Do Supplements Make You Faster? | The GTN Show Ep. 51

– This is the GTN Show, and this week we’re talking about supplements within triathlon. What are they, and whether
they actually help us. – Well, on top of that, we’ve got a bumper edition of Hot or Not, we’re going to be discussing some of the exciting racing results after another action-packed weekend, we’ve got your swim photos to share, we’ve got GTN Tribe, and more. (upbeat music) – Right, well I’d like to start things off by chatting about
supplements within triathlon. Now, it is a funny subject, because some people swear by supplements, whilst others avoid them like the devil, and, I mean, triathlon is
a very demanding sport, trying to juggle three
sports, and with that, we can deplete our bodies
of essential nutrients, which is why some people look to supplements to fill
that gap, whilst others, I guess, try to do it through their diet. – Yeah, and I guess a lot of people stick to doing it purely the diet way because they are worried about, you know, you hear lots of
rumours or contamination stories, and whether they actually are or whether they’re athletes who, you know, have been tested positive, and actually are trying to put in an excuse somewhere, but, you know, often supplements are made in factories where banned substances are also made, and it is hard to know that, you need to look for
the Informed Sport sign, and see if things are
batch-tested, but still, I guess, there’s always
the fear with that. But then, also, there’s the whole, you know, we’re talking about supplements, but how do we define supplements? And I remember, you
know, and as an athlete, and I was really anti-supplements, and the nutritionist did my
bloods and said they were good, but I was talking about my diet, and he’s like, well,
you do take supplements. I’m like, no, I don’t, he’s like, well, you use, there was a brand called
For Goodness shakes, and I used to have their recovery shakes, and I’d occasionally have
like, the odd power bar to eat, but I was like, I don’t take pills. That, to me, was what a supplement was. – I was exactly the same, so
I would have protein shakes, but their informed sport
ones, but I thought “I’m fine, I’m not taking
supplements”, but they are. – I’m not actually taking
something out of a pot, yeah. – Well all that aside, the
reason why I bring this up today, is because there has
been a recent study into the effects of supplements
on our performance. Now this was performed
by Carleton University, in collaboration with Ottawa
based company, Staterra Inc. Well they looked into what
are called metabolites, which are essentially
molecules that flow through our blood stream and keep
our body functioning, particularly during exercise. Now they examined these metabolites from blood samples of athletes at set intervals during
a long distance run. – And within that, they then looked at the actual amino acids, ’cause it’s actually the supplements that a lot of runners are
taking now are protein-based, and to see how the metabolism differed from runner to runner,
and they found from that, that actually there was
a significant difference, the meaning that some supplements will work for some athletes,
some won’t for others because of that metabolic pattern. – Yeah, so in short, some people might wanna take supplements,
some might not want to, but this is still very early stages, an early study into this, so I guess the ability for athletes to go and walk into a shop and find out whether they do need supplements
or not is quite hard, but I guess what brands
could take from this, is maybe they should start
tailoring their products for different degrees
of athletes that need– – And maybe different, like, you know, running is pretty vague,
like what type of running and how much of an
endurance runner you are compared to a sprinter, and lots of people think
sprinters need the high protein, endurance runners maybe don’t so much, but that’s not slightly true. – Well as always, we’d
love to hear from you guys, so we’re gonna ask you, do
you take any supplements, and it’s a very simple yes or no, and you can enter that
by clicking just up here, and now for last week’s poll. – Yeah, last week we asked you, “Should there be a universal
wetsuit legal temperature?” and only 30% of you said
no, massive 70% said yes, there should be a set temperature, which is quite interesting. – Yeah, really interesting,
and we have actually had some nice comments coming in
with some suggestions, so here’s one from Horia
Popan, and they said, “There should be two international “water temperature limits
for open water swimming, “one lower one where
wetsuits are mandatory, “and then one higher, “regulating when a wetsuit is prohibited, “and then anything in
between those two limits, “well, wetsuits should be optional.” – There’s another comment here that’s maybe slightly less flexible on the rules from Erik
