Do I Still Need To Do A Liver Cleanse If My Candida Symptoms Are Improving?

Dr. Eric Bakker here, naturopath from New
Zealand. I’ve got a question here from a subscriber
saying that, “Had a successful Candida cleanse, is a liver cleanse now unnecessary because
I’ve worked on Candida?” So, a liver cleanse is never unnecessary,
but you don’t need to do a liver detoxification per se. Meaning, you don’t necessarily have to do
it, okay? A liver detoxification is something that will
occur by default if you eat natural, healthy, good foods for a prolonged period of time. Especially if you try and understand the relationship
with your environment. Like personal care products, toxic personal
care products, or air re-fresheners, or carpet deodorizers or chemicals around the garden,
getting gasoline on your hands or turpentine if you’re washing. If you understand where the toxicity pools
come from in your life and try and avoid them. For example, we’ve got a policy in my house,
use nothing at all that can cause cancer in terms of chemicals. I don’t use strong things in this house, especially
in the garden, because I spend a lot of time in the garden. So, when you understand that relationship,
keep your lifestyle clean, your diet clean, you shouldn’t really need to undergo liver
cleansing regularly. However, I tend to do this every year in springtime,
which is about now, coming up, when I increase my intake of a lot of fresh leafy green things,
and berries and drink way more water. To me, that is a purging or liver cleansing,
but I do like to have herbs in my diet regularly. I grow lots of different herbs, which I add
into the dishes. Swedish Bitters is a proprietary formula I’ve
often spoken of. That’s a fantastic way to do a mild liver
cleanse any time over the year. Just taking one teaspoon once or twice per
day before meals, do that for a good four to six weeks, bingo, clean liver. But, if you’re going to do that, don’t drink
alcohol at the same time. Drink more water, get to bed earlier, eat
better food. So the point I’m making here is you’ve got
to look at the whole balance of your life and diet when you think about cleansing and
detoxification. Let’s just say your house, you’ve got a nice
bathroom that’s nice and clean. It’s used every now and then, but it’s kept
clean. Now you’re saying to me, “Do I need to get
in there and do a thorough clean, it looks pretty clean, but do I need to get in there
and really clean?” And I’m saying, “Well, it looks tidy to me,
why do you want to clean it for?” You don’t need to over clean, but again, you
don’t want to under clean either, if you get my point. Okay? So, if you’re feeling good, if you’re pooping
good, if your energy’s good, if your sleep is good, if your mental health is good, if
your cognitive function is good, if everything seems to be balanced, why the hell do you
want to do a liver cleanse for? No point. It’s up to you, but it’s not something I would
recommend that you just do for the sake of doing it. But, in my book Candida Crusher I did write
about liver cleansing, and it is a really good thing to do every now and then in your
life. Many people by default will do a liver cleanse
once per year. Go and have a look in my book Candida Crusher
or check out where I talk more about liver cleansing and you’ll get
some good hints and tips off that. Thanks for the question. By the way, click on the link in the description
box if you want my free 17 page Candida report with some great tips on there, terms of food
for digestion. Thanks for the question again.

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