Doc Talks: Detox

OK friends. Now that you have great
nutrition, a clean functioning bowel, and a strong
immune system, step four is a history
lesson to go back in time when you were not so healthy. Now it’s time to clean up
the past from accumulated pollution. Pollution is simply the
inevitable byproduct of living, working, and
playing on this awesome planet. Life is dirty and you
get exposed to toxins, and then they accumulate
in your fat or your liver, your kidneys, or your
reproductive organs. Even in your brain. And I don’t care where
you live on the planet, the water, the air, and the
earth has poisons in it. Everywhere. Our homes have poison in them. And pollution, our cars. That new car smell, it’s
1,000 chemicals off-gassing. Your workplace, everywhere. Even if you live
in a pine forest. Look, the average
American’s grocery cart has over 150 toxic
chemicals in it. Not the cleaning
products, in the food. Not to mention the 87,000
new chemicals developed in the last few decades. Look, basic auto mechanics. We know that if you
want your car to last, you have to maintain it,
and change the dirty oil, and flush out the radiator,
and clean the air intakes or your car will break down. Basic human body mechanics. Ditto. Same thing. If you want your body to
last you have to maintain it. Just like your car, if you
want to get 100,000 miles out of this body you need
to flush out the liver, flush out the kidneys,
change the dirty oil. Or your car is only
going to get 40,000 miles and then it’s going
to break down. And then you won’t be happy. Scheduled periodic maintenance. It makes your car run
better and last longer, and it makes you run
better and you last longer. Look, in my clinic, my patients
that did my seasonal detox programs almost never got sick. This is the best health
insurance money can buy. Think about it,
the American system of health care is really
not health care at all– it’s disease care. It’s actually
disease management, because there’s no cure
for any major disease. Seasonal detoxification,
it’s called prevention, preventing disease. And it’s easier, it’s cheaper,
and it’s cost effective, and it’s a lot more fun. So check out step number
four, my friends, Detox. If you know anything about Dr.
Schulze, it’s all about fun. And getting ill, sick,
diseased, and breaking down, and having pain. It’s NO FUN. What’s the old saying? An ounce of prevention
is worth a pound of cure? Well, step number four my
friends, Detox is prevention.

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