Detox Cleanse : How to Detox your Internal Organs Naturally – VitaLife Show Episode 266

Welcome to the vitalife show I’m Doctor
Janine Bowring and today I’m going to share with you what’s going on
internally in our bodies and what your body may be telling you that you need to
detox and get those toxins out. We’re going to be talking with Lucy today and
Lucy’s my sidekick and she’s going to help to show us what’s going on
internally in our body. So this is Lucy say hello, Lucy helps to show us what’s
going on inside our bodies and while we’re talking about toxicity our body is
giving us signs and symptoms that those toxins have built up so let’s start up
at the top maybe it’s headaches and you could be
getting chronic headaches it could be migraine headaches tension headaches
tension at the back of the neck in the trapezius muscle this is often related
to what’s going on internally in terms of toxicity in the liver so this is the
liver as well as in the large intestine. If you’re not having enough bowel
movements and regular bowel movements then what happens is that those toxins
build up and then you can be getting that headache and often people will
report that once they have a good bowel movement that their headache disappears,
well the two go hand-in-hand so all the more reason to detoxify your body and to
do it in the gentle and safe way so I’m going to share some tips about that at
the end of this video so stay tuned. Talking about you know what’s going on
in the cardiovascular system so of course our hearts I’m going to show you
that is right I’ve just removed Lucy’s left lung so we can see here that this
is a cardiovascular system in the blood now the blood is like the highway
between the organs this is what carries you know of course the oxygen but toxins
also can travel in the bloodstream so when we’re doing a detox you want to
make sure that you’re addressing cleansing out the blood as well which is
very important. When we’re talking about lung toxis toxicity so this is her right
lung of course I removed her left lung but maybe your smoker maybe you’re not a
smoker just being exposed to the air outside that your breathing can lend
itself to that lung toxicity that again builds up over time so it’s important to
detoxify the lungs as well. When we take a look at the liver which we touched
upon the liver is one of the biggest largest
internal organs for detox liver toxicity symptoms is a lot of fatigue, poor
digestion not feeling so good a lot of headaches and this lends itself also to
the thyroid not working as it should because we need the liver to be working
optimally for proper thyroid function so the two go hand-in-hand this is the
thyroid gland here which regulates our metabolisms if you have difficulty
losing weight and you don’t have that energy
maybe you’re constipated that could be a thyroid issue and that is related to the
liver. Now when we take a look at the stomach maybe you have acid reflux and
you have issues you know with digestion maybe stomach ulcers this is the stomach
and that again can be related to that toxicity. Now we talk about fat when
we’re talking about body fat this is called that visceral fat this is the
omentum but the visceral fat actually can build up around the organs and this
can be a very dangerous type of fat and toxin accumulation that we can’t really
see but it’s important that we address when we’re doing natural detoxification,
of course the bowel so if you have gas and bloating and you crave all the wrong
foods that could be a sign that your your bowels have become toxic of course
if you’re not having regular bowel movements and you’re constipated that’s
a bowel toxicity issue, so important to get those toxins out and to do it
naturally in a way that you will be running to the washroom so if you’ve
ever tried to cleanse or detox before and you’ve had to run to the washroom
and you’ve had chronic frequent you know loose stools probably a little bit too
harsh on the digestive tract so we’ll share with you a gentle cleanse that
won’t have that negative side effect. Kidneys now the kidneys of course can
have toxicity as well and also the adrenal gland so the adrenal glands this
is where I stress hormone is secreted and it’s important in times of stress
that you’re trying to minimize and you know minimize that fluctuation of the
cortisol levels especially when you’re trying to lose weight and it’s important
that this is minimized and that you’re not stressing out your system you don’t
want to stress out your body when you’re doing a detox either that’s very
important that it’s very gentle for you. So we can see internally here what’s
going on kidney detoxification is very important
as well we have another video on that. But how do we
detox I mean at the end of the day it’s great to have all this information but
how do we do a detox in a way that’s nice and safe harsh on the toxins but
very gentle on your internal organs and yet getting at all of those internal
organs at once, well this is why I created the vitadetox and this is a full
body detox helping to detoxify all of those internal organs that we just
talked about in a gentle and safe way that won’t have you running to the
washroom will help to alleviate those symptoms of toxicity whether it is the
headaches or the skin conditions what’s going on with the digestive tract in a
safe and gentle way. So thanks for joining me today. Please leave your
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help you to be your absolute best. Thanks for joining me today.

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  1. will detoxing with your supplement or milk thisal cause ferritin or iron to become low? my ferritin is low and I know that I need to detox but I do not want my ferritin to become lower.

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