Norgaard, and he says, “I’m tired of athletes
wimping and whining about “not being allowed to
swim in their wetsuit. “Rules should be aligned with the FINA”, which is the Swimming International
Body Open Water Rules, “Wetsuit permitted temperature
limit is way too high, “should be forbidden if
it’s over 20 degrees, “mandatory below 18”, I personally don’t, I still wear my wetsuit
if it’s over 20 degrees, if I’m swimming on my own. – I think Erik will
upset quite a few people, and I think with a name
like Erik Norgaard, I think he’s from
Scandinavia, so he’s probably used to those colder water temperatures. – And I’m guessing he’s a good
swimmer as well, from that. – Now for Hot or Not, and today, we have an absolute beast,
and to start things off, I’m gonna go all things aero, it’s a follow on from Eurobike, and it’s actually one I’ve
had loads of questions about since I previously featured them at the Ironman World
Championships in Kona, and also at Challenge Roth, and it is those real time
aero-testing devices, that are sort of like Pitot tubes that go on the front of your bike, so we’ve had one from Notio Konect, there was one from Aeropod, there was one from Swiss Side, yeah. Now, the Notio Konect
one, they have actually started selling and
shipping their products, which is good news for all those people that have been waiting
for them to be released, Aeropod will be starting
their shipping very soon, and we caught up with Swiss Side when we were in Challenge Roth, and they said they’re not going to release their product just yet, they’ve still go some fine tuning, and they’re trying to
make it more accurate. For now, nobody knows. – Well it sounds like they’re also trying to make it more affordable, they say they’re hoping to
get, this is Swiss Side, down to 800 US dollars, but
definitely not more than 1000, Notio Konect is on the market
currently at 950 US dollars, and Aeropod don’t have
a price tag on theirs, so it’s definitely at the
upper end, getting into $1000, you’re not really gonna
have any change from that, but with that in mind, and
I know you’re very excited, you still haven’t used it yet, what are you gonna give it? – I am very excited about this, I think this is a really cool idea, that people can just do
aero-testing out on the road, without getting into a wind tunnel. Yeah, I’m gonna give this a hot. – Right, last weekend we had
the Hungarian Grand Prix, now there’s a little bit
of a gap in the schedule for the Formula One drivers, and Romain Grosjean is not having a rest, he’s a member of the Haas F1 team, and he’s gone from Hungary
straight out to France, ready to compete in the
Alpe d’Huez Triathlon. – Yep, so that’s taking
place this weekend, and he is taking part in the shorter of the two or three distances
I think they have on offer, so he starts with a 1.2 kilometre swim, 28 kilometre bike up Alpe d’Huez, so taking in one of the famous
stages of the Tour de France, and then finishing with
a seven kilometre run around the resort. – I think it’s pretty cool,
we’ve seen Jenson Button combine Formula One racing with triathlon, and the more people we get into our sport, and they’ve got a pretty big audience if some of them are gonna watch him and come to triathlon, I
think that’s gotta be a hot. – Right, next one, and this is proof that that pre-competition testing at the Ironman age group
World Championships does work, and it’s not the first time either, because there was a ban put on one athlete 12 months previously, for someone that actually
refused to take the test. – Yeah, I mean that’s a bit crazy, well we just heard the news
that Luis Rabanal from Mexico, who won the 18-24 age group
last year by over half an hour, pretty huge, well he’s
actually been given a ban because he tested positive
for too much testosterone, he’s been given a four
year ban as a result, and obviously had his
title taken away as well. – Yeah it’s a big ban, but
it’s proving a big point there, so that’s a definite not. – Right, this next bit,
we are dipping our toes into slightly unknown territory here, because we are looking
at the fashion world, or maybe, the fashion world
has been looking at us. – I’m very fashionable. – There have been cycling shorts spotted on the catwalk of the
Spring Summer 2018 catwalks, and throughout the summer,
the likes of Naomi Campbell, the supermodel, has been
wearing a white pair. – Well it has actually been
said by these fashion gurus, that they should be donned
with an XXL t-shirt, or something quite baggy, I think they’re missing the aero benefits of wearing cycling lycra,
but we’ll brush over that. – Maybe they are, but
try to balance it out, I mean, as a kid, I did used to wear, you know, cycling shorts quite a lot, and back in the 90’s it was
the pedal pushers, wasn’t it? So you know, kept your knees warm as well. – Maybe we don’t look so
