Dip Your Feet In Vinegar For This All-Natural Benefits

Tired and sore feet are common ailments suffered
by many. They occur when we walk too much, when we
exert ourselves or when we wear improper footwear. Today’s video will discuss how to treat
foot issues with vinegar, as well as how to make a vinegar foot soak that will relieve
the feet of such troubles. Before beginning, it is important to note
that these methods should not be used by someone who has diabetes, as complications can occur. Any foot issues should be cared for by that
person’s medical treatment team to ensure their safety. Vinegar is a safe substance and can even be
consumed. However, when used as a foot soak, it is important
to dilute it. To make the soak, use one part vinegar to
two parts water. The soak will be strong smelling at first
and essential oils can be added to the mixture to change the smell. Research has found that vinegar has anti-fungal
properties that help to cleanse the foot. It can also be used to help fight foot odors. Prior to placing feet in the vinegar foot
soak, it is especially important to wash them thoroughly with soap and water. Soaking feet in a vinegar foot soak can also
help to treat, neutralize and cure athlete’s foot, which is a fungal infection that affects
the toes and foot. The vinegar can also help to treat toenail
fungus for the same reason. Dry and cracked feet can also benefit from
this soak. For this soak, use cool water, since hot water
tends to dry out the skin more. Also, after soaking the feet, be sure to put
on cotton socks in order for the feet to breathe. Vinegar can even treat warts and callouses
on the feet because of it’s exfoliating properties. After using the vinegar soak, use a foot file
to rid your feet of any rough skin. In a more concentrated treatment, vinegar
can be added directly to the trouble areas on the feet with a cotton ball.

15 Replies to “Dip Your Feet In Vinegar For This All-Natural Benefits”

  1. Using the same ratio just replace the vinegar with non scented bleach. use 15-20 minutes daily and nail fungus along with soreness will vanish within days.

  2. Definitely will try this….how long does it generally take to see results with toenail fungus? (My case is mild and only the two smaller toes on each foot.) Thanks

  3. I've started using it for 3 nights and I'm already starting to notice a difference. I no longer feel the urge to scratch it when it feels itchy. My feet is starting to get more soft too.

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