[ENG] 완전 맛있는 기본 ‘휘낭시에(피낭시에)’ 만들기 : Financier recipe|siZning

First, make hazelnut butter (Beurre noisette, Brown Butter) Put butter in a saucepan and heat over low heat until brown As the butter melts and sizzles, white precipitates (proteins etc.) sink In the processing, the color and flavor of the butter is added Turn off the stove when the brown color and hazelnut scent from the butter Cool the sifted hazelnut butter until use Put the egg whites in the bowl and whip lightly Whip only enough bubbles to form one layer over the egg whites I whipped it about 50 seconds Mix honey and sugar in lightly whipped egg whites When you well mixed, Whipping it a little so that small bubbles form entirely I whip it for about 20 seconds As the video shows, small bubbles are spread all over and it look so white and thin(watery) Sieve the cake flour and almond powder directly into the finished egg whites Mix well using spatula When it’s all mixed Divide the hazelnut butter 2-3 times then put a portion in the bowl and mix If the hazelnut butter cools down to too low, it will be difficult to mix with the dough completely Mixing at high temperatures will affect the batter, reducing the texture of the finished financier Use hazelnut butter when cooled to about 50-60 degrees Put all the remained hazelnut butter in it Mix well until the butter soaks into the batter It’s finished, when the butter is mixed well without being separated Wrap it and keep it in the refrigerator for at least 1 hour Take a while out of the refrigerator and fold the batter to make even state When the batter is cold and the texture is chewy Lightly fold it up and down, then wrap it back to make it more chilled Let’s check the state of the finished batter? If it looks chewy state like the video, that is complete! Put the finished batter in a piping bag Apply the melted butter on the mold Fill the financier batter upto 80% of the mold Remove financier from the mold Crispy & sweet and well baked financier ♡ If you eat it right after baking, the outside is crispy! and the inside is moist and soft It’s delicious ‘Financier’, full of texture with rich flavor after one or two days of aging Thank you for watching

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