bad in our cycling gear, afterall, Heather, so we’re
gonna give this a hot. Now former Arizona Diamondbacks
baseball player, Eric Byrnes has been pretty active since
his retirement from baseball, because he is now actually currently doing his triathlon across America. – And he literally is
going across America, so he started off with a
seven mile swim across the bay in San Francisco, and now
he’s already done that, and I think now, he’s actually
in the process of the cycle, which is from San Francisco to Chicago, a total of 2,344 miles, gets off his bike, he’s then going to run to New York, which is another 846 miles. – And this isn’t his first
time adventuring into endurance and multi-sport, because he
has actually already done 11 Ironmans, he’s done 20 ultramarathons, and he’s even set the world record for the most holes of golf
played without a cart. – Wow, he definitely loves a challenge. – Yeah, well this is awesome, so we’re gonna give this a hot. Right, next one is an interesting one, if anyone out there follows CrossFit, then they will know that Cyclocross was included in the
CrossFit Games last year, and for this years CrossFit Games, there is a rumour that
triathlon is gonna be included. – Yeah, they are still just rumours, but the mastermind behind the
CrossFit games, David Castro, has put a picture on Instagram
of him with a trek bike, using the hashtag #trek, #CrossFitgames, so a pretty strong inkling there, and then there’s another post here from the Nike CrossFit
athlete Sara Sigmundsdottir, and she says “sharing her
training session of a 1k swim, “a 45k bike, and a 10.5k
run”, with hashtags, #Training/PreGamesTrainingCamp. – Well, it is interesting,
and as the show goes out, the CrossFit Games are gonna be starting with this long weekend
through ’til the 5th in Madison, in Wisconsin, and, well, we’re gonna
be finding out very soon, so yeah, I’m gonna give this a hot. – Over to Germany for this next piece, and a naked cyclist has been caught, well maybe not caught, caught on camera breaking a speed limit, but apparently, ’cause
they can’t identify him, I guess there are no clothes
to identify him from, other than his shoes, looks like he might be
able to get away with this. – Yeah, well according to police, he was travelling at
47 kilometres per hour in a 30 kilometres per hour area, and this does also coincide
with the time that, in a lot of Western Europe, we’re hitting a massive heatwave, so I don’t know whether he
was simply just too hot, so stripped off, or
something else went on, and he was trying to ride
home as quickly as possible to get out of trouble, I don’t know, but it’s hilarious, and I think
we’re gonna give this a hot. Right, ITU have just announced that David Mendoza Sanchez, a
triathlete from Mexico, has been caught for a doping violation, it was from an in competition
test at the WTS Bermuda event. – Yeah he was found to have a hormone and metabolic modulator, which he says he doesn’t know
how it got into his system, but he’s not actually
denying the positive test, although he speculates
it’s from a vitamin B12, again, tablet he took
the night before the test when he wasn’t feeling so well. – Yeah, it’s sad, but
obviously don’t condone doping or failing any drugs
test, so this is a not. According to a report, by 2050, there’ll be more plastic
particles, by weight, in the ocean than fish, and actually, at least 267 species are
affected by ocean waste, especially sea turtles. – That’s so depressing. On top of that, apparently 3%
of the total CO2 emmissions are actually contributed
by the clothing industry, and I know, as triathletes,
we probably don’t help that, because a lot of our kit,
we use only a few times, and then t-shirts you get given as prizes, you get new team kit for each race, or new kit each season, I think we’re all quite guilty of adding to that as well. – Yeah, so on that
aspect, that’s a not hot, but there are some really
good folk out there trying to do something about this, so, first one is from
Swimmerwear, which is a startup, and they’re basically
trying to create swimsuits that are made out of
100% recycled materials, and then there’s one very
similar called Batoko, and that is a very similar brand, in a sense, but very cool designs. – Yeah, I like it, looks really cool. There’s also Zoggs, doing their Ecolast, which is a range that they’re
making from the ECONYL yarn, which apparently is made from
reclaimed ghost fishing nets, taking any nets out of the
sea’s gotta be a good thing, and then the fact that they’re
recycling it is even better. – Yeah, and they’re throwing in old carpet, industrial waste, so there’s all sorts
making up those products, which is great, so, yeah,
we’re gonna give that a hot. Now for the Race News,
and we’re gonna start with Ironman Hamburg, and as
