Diagnosing Your Stool

Hey guys Dr. Berg here, in this video
we’re going to talk about diagnosing your stool all right, number one if the
stool is hard little round chunks like little balls that are dry that means
you’re doing too much protein I’ll have people do like protein shakes and that’s
all they’re consuming no vegetables and that’s what they get okay because if the
protein absorbs a lot of the water in the fluid from your intestinal tract
number two unformed flakes it’s almost like a borderline diarrhea and that
usually comes from eating certain people eat salads or even the kale shake or
some leafy greens they haven’t developed the enzymes to actually digest that
material or maybe they ate too much and the microbes that live off the fiber are
overwhelmed and so they just cause you to dump it okay so that means you’re
doing a little too much of the wrong type of salad or green you have to mix
it up change the vegetable to something else okay
and the enzymes that are supposed to digest that come from microbes because
microbes make enzymes so it’s really a lack of a certain microbe number three
floating stool that means that you have too much fat in your stool because you
don’t have enough bile B I L E from the gallbladder in which case you need some
gallbladder formula to help some give you some bile to help to break down that
fat okay next one skid marks on the toilet and inside the toilet
that’s a pancreas problem because you don’t have the enzyme called lipase and
the pancreas so the pancreas is not releasing an enzyme to digest that and
you get this like black tarry stool type thing okay so you need more pancreatic
enzymes alright and by the way pancreatic enzymes are in the gall
bladder formula so I put that in there called pancreatic helps the digestive
part of the pancreas okay lastly dry stool that happens to be a lack of just
friendly flora friendly bacteria it means you need more probiotic that helps
you lubricate that and it helps you digest in and creates kind of a lubrication effect ok, now one last thing is if you have blood in the stool or it’s red
you know rule out if it’s a beat situation if you just eight beats
because that could cause it or it could be a hemorrhoid okay that’s the usual
common cause okay and lastly I don’t know if you’ve ever saw a stool sample
I’m not sure if you have so I actually brought one to show you what a stool
sample looks like okay so so what it looks like it’s brown and it looks like
this okay so that’s if you’re curious about what it looks like
that’s what it looks like all right I’ll see you the next video
have a good one let’s go show this to the patients come on hey Joanne hi good
to see you again so the stool sample came through so I
just want to know we have the stool sample that we tested so I just wanted
to make sure that you had that the results of that okay we’re in the result
Oh this inside oh okay you want to see it you want to but you see it’s the
stool sample came out so I have your stool sample all set that we had it
tested and the results are inside okay do you know you didn’t want open now oh
my gosh it’s just it’s um it’s the stool sample oh my god you thought I meant the
actual stool sample yeah okay good so this wasn’t yours then yeah so Roxanna
we have the results of the stool sample and I just wanted to give those to you
inside that you wanted to have done that run and I had the lab do it so you have
the results what hey guys thank you so much for watching your next step is to
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