Dr. Sarah Hallberg: Are ketone supplements worth it?

So do ketone supplements
work, and are they worth it? – Well we actually are not 100% sure about whether ketone supplements will work in the realm of metabolic health. And so I definitely would
recommend not to add these in. Many of them are gonna
add in carbs and calories that are for unclear benefits. So I think, in reality,
we’re going to find a place for ketone supplements
somewhere in the future, but I think it’s gonna
be more focused on things like neurologic conditions
and maybe cancer. As far as metabolic health goes, the ketones that we want you to have are ones that you’re
producing from your stored and ingested fat, and
one of the questions, a very important one in fact, that we don’t know the answer to is, if you’re taking ketone
supplements then is there a chance you block your
internal production of ketones? And that’s a possibility,
and that would really be counter to what
we’re trying to do here. So blanket quick answer is I don’t recommend ketone supplements.

10 Replies to “Dr. Sarah Hallberg: Are ketone supplements worth it?”

  1. Those are still a highly processed item. I’m sure they’ll have their place but I don’t think it’ll help with wt loss. The companies that make those want you to think you need it.

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