we’ve mentioned already, we’ve had some warmer than expected conditions in Western Europe, as of late, as a result, they’ve experienced some higher concentrations of this blue-green algae in the water, and as a result, they’ve had
to cancel the swim at Hamburg, and they replaced it
with a six kilometre run, but that didn’t hold the guys back, because pretty much all of
the main contenders came in under 20 minutes, and within
a few seconds of each other for that first six kilometres, on the bike, they more
or less stayed together throughout the whole of that, and it was actually James
Cunnama that pushed the pace in around, I think the
last 30 kilometres or so, and managed to gain an advantage
on the rest of the group, so he came in with about few
seconds lead on Bart Aernouts, and then further back we had Tim Don, and then the rest of the field, four kilometres into the run, Bart Aernouts managed to snatch
the lead back from Cunnama, and by 10k had around
35 seconds on Cunnama, unfortunately for Tim Don, who was in third place coming on to the run, he started to drift back himself and started to suffer a little bit. – Yeah, and this was his first
full Ironman back wasn’t it? – Exactly, so I think everyone
was really looking forward to watching him, hoping we’d
see a great result from him, it was actually Joe Skipper
that was charging through, he went into third, and actually, eventually managed to put
James Cunnama into second, so it was Bart Aernouts
that came home in first, Joe Skipper in second,
and then James Cunnama. – Well on the women’s side, it was an equally fast start to that 6k, and it did include the
likes of Daniela Saemmler, and Sarah Crowley, who were
just behind the front pace, but still in that pack,
and then they worked very quickly together on
the bike to make a break, and I think by halfway, they’d already got a four and a bit minute advantage
on the rest of the field, but then it was actually Daniela Saemmler who opened up more of a gap
on Crowley to come into T2 with more than a two minute lead, looked like she might have
this race under control, but Crowley was starting to wear her down, and I think by 14k had halved that lead, but it’s Sarah Crowley who went on to get the fastest run of the
day to secure the win, Katharina Grohmann stayed in second place, and then it was Maja Stage
Nielsen who had a fast run, just three seconds slower than
Crowley’s to secure third. – Now for Ironman Switzerland,
and in the men’s race, it was Jan Van Berkel
that lead the swim out, and he was with quite a
large lead main group, then about four minutes back we had Cameron Wurf, the über-biker, and then another 30 seconds back, we had Ronnie Schildknecht, now on the bike, that lead
group stayed together, but Cameron Wurf was trying to make his way up to that lead group, so by around halfway through the bike, it was around two minutes and 34 seconds between that lead group and Cameron Wurf, unfortunately, Ronnie
Schildknecht was just losing time, so he clearly wasn’t having his day, by the end of the bike,
Cameron Wurf had managed to take the lead, and
he had around 30 seconds on David Plese coming into T2, and then another sort of 8
minutes to Jan Van Berkel, on the run Cameron Wurf managed to maintain that lead for a while, but David Plese managed to
take it from him eventually, and it was around the 34 kilometre mark that Jan Van Berkel came charging through, passing Cameron Wurf and
David Plese to take the lead, so it was Jan Van Berkel overall
that took the win overall, David Plese in second, and
in third, Cameron Wurf. – Well, in the women’s
race, it was Annabel Luxford who had a very dominant start, she had over two minute lead
on Kaisa Sali and Skye Moench, but onto the bike, Sali
put in quite a lot of work, and soon got up to Anabel Luxford, and then went on to
actually open up that lead, so by the time she came into T2, she had over a minutes advantage, and the fastest bike split of the day, and she didn’t really look back, we know Sali’s a strong runner, so she went on to take the overall win, without any sort of real
threat, I don’t think, but the battle then was
for second and third, between Luxford and Moench, and actually Moench had the stronger run, and overtook Luxford to take second, and Anabel Luxford finished in third. – Well Ironman 70.3 Santa
Rosa was another race where the swim was
cancelled due to conditions, but this time, it’s because of heavy fog, and instead of replacing
that swim with a run, this time they just started on the bike with staggered starts,
so in the men’s race, it was Sam Appleton that
went to an early lead with around 3 minutes
40 on Jackson Laundry, and came in with the fastest
bike split of the day, On the run, Sam Appleton and
Jackson Laundry more or less posted the same run splits,
around the 1:15 mark, but Sam Appleton, having
