[ENGSUB]꽃게 속에서 나온 수상한 벌레, 기생충일까?

Eww…! What is it…! (What happened to the peaceful studio..?) What? look at this! shocking image This is… Pomegranate! what..? no kidding what is it…? no kidding what is it…? This is… Quinoa! This is… I will tell you but don’t be surprised parasitic on gills of blue crab blue crab parasite…! important thing is if we have this These are going through our stomach wander through the veins in my dream 😉 I thought it’s real There are blue crab parasites that people can eat!? Hello, Hello, I’m Jimin’s TV when you cleaning blue crab see a tiny, rice-shaped worm attached to it Have an experience very surprised. So I prepared it today. So I prepared it today.
the one attached to the blue crab gills. So I prepared it today.
the one attached to the blue crab gills. What are you!? and addtionally I’m going to I’m going to
try it why we have to experiment with eating I will tell you later in season, fall, male blue crab me? fresh male blue crab! I bought it alive one but make it knock out but it still moves open the blue crab! The gut is fresh this part is gills and the middle part here when you open it is alive then it beats it could be a heart but the problem is but the problem is
shown when you cleaning when you see gills to cut (What will come out…) (panic) (suppose to be many…?) similar to gills’ color an undermaturated What a mature entity looks like is in a mature one
it is much more visible What’s the orange color of this is….?
in a mature one
it is much more visible The apricot color. These are the ones. The apricot color. These are the ones.
mature one’s The apricot color. These are the ones.
mature one’s parasites. now I call it parasites but I will explain in detail later. (btw are you alive or dead?) The parasites are a moving scene The parasites are a moving scene
I’ll show you for a second! playing X4 X8 to tell the conclusion These parasites, parasites in the blue crab gills, These parasites, parasites in the blue crab gills,
actually it is These parasites, parasites in the blue crab gills,
actually it is not a parasite not even worm either It’s name is It’s name is
Octolasmia neptuni in Korean ‘gesoksalee’ By biological classification, crustaceans. and belongs to Cirripedia Cirripedia is in one category of arthropods And if you look for a typical similar marine life Don’t be surprised Don’t be surprised
be quite unexpected barnacle barnacle, top shell barnacle, top shell, limpet Gun Boo Oysters and tortoiseshells! Cho Kan-dae Rock attached creatures attached to mud rock these are and what I’m going to introduce for today belong to the same biological classification It’s a surprise, isn’t it? Octolasmia neptuni and also barnacle When it was a little, it floats on the sea water. When it meet a rock, it put it’s roots in it. will live there in settlement. stay there all it’s life feed on small organisms carried in by the tide. the difference is for Octolasmia neptuni a place settled the difference of Octolasmia neptuni
not mud rock the difference of Octolasmia neptuni
not mud rock but blue crab gills live entire life in the blue crab gills any damage for blue crab? Actually, there’s a lot of controversy about whether this is a parasite or not symbiotic relationship, parasitic relationship
Nothing has been confirmed yet. Because it’s attached to the crab gills It is enough to disturb the crab’s breath. Because they don’t emit toxins or suck up the antelope of crab.
It is not harmful to humans or blue crabs. It is too much to call a parasite The parasite have to go through a medium called host to reproduce It is a parasite that completes it’s life’s Octolasmia neptuni
in order to complete the life Octolasmia neptuni
in order to complete the life
not attached to the gills simply
have a safe place and coming in through the gills
It’s stuck to absorb the water’s nutrients! So these are not parasites or worms like a barnacle that lives on a rock belongs to Crustacean, Cirripedia so I wonder no release of toxins do no harm to a person So, just blocks of proteins How does it taste.. I’m going to use this to make a special dish. what? with this
cooking..!? serve this dish to a guest without telling and tell the truth of it’s ingredient We’ll see what the guest looks like I do everything on YouTube. in my life Octolasmia neptuni It’s also the first time I’ve ever eaten it attached very hard is attached on it very hard so hold it and tear it snatch and tear if it cut in the middle then do it again… (struggle to live Octolasmia neptuni) stare at it, that look like It’s a little bit…
Doesn’t it look like a sperm? (sperm…?) Don’t think too much. there is for sure. not sure it has a head and eyes seperately have a firm tail but this could have better taste than caviar like that? well, It could be killing two birds with one stone
eating blue cran and also parasites Recently blue crab is expensive if it is not enough… have some of these try one as it is live! no! why now do it for Youtube readers (Pass because don’t want to get food poisoning~) from 4 blue crabs
collected from 4 blue crabs
collected Octolasmia neptuni. move little bit just take it off like this way going to die right away colledted from 4 blue crabs Octolasmia neptuni. Today I will make Octolasmia neptuni dish for the first time in YouTube first need to fry this before frying
I think it contains a lot of water before frying
I think it contains a lot of water
so take the moisture out first, a light fire
no oil yet
lightly roast to moisture out! the first of its kind in Korea blue crab parasitic roast roast more then it will turn more red will keep watching it’s like shrimp *Paint that turns red when the shrimp is cooked*
I don’t think it contains Astaxanthin. (smells good) aromatic aromatic and salty very tasty?! try it again. just like crab taste? salty crab taste second, in deep-fried clothes
with proper il
put it in! it’s done well done? (even has a taste by this tiny size?) (blow and put it into mouth) fried shrimp taste! in the U-dong
fried one will be on top of it! (steamy) Third, well-freid one
Yummy U-dong
sprinkle well! Completed the cooking! wow it is very special U-dong one and only U-dong in the world. especially topping have a look at the fried mix and enjoy it (about the fried one)
Se-eun, who doesn’t know anything, appears. lady first How does it taste? (something very familiar…) it’s very familiar taste… wait.. isn’t it crab? taste like crab crab taste but more like snack taste? Saewookkang(Korean snack)!? I am a gourmet? or crab snack it’s Se Eun’s turn~ snack taste~ time to reveal… a picture through the camera so what is it…? blue cran parasite Did I eat Parasite…? maybe it is good for your health Denying reality not true
isn’t it? really we eat that…? I thought it’s snack will show you one more time an unbelievable reality mental breakdown time to drink lot of water? Actually, it’s not a parasite. be scared to death… Actually, it’s not a parasite. Many people mistakenly believe it to be a parasite blank… hidden camera success!!! Just to tell you what happened today, It’s a parasite on blue crabs is parasitic is parasitic on the gills take the oxygen that the crab sucks in by eating the organic matter that came in there for living.. It’s not a parasite…! I’ll sort it out like a parasitic crustacean. outwardly
It’s a little bit of a grainy stuff
can be seen grossly it’s not a worm or bugs and no harm for human at all Just a bunch of protein What I’m surprised at eating Maybe it’s because it’s been living on crabs for a long time it smells blue crab! It’s a crustacean so it has a similar taste I guess want some more? Nope I hope you don’t misunderstand it as a parasite. so I made this video. once you see this while cleaning blue crab you can just get rid of it eat it with no worry **credit cookie is coming**
That’s it for today. **credit cookie is coming**
Thank you Octolasmia neptuni compliment if it’s only frying clothes might have no sweet taste like this yummy yummy It’s so thick taste! It’s creepy in appearance
the best taste, Octolasmia neptuni
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