Difference Between Nutrition and Nutrients – Human Digestive System – Biology Class 11

Hello Students today we are going to study about one of the important physiology of human that is human digestive system now you all know to do any work our body needs energy so where our body is getting this energy it is getting from food it which is the food whatever you’re consuming is giving your directly energy in the form which you are consuming No the food needs to be broken down and after getting broken down then one day it can give you energy by some other process so today we will study that how is this food broken down it is broken down by a system called a Digestive System now before this study what is Digestive System we need to know what is the difference between nutrients and nutrition so what new print or what are you trip speaking about nutrients nutrients are those chemicals or sets of chemicals which is required by your body in proper proportion now what are those chemicals which are required for your body that is carbohydrate protein fats vitamins and minerals along with water so total six nutrients your body needs now what is nutrition nutrition is the process of obtaining nutrient again I am repeating nutrients are the chemical required by our body and nutrition is the more a process of obtaining new trails for our body now we’ll study nutrients later but let’s study what are the war of nutrition what are the way by which organism can obtain their food so based of nutrition of modes of nutrition there are two major goals of nutrition that is auto topic and heterotrophic code is also topic preparing their own food is coilette orthotopic heterotrophic obtaining food from other organisms is called let’s head to profit now this process was carried out in Auto dropping in also coffee there are two processes one which can be carried out in presence of light and another which can be carried out in business of specific chemicals now the one which was carried on in presence of light is a cornice photosynthesis and one which can be carried out in prison so specific chemicals are coilette chemo synthesis now speaking about heterotrophic organisms Hector talk about gamma zoom can obtain their food by for me that is parasitic setup I pick holo sight and symbiosis noted parasitic parasite it means the organism which of painful from the body of another organism by causing them harm the body from which they open food by having them is called a host body so two things you have to remember in parasite ik mode first the body from which the organism will obtain food is called a host body and second the condition for obtaining food is to have the host body so host body and harmony next we have sacrificed it soprofesh it means external digestion the enzymes will release outside the body the food another digested outside and a Newton will be absorbed by the whole body it’s a bacteria and fungi now hollow so it means adjusting the whole food material it is k-dog in human bits and the last one is symbiosis to organism will come together have some mutual understanding what does provide something and another one will provide something and in that case both are getting some benefits that is called a symbiosis the best example of symbiosis is lighting license are the association of algae and fungi which are started in the first chapter of your syllabus here we have completed the difference between nutrition and nutrients thank you very much students

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