had that advantage took the win overall,
Jackson Laundry in second, and it was actually Tyler Butterfield that came racing through, with a 1:12 half marathon
split to take third. – Well on the women’s,
it was Heather Wurtele, who’s known for her strong biking, that actually had the fastest
bike split of the day. Jocelyn Macauley was second,
43 seconds behind her, and then it was Mirinda Carfrae,
1 minute 11 back in third, but we all know how strong
a runner Mirinda Carfrae is, it didn’t take her long until
she passed Jocelyn Macauley. She had to do a bit more work
to get to Heather Wurtele, but once she got that gap, she was pretty confident in front. She got the fastest run split of the day, and got her first win
back since having a baby. Heather Wurtele managed
to hang on for second, but it was Pamella Oliveira who actually moved up to take third. – Well over at Ironman Canada, it was a male only pro race, and it was Brent Mcmahon
that lead the swim out, and just a few seconds back, we had Mark Bowstead, Jeff
Symonds, and Justin Metzler. On the bike, all eyes were
on Marino Vanhoenacker, now we know how strong he is, and he actually made a methodical push in the second half of the bike leg, to get up to those leaders, and they eventually actually
spat out Jeff Symonds out of the back. So going into T2, we had Marino Vanhoenacker, Brent Mcmahon, and Mark Bowstead. – Well it was Bowstead and Vanhoenacker who I think struggled in the heat, apparently by 3k, they already just dropped right off the pace, and that left Brent
Mcmahon to take the lead, and he stayed out there on his
own for the whole of the run. Jeff Symonds looked like he
was closing once or twice, but that gap stayed around six minutes for the whole of the run, towards the end it actually opened up to just over nine minutes, so Brent Mcmahon went on
to take the overall win. Jeff Symonds was second, and
Matt Russell finished third. – Okay, now Challenge Prague, a race that I was really
excited to see the results from, because not only did we
have Javier Gomez racing, we also had his training
partner, Pablo Dapena racing, who, as we know, has won
quite a few races this year, and is showing quite a
force to be reckoned with. Now they both came out
of the swim together and came into T2 together, so it was actually the run
it all came down to, and, no surprises, Javier Gomez put in a blistering run split
of 1:13 to take the win. Pablo Depena came in in second, then it was Pieter Heemeryck
that came in in third. – Well in the women’s race,
there was a small margin for Katrien Verstuyft
coming out of the swim. But on the bike there was a
huge effort from Lisa Hütthaler, who went on to T2 with
about a 2 minute advantage, but then there was also
Kirsty Jahn and Laura Siddall who weren’t far behind Katrina Verstuyft, and it was Verstuyft though
who had a strong run. She went on to take the win,
overtaking Lisa Hütthaler. Lisa Hütthaler actually dropped right back and ended up being a bit
of a running battle between Kirsty Jahn and Laura Siddall. Jahn finishing second
and Siddall in third. – And finally, WTS
Edmonton, in the men’s race, it was Vincent Luis that lead the swim out with Jonathan Brownlee,
and they were joined by a small lead breakaway group, actually. So despite their hard efforts, they were eventually caught on the bike, and into T2, there was a big group. It was Mario Mola that took
control on the second lap of the run and took the win overall. Kristian Blummenfelt took second, and it was Jacob Birtwhistle
that out kicked his competitors in a large group behind
that to take third. – Well in the women’s race,
there was an attempted breakaway on the swim with Jess Learmonth, which we’re getting used to seeing. She was joined by Summer Cook, but it was soon onto the
bike, I think they realised with that tough cycle course in Edmonton they weren’t going to be able to stay away, just the two of them, and a huge pack formed, including the likes of
Ashleigh Gentle, Vicky Holland, Georgia Taylor-Brown, Katie Zaferes, basically all the big names in there. So it did come down to
the 10k running race, and Vicky Holland set
the pace pretty quickly, and there was a few who
were able to stay with her like Zaferes and Gentle
and Georgia Taylor-Brown and a couple of the other Brits. And then it was actually
Gentle who stayed the longest until the final 500
metres when Vicky Holland accelerated away to take the win overall. Ashleigh Gentle finished
second on the podium, and it was another podium finish for Georgia Taylor-Brown,
who finished third, and all-in-all, a great
day for the British team, because of the top five, they had four brits, impressive stuff. – Well following on from that, we had the mixed team relay,
which was hotly contested, ’cause we had 22 teams involved. In the first leg it was actually
