Does Glycemic Index Matter For Weight Loss?

Dr. Eric Bakker here. Thanks for coming back. As you know, I’m a naturopath from New Zealand. Let’s talk about GI index a little bit and
weight loss, stuff like that. Does glycemic index matter for weight loss? So what’s the GI index? Well, a long time ago, before the GI index
came out, they used to look at the total carbohydrate content of the meal. But now what they’ve done more recently, and
this was particularly for diabetics, very favorable, was to look at different types
of foods and their ability to affect the insulin response. So it’s a little bit like, let’s say talk
about gasoline. Now if you’re using pure alcohol, it’s got
a very high flash point. So it’ll, as you know, you put oil, even gasoline,
you throw gasoline on a fire. Like, you get this explosion, right? So that’s a very high GI index rating. So to me that’s like white rice, potatoes. Like really white starchy kind of foods. So they react very quickly when they hit the
gut. These things break down quick and they quickly
trigger an insulin response. Now you don’t want to have high insulin response
because there are many associated bad things that can happen in the body when you have
insulin that swings up and down all the time. It is devastating. You can create increased risk for cancers,
diabetes, many different problems associated with blood vessels. There’s lots of issues. If you just go and have a look at it yourself
online, what insulin can do, it’s phenomenal. It can be very dangerous. So you want insulin to be very controlled
and to have it come up evenly, go down evenly, because it’s also going to affect your mood
and your energy in a more positive way. If you look at a fuel source like diesel,
for example, it has a much lower flash point. So when you throw that on a fire, it doesn’t
go wham, okay? It goes more like wham. It’s very underwhelming. And also what’s very underwhelming in the
diet for the insulin response, we’re looking at chickpeas. We’re looking at sort of legumes, we’re looking
at vegetables, we’re looking at sort of foods that break down slowly and very slowly stimulate
the insulin response. Insulin is also tying up the satiety to a
high degree to so, but what I don’t like about insulin is it pushes you into a much higher,
your body’s a higher potential for many different chronic lifestyle diseases. So it’s really in your best interest to keep
insulin tame. A bit like a tiger, keep it tamed. Don’t let it attack you and try to bite you. So, but what about weight loss? Well, I’ve just looked now at several studies. In fact, the big study was undertaken involving
many of these people where they put them on strict GI type diets. And unfortunately when people are quite big,
it doesn’t work that well at all, these kinds of diets. So you’re not going to lose a ton of weight
just by eating a lower GI, kind of index food. Unfortunately it doesn’t work like that. But it is going to improve your blood sugar
quite a lot. Your sensitivity will improve significantly
to different foods. So you won’t be getting swings and roundabouts
any more in terms of moods and energy and things like that. So this stability is what you want longterm. There’s definitely a link with cancer and
also a lot of these insulin spikes. So you better watch out, but the jury is still
out. This is not really, the low GI index diet,
is not really the best approach for weight loss. And most people will tell you that. But it will improve stability and also help
you to maintain health for a lot longer if you eat like that. It makes a lot of sense to me. But don’t fall for the line that if you’re
going to eat just vegetables and very low GI index foods, that you’re going to lose
weight. Because you’re not looking at other factors
like hormonal issues that you may have. Stress issues that you may have. Lifestyle issues. All sorts of problems can stop you from losing
weight. But just by eating foods low on the GI, it
doesn’t really … Not really going to do that much for you. So if you look at the GI scale, just made
a few notes here, the low GI foods, this is 55 or under, we’re looking at oatmeal, peas,
carrots, kidney beans, hummus, for example. Many fruits, apart from watermelon,, to the
really sweet fruits, the high GI index, so 70 or higher, I think white sugar is a hundred
it’s like right up the top. That’s like putting pure alcohol on a fire. It’s just gone in a second. So the problem with that is of course you
have heat and then you’ve got nothing again. There’s no slow burn there, which means that
you’re going to be having to throw alcohol in the fire constantly. And this is why people go from one sugary
food to another because they get this response and then they get hungry again. I get the response and then I get hungry again. And meanwhile, they’re attacking their body. When they create this problem with the blood
sugar going up and down yo yo-ing, it’s bad. So the medium GI index foods, corn, for example,
okay. Grapes are considered medium GI. But I disagree. These are really high sugary foods, in my
opinion, depending on the grade. But remember, lifestyle is a big one. Attitude, understanding that you need to eat
the right kind of foods and move your butt. And look at stress and your occupation. These are key factors that many people don’t
look at when it comes to weight loss, right? And also patients, because you’ve been a big
person for awhile, it’s going to take time for your body to get used to the transition
of you not always grabbing a peanut butter sandwich four or five times a day. It’s going to take time because you’re going
to have to make all these other changes as well. All right, thanks for tuning in. Don’t forget to click on the link if you want
my free candida report. Thank you.

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