Diet and Mental Health

Research shows that food can have a direct impact on mental health Just like any other organ the brain depends on nutrients for optimal functioning. What we eat creates our neurotransmitters, proteins and amino acids and the nutrition we get out of our food such as antioxidants, vitamins and healthy oils help fuel our function and mood. In 2009 researchers concluded a Mediterranean diet reduces the risk for mental illness by 30%. A 2010 study found a correlation between deficiencies in nutrients like folic acid, magnesium and omega-3’s and a higher prevelence of depression. In contrast, there is a mountain of evidence to suggest processed foods high in sugar and fat can actually trigger depression and make symptoms worse. Eating a healthy balanced diet will help you maintain a healthy body weight resulting in more energy and confidence. You will recall from my previous videos that lack of energy and lack of confidence are symptoms of depression. For more information on how to eat for mental health consult with your healthcare provider. For more videos like this one please visit my channel and subscribe to Mental Wealth 4 You!

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