Jess Learmonth of the UK, and Taylor Spivey of the USA that took an early lead on that swim, and they were eventually joined
by France’s Sandra Dodet, And on to the second leg,
it was Jonny Brownlee. And Vincent Luis who managed to breakaway from the chase group, including USA, Canada,
Belgium, and Australia. And it actually remained fairly close, even through the third leg. – Yeah it was, and Australia
was dangerously close, ’cause on the final leg
they had Jacob Birtwhistle, who we know is extremely
quick and very well-designed for the short format in the mixed relay, and he used it to his advantage
so Australia came through to take another win in
the team mixed relay, but it was only by two
seconds ahead of the USA, so very close indeed, and then
a further eight seconds back there was New Zealand who won the bronze. This time for the caption
competition, and yes, last week I took advantage
of Mark being away, but it wasn’t just because of that, – [Mark] Starting to notice a theme here. – It’s a good photo and
it was swim week, so. – I don’t blame you, it is
a very funny/silly photo. We had some good comments
or captions coming in, first one from c s, over Youtube they said “Mark as a Dad”, and yeah I could agree with that. – Yeah, well check back in and see if you ever end up looking like
that when you go swimming, Next one, that’s actually
a reply I think to c s, from Elena Dolgin “this is
exactly what it looks like, was gonna say ‘Mark on a
holiday camp with the kids’. – Jack Heath said, “Retired pro decides
to go back to basics”. – That’s pretty much
where you’re at, isn’t it? – Pretty much, yeah. And yeah, the winning caption this week comes in from Robert_MN, and they said “when mum finally lets
you dress yourself”. Yeah, it’s quite
embarrassing, what I wear. – Got some work to do, haven’t we? Well, Robert_MN, do get in touch, and we will send this cap to you. – But now, for this
week’s caption comp photo, and it’s from WTS Edmonton,
and it’s the results we just read out with Vicky Holland winning the women’s race, and she just looks rather surprised, or doesn’t quite believe it. So yeah, please do send in your captions in the comments section below. Well now for the GTN tribe, and we’re heading back to the Philippines for the Aboitz Power Triathlon team. – We are, well these guys
are a group of triathletes who, with normal day jobs, as
I think quite a lot of us do, but also some students,
and they say they really emphasise the importance of
having that work life balance, and want to be an inspiration to other people within their office. I mean, that’s what Mark
and I try and do everyday, but I like the sound of
what these guys are doing, and trying to really use the power of sport to help motivate people. – Yeah, and I understand
they’re a relatively young club. I think they’re just
a couple of years old. They debuted at the Tri United Exceed Standard triathlon event, and I believe they did very
well actually, placed 10th, I think it was, out of 224 teams. So yeah, very good,
some really cool outfits and tri suits they’ve got going on there. So yeah, we absolutely love it, and on the subject of sending in your GTN tribes and your photos, we have a brand new photo uploader, and this isn’t just for GTN, it’s for GCN, GMBN, EMBN, us. – But send them all to us, really. – It’s really straightforward, you don’t need to go to
Facebook or anything any more. You just log in to the
link that’s gonna be just below me now, and we’re gonna put it in the description. So, really straightforward for you. All you have to do is sign in using your Facebook account,
or your Google account, or you can create an account. It’s really quick. Just put in your email address, your name, date of birth, etc, and then, all you have
to do is click on GTN, and then you can just go
through the categories, as I’m doing now, so I can hit GTN tribe, I will give it a title, as
to the club that I’m in, and then the location we’re from. Put in my description just here. – The more in the description, the better for us, ’cause
then we really know, especially when it comes to tribe, we love to be able to
share that information, so make sure you do get that across. – Yeah, and as we’ve said before, events, or anything you’re doing, and
you can attach your photos into this and click agree,
and boom, upload your files, and we can do that for anything you like, tri-DIY, transition to
that zones on there, running photos, swimming photos, anything you wanna send us really, ’cause the more photos the better, we just love getting this stuff, so, yeah, really straightforward. Go to that link just below now. And on the note of sending in more photos, we are gonna start up our tri-zone again, so if you’re not aware, or you haven’t seen
tri-zone before last year, with race season we want
all your transition areas. So when you set your bike up, in transition.
