Daria prays for Jessie and Janelle’s relationship | Parasite Island (With Eng Subs)

The end… is nigh! The forces of evil
have returned! Repent for your sins! The forces of evil
have returned! Are the tables ready? They are, Ma’am. Okay, good. Excuse me, Ma’am. Have you seen
the most beautiful and kindest mother
in El Cuerpo? – My son!
– Mama! – Oh, you!
– Surprise! I thought you forgot
about my birthday! But you’re already here! I’ll never forget
about your birthday. Not in a million years. – Happy Birthday.
– Thank you! I brought Otap with me.
Do you still remember him? Of course!
He’s been here before. Happy Birthday! Thank you! How are the caretakers
of the hacienda ? Are you married yet? – Not yet, Kuya.
– Wow, really? Maybe you’re too focused
on your work here. It’d be a waste if you don’t
pass your good looks along. Otap, meet Melba.
Melba, meet Otap. Hi! Marriage isn’t really
part of my plans. At least, not until Lia
has finished her studies. Have you seen your family? That’s perfect, Kuya. I don’t have classes
until later. We can go to Sunshine’s
school together. Really? Thank you.
I’ll take up that offer. Otap, will you be fine here? Don’t worry about me, bro.
I’ll just go around El Cuerpo. Sunshine! Ate Lia, what are
you doing here? Someone wants to see you. Baby! Daddy! My baby is so heavy now! Because my brain
has gotten bigger! – Really?
– Yes! All of my teachers are
telling me that I’m smart. I’ve always known that. You never run out of
stories to tell me. You miss my stories,
don’t you? Of course, I do.
I missed them a lot. By the way, I want to
give you something. Wow! Do you like it? Yes! He has the same cap
as you have at work! That’s right. Have you seen Mommy? Not yet, but I’m planning
to talk to her later. – Really?
– Of course. Do your best, okay? So we can all live
together again. If ever that happens… Do you want to stay here
in El Cuerpo or in Manila? Anywhere, as long as
we’re together. – Daddy, you should do this.
– Do what? When you see Mommy,
look deep into her eyes. So she’ll remember
why she loved you before. Hold on a second there. Where did you learn that? From the show that
Ate Lia always watches. – So it’s you!
– No, Kuya Jessie! I don’t let Sunshine
watch that! Alright, cat’s out of the bag. I told you I don’t like her
watching those, right? Daddy… Alright… – Yey!
– Alright… – Just don’t do it again.
– Okay. I’m sorry. Mommy! I remember when
Janelle and Jessie told me they were getting married. I almost stopped them. Jessie just graduated
from nursing, and he got accepted in
medical school, but… His priorities changed. Exactly. So I gave them my blessing
for Sunshine’s sake. I saw how Janelle understood
Jessie’s shortcomings. It’s just a shame that
she got tired eventually. Do you think they can still
patch things up, Ma’am Daria? Honestly, I don’t know. But I’m praying for that. Not just for Jessie,
but for Sunshine as well. I want her to grow up in
a whole and loving family. – Thank you, Jenny.
– Ma’am. And to you as well. I’m so lucky
to have you, Melba. No matter how busy you are
with looking after the hacienda, you still find time
to take care of my needs. Of course, ma’am. You’re like
a second mother to me and Lia. For me, you’re already
part of my family. You and Lia are like
daughters to me. Jessie. Jessie. Janelle probably
rejected him again. I think so too, ma’am. I feel sorry for him. I’ll never stop
praying for them, because he and Janelle
are both good people, and I know they still
love each other. That’s why I believe
they’ll reconcile someday. Ma’am, forgive me for asking,
but I just want to know. What is it? Ma’am, if you’re having
problems with your sons, why do you still intend
to give them their inheritance? Because I know
they’ll fight over it. What? I’d rather they do it
while I’m still alive, because then, I’ll still be able
to do something about it. But if they find out about
how the inheritance is divided after I die, they might
ruin everything that my husband and I
have worked for. The company, the hacienda. Is it that bad? We’re talking about
money here, Melba. I’d prefer that my sons resolve
the issue amongst themselves, but I’m sure their wives
will get involved as well.

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