22 Replies to “Dr. Burkitt’s F-Word Diet”

  1. I had the opportunity yesterday to share on how I got rid of 3 different prescription for blood pressure,1 for congestive heart failure,1 for cholesterol by changing my nutritional plan to a plant-based nutrition. This gentleman was telling me how he just had 3 stents put in his heart and the cholesterol medicine was for the stents and he's never had high cholesterol ? 'coo coo coo coo' He will go on the best he can as a customer of big pharma. Terrible situation!

  2. It really is sad how simple this is, and how many people would be cured of what they think to be "chronic" diseases.

  3. It's truly amazing what switching to high fiber diet can do; I'd suffered with chronic constipation & hemorrhoids (I know, yuck) for YEARS and almost immediately after going strict vegan, including flaxseed meal, that was all gone, and has never once returned, like some sort of miracle. I still find it hard to believe it was that simple. But it was. It seems the cheese & flour combo, so popular among SAD eaters, makes for the most cement-like bowel blockages possible. I thank goodness for "preachy" online vegans everyday, for it's they who got me to face the truth about my "love for animals," and to go vegan and become a much more honest woman. And I hate to imagine where I'd be if I'd sought medical "help" for my problems… certainly I'd be much poorer, or likely dead by now if not just a chronic medical case.

  4. In "The China Study" Dr. Campbell talks about "diseases of affluence."  It's healthier and less expensive to eat a WFPB (whole-foods plant-based) Diet!

  5. My friends at work complain about how they never poop and are always tired… At the same time they talk shit about my high carb high raw vegan diet while I'm happily going 2-3 times a day and never needing a drop of caffeine anymore. Denial ain't just a river in Egypt friends.

  6. It's not just about fibre, Dr Burkitt said he was "..far too blinkered.." and we should also eat far more starch, far less fat, far less sugar and far less salt. I would assume he meant refined sugar.

  7. Dr Burkitt Modern Day Hero. He speaks in the simplest of terms and with such clarity!!!
    Dr Greger and DR McDougall Thanks to both of you beacons for keeping Dr. Beckitts legacy alive. His interview with Dr McD is legendary. Chronic disease is "code" for … "We're eating the wrong kinds of foods" Love the stories of people healing long term bowel problems by just making simple changes.

  8. I would like to help translate this video into Spanish, but it seems not to be enabled 🙁 Thank you anyway 😉

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