– Everything’s ready. – Take a photo and send it to us, ’cause it’s cool just to talk through it, in the same way we do with pain caves. – Yeah, so we’re gonna be sharing those, hopefully next week onwards, but right now we have some
pain caves to share with you. And our first one from Artromanov. Weather forecast isn’t promising, good morning from his pain cave. Well I think if I had
a pain cave like that, wouldn’t really worry about
the forecast, to be honest. – Yeah, it’s pretty neat isn’t it? I actually keep meaning to research what this turbo trainer is, it’s like a, I know Flora Duffy uses it. – Well I was gonna say,
I’ve seen Flora using it, it must be a very compact
one for travelling. – Yes, yeah, so I think the
front mount collapses down, and then you’ve just got a
roll as wheels at the back, and I believe it’s resistance as well, and they’ve got their
mount in front of them for their iPads, it’s a very smart setup, and that’s from Zug, wherever that is, got some mountains in the background. This one’s from closer to home. This is Thornbury, near us, and this is a Giant
Trinity TT bike set up, with a nice, well,
training wheel on there, and on-wheel turbo trainer, but yeah they’ve been making use of the warmer weather in the UK, and rather than going out on the road, they set up the turbo, but I’m sure they’re just trying to get a quality session in,
or just really loves Zwift. – And finally, actually
no, we’ve got two more. This one here is from
kt4185 in Tampa, Florida, and I think they’ve probably been struggling with the
heat more than we have. “Pain cave’s coming together,” “trying to make sticking to
my workouts easier than ever”, and it was actually a comment here, “Does the pain cave have AC?” and it turns out that it does. – Yeah they said they didn’t
realise the awesomeness when they bought this house, but they have an air conditioned garage. – I think that shows how hot
it must get there, doesn’t it? – This is actually the
same pain cave, actually, it’s just another view, so it’s just showing the whole setup, they’ve got an Orbea Bike there. I think that’s a Specialised
bike hanging up there, and numerous wheels all
that swim, bike, run stuff, and yeah, and very cool. Finally, one from Moscow. – Yeah we don’t get many
from Russia, this is cool. – Yeah, so this is from klyuevalana? – We might not get many more from Russia. – Terrible, and this looks like it’s a Scott’s Foil, I think it is, set up on a kicker snap turbo trainer. – Another very smart stand as well. – Yeah, everyone’s got
these cool Zwift stands. I need to get one of these. But yeah, absolutely awesome. Please do keep sending in your photos, and use our new photo uploader, – Before we go, we actually have some exciting bargains on offer. The GTN shop currently has
a sale of up to 50% off, so if you do like the look of
these t-shirts, the swim caps, any of our cycling kit, I would suggest going to check that out. The link is gonna be on the
screen here in a moment, so just click on that link, and you can see all of what we have to offer at bargain prices, and that goes on until, I
think Monday the 6th of August, So the show’s coming
out today on Wednesday. So you’ve got a few days left
to go and grab those bargains. – Yeah, I’d rush on
over there if I was you. Now if you do want to
see more videos from GTN, then just click on the globe
and subscribe, and by now, you probably have noticed that Heather has a lovely pull-stroke, where as I have a straight arm
windmill stroke, when I swim. And we’ve actually done
a video on that recently, explaining kind of why
our strokes are different, and the benefits to
both, so you can see that by clicking just down here. – And if you are wondering
when we referred to the caption competition and GTN swim week, we weren’t just in our
arm bands for all of it, and if you want to know
exactly what we got up to, we made a video on swimming etiquette. And that is just here.

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  4. Aeropod have a $ 499,- price on their website. Its the next generation Powerpod that has been around for years.

  5. @Global Triathlon Network That trainer that you are seeing is made by Feedback, it is called the Feedback Omnium Trainer. It is a good one to own

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  11. Guys….This is a higher quality piece of work than the study you used in the supplement piece. It's a consensus statement just published by some of the leaders in the field. Definition is everything in this debate… I'd say basic batch-tested sports nutrition is ok i.e.gels and bars if they make eating during racing a bit easier. Other than that, healthy-balanced diet make up of whole foods is best.

  12. Paincave @27 minutes:
    Trainer – Feedback Sports OMNIUM (portable, foldable, of course it has resistance)
    Bike – PlanetX EXO3 (blackwidow)
    Place – Zug, Switzerland
    Mountain – Rigi
    Weather – Storm alert (was actually very smart of me to stay at home)

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    I take LifeLong Vitality from doTERRA .they are essential oil based

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