and rajma for about 8 hours. After soaking this will become almost double in volume. So we are going to cook this in pressure cooker on medium high. With 3 cups of water. Green chilli Ginger Turmeric Salt After pressure cooker starts leaving the steam turn down the heat to medium. And cook for about 25 minutes. So steam is out. Open the pressure cooker. Dal is soft and tender. But we need to mash this little bit to make it creamy. And let it cook on low medium heat for about 5 minutes. Dal has been cooking for about 4 minutes. Let’s add cream. Mango powder And garam masala. Mix it well. And let it cook for another few minutes on low heat. Dal is ready. And now we are going to make chaunk or seasoning for dal. So heat is on, medium high. So let’s add the ghee. And wait till ghee is hot. Ghee should be hot but not smoking. Just to check if ghee is ready. Just drop couple of cumin seeds and you see they are already sizzling. Hing And red chilli. Just stir for few seconds. Seasoning is ready. Dal is looking great. I am going to garnish this with shredded ginger. I like the bite of ginger. Dal makhani is favorite dish with my family. And today I will be serving this with tandoori roti. Thank you. And I will see you again with new recipe.

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  1. it will just take longer to cook or if you have slow cooker just use that if you start in morning by evening dal will be ready.

  2. thanks, i'll try this with jeera too and will add some fresh shredded ginger (great idea) and lemon or lime juice and some fried garlic in the tempering too.

    pressure cookers=eco-friendly+economical+superfast meals.
    small dals cook quick. larger beans: soak overnight or even for an hour + pinch of salt.
    some more Gujarati recipes dear Manjula and thanks as ever.

  3. You can find the cream in the dairy section in grocery stores (Jewel's, Dominick's etc). More then likely you'll find them in small pint size containers only =) Hope that helps.

  4. Hello Manjula! Thanks for the recipe! I just finished making it myself (a doubled version of your recipe), but I'm wondering why mine turned out to be light green (like avocado flesh) in color? It tastes like it should, but looks really different! Well, thanks again for sharing!

  5. Dear Manjula,
    Now that I have started watching your videos, I have accumulated a lot of spices.
    So, I just want to request you to let me know how do you usually store your spices? Is there any spice containers that i can buy that you can recommend. Please advise. My cupboard is now full of spices in small plastic bags.

  6. Delicious!!!! I sub'd couple of tablespoons of mango chutney for the amchoor, and yogurt for the cream. It was undoubted sweeter than the original recipe b/c of the chutney but who cares!!! It was fantastic.

  7. The pinch of spice she is speaking of that is difficult to understand is HING or Heeng. It takes the place of garlic and onions since some sects do not eat bulbs of the Alliaceae family.

  8. OK.. she's super cute. Anyway for the folks who cant understand the pronunciation of certain spices, if you look to your right under "Manjulaskitchen" you can click more info and the whole recipe is listed there!

  9. You shred with a knife and grate with a grater!
    Seriously, that's pretty much it.
    As long as you don't grate too fine they are very much the same.

  10. I like your recipes for two reasons:
    1. In someway, it gives the satisfaction of, like learning from Mom, which I never did when I was in India..
    2. Your recipes are sooo delicious…..

    thanks for posting them. Where ever I am, I can count on your posts to get the taste of home made foods.

  11. @nworb

    Sorry to be bothering you ..but do u give out your recipe? I would love to make authentic Dal Makhani. I' d really appreciate it..thx

  12. @ritudheman76 : Hi, I feel its good that she is speaking in english.. she is reaching a larger population of India by doing this .. Everyone might not understand hindi completely – ingredient names etc…

  13. Hi Manjula, Do you recommend regular butter or oil in place of ghee? I don't live close to an indian grocery, but want to make this soon & wasn't sure if it's something that can be substituted. Thank you!

  14. Thank you Manjula for easy way to cook Dal Makhani recipe.. I will let you know how is my Dal Makhani with your recipe.

  15. aunty ji i like all your recipies .i am 15 year old and i cook watching your videos
    my mum i very happy .thank you very much

  16. I love dal ill try this as far as i get the indian spices at my thai (we dont have an indian but the thai has a huge sortiment of spices from asia) thanks for the video!

  17. Manjula aunty you are awesome! I like all your recipes, they taste more like home made type and are not unnecessarily TOO complicated. 

  18. can I make this dish without a pressure cooker? If so, how long should I cook with a regular covered pot?

  19. Hi Manjula aunty, I love you and your recipes ❤ you remind me of my mom so much!! Whenever I want to try something new, I resort to your videos.. God bless!!!!

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