Do Exfoliation Brushes Work? Why You Should NOT Use Exfoliation Brushes

Hey! Christy here from Go See Christy Beauty Boutique. A lot of my clients have been asking a lot about
these exfoliating rotating brushes. So today I’m going to talk about why I
don’t recommend them necessarily and this is the reason why. When you’re
exfoliating, on our skin we naturally have bacteria and yeast that live off
our skin. When you exfoliate, obviously the yeast and the bacteria that live off
the skin goes down the drain if you’re using an exfoliant that you rinse off.
When you’re using a rotating exfoliating brush, a lot of that bacteria and yeast
can transfer onto the bristles and into the crevices. So it’s virtually
impossible to get rid of that. What can happen is if you have breakout-prone
skin and you have the Propionibacterium which causes the breakouts, then you use
this, you’re basically spreading that all over. Which is why some of my clients
when they use that they find that there is an increase in breakouts. So that’s
why I don’t recommend an exfoliating brush. Why use something like that, which
the bacteria and yeast can grow on top of the rotating head, when you can just
use an exfoliator that rinses down the drain? This can get costly! In order for
it to be sanitary you would have to remove the rotating brush and replace it
almost every day. And who wants to do that? That’s just my personal

16 Replies to “Do Exfoliation Brushes Work? Why You Should NOT Use Exfoliation Brushes”

  1. Quick question. I’m using the obagi system along with the retina. The days that I use the retina instead of flaking ( I have slight flaking) I get mostly pimples. I’m in phase one. Does this mean that the product is working or is it breaking me out in a bad way? Thanks in advanced.

  2. But doesnt the washed off exfoliating cleanser contain micro beads that have been reported as harmful and ingestible by the food cycle?

  3. I am binge watching you now and I just just ordered IT sounds like it is opposite what you say to use ( unless I am mixing up too much information- which is not your fault I am just excited to have found you and am listening a ton.. Or is it ok to use but at night not with serum?

  4. Dear Christy, I started getting acne after going on a 39 hour greyhound busride fron canada to the united states. I started getting it when I was 20. (Now 31 with unsmooth skin in that area) It only shows up on my right chin near my jawline. What's going on, why is it localized to that area?

  5. I use my Clarisonic every other night for almost a year and have had no skin issues from it. It also really helps with some of the peeling I get from my retin-a. I would normally of had a few breakouts by now but all seems good so far. What I do is rinse it in very hot then very cold water. Once its almost dry I pull out my bottle of alcohol and give it a few sprays.

  6. Hmm… I personally think people need to learn their skin.. Most dermatologists recommend using them.. But every ones skin responds different to everything. If we follow everything that everyone says, we'd revert to cave men.. Learn your skin. I personally have no problem using them.. However I probably use it twice a month.. I'm just lazy to reach out for it.. Prefer my hands.. 😂

  7. I'm so glad you did this video cause I've heard people say yes and I have heard people say no. Good point. I guess that goes for the ones that are silicone as well?

  8. Kindly do a video on 'The Ordinary' skincare brand. It's making huge turns in the skincare industry. We would love to have your opinion on it before buying it!

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