61 Replies to “Egg & Chick Easter Nail Design on an Almond Shaped Nail.”

  1. Hermosa!!! tu tienes magia en tus manos lo q haces es arte!!! Gracias por poner subtítulos en español!!! Eres mi inspiración!!!

  2. I love your videos and think you are really talented but when I saw the thumbnail I was like "Why does that baby chick have a wavy hairdo & a beard?" I can't unsee it.

  3. The bit at the start when you sang chick chick chicken and just looked at everyone's disapproval and stopped… Omg I nearly wet myself. You do make me laugh. I beautiful design by the way, you're so talented.

  4. Kirsty , you are not only talented of doing amazing nails designs, but you also have nice voice, and really funny girl… 😊🌹❤️

  5. You are so funny, can't stop watching this video 😂 you're just amazing Kirsty! please never stop making video's. can't wait for the next one!

  6. me encanta me encanta me encanta estoy empezando en este arte de las uñas eres la mejor y me encanta como eres jajajaja me divierto mucho y aprendo bastante un abrazo y un saludo desde Venezuela amiga

  7. que bien …. me encantan tus vídeos … pero no entiendo mucho … sobre el idioma !!! con subtitulos me encantó !!!
    ya podré entender mejor !!! 😍

  8. This is officially my favorite video you've made so far! With the scene from Madagascar and the. nail turned out absolutely perfect!
    Thank you Kristy and your camera man too! 😘😂🐥🐣

  9. Gracias, Gracias Muchas Gracias!! por los subtítulos para tus seguidoras de México me encanta tu trabajo!!

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