Essential oils for Candida!

– Hey what’s up guys. Dr. Jeff here and I’m back. I’m back. Had about a week long recovery
from this last procedure. It felt like my heart was
pan seared like a scallop. You could feel every heart beat. Every heart beat felt like
a knife goin into my chest. It was rough. It was rough. The first like three or
four days was the most pain I’ve ever been in by
far in my entire life. But we’re back. Wanted to share this video with you because this is a very common problem that so many people suffer from, and that’s candida overgrowth or candida problems with your body. So before we go into the solution, I want to talk about some of the most common symptoms of candida and the common warning signs that you possibly have candida in your gut, in your mouth, somewhere in your body. Number one, mood disorders. If you find yourself easily
agitated that’s a warning sign. If you suffer from any
type of intestinal distress like bloaty, gassy, constipation; anything going on with your gut you likely have candida overgrowth. Any type of diabetes,
because of high sugar level. Sugar feeds candida. So if you’re suffer from
diabetes or you have it then you likely have candida and this solution is going to
be great for you to use daily. Brain fog. If you’re feeling like you
can’t pull it together, get your thoughts out in
a clear concise manner then you might have candida. If you suffer from UTI’s or
recurring vaginal infections then this is a big warning sign. Chronic sinus infections is
a warning sign of candida. If you have undergone chemo therapy or know somebody that has, this really shuts down your immune system and is a breeding ground for
candida to absolutely thrive. And lastly what I want to
mention as a warning sign is hormonal imbalances. Candida can cause your
hormones to get out of whack because of how devastating candida can be to our immune system and just the innate function of our body. So if you can check off one, or even two or three possibly, then you for sure want
to follow a protocol that I’m gonna give you here in a minute. But I want to mention some outside factors that can cause candida overgrowth. So if you’ve done any of these things in the past month or two then for sure start following this protocol
to clean up your body, to clean up your blood stream, your mouth, and your gut. If you’ve been on corticosteroid, so like an anti-inflammatory medication and the most common
would be for like asthma. You know Albuterol, if people use Albuterol inhalers then the likelihood they have
candida is very very high. If you’ve been on any kind
of broad spectrum antibiotic, antibiotics kill not only
the bad bacteria sometimes but they also destroy all
the good bacteria in our gut which again leads to this
candida fungus to overgrow. So if you’re a woman who
is on birth control pills then this can lead to a cascade of events that can cause an overgrowth
of candida in your body. So those are just some
outside factors to look at. So lets get into the solution. A really simple solution. Its just two essential oils. Simple solution to support your body, to help your immune system to kill off this candida overgrowth, the two oils are, lemon eucalyptus and Siberian fur. We’ll talk about Siberian fur first. And I love Siberian fur because you can actually ingest this oil, you can drop it directly in your mouth and its gonna help with any
type of thrush or oral candida that you might be suffering with. And also, its a great way
to get these molecules and healing compounds into your stomach and into your gut where they can act on helping to dissolve the biofilm of this fungus called candida. And then secondly is lemon eucalyptus. Lemon eucalyptus is a newer oil for us. And this is an oil that cannot be ingested but you can use it topically. So the combination of the two. Ingesting Siberian fur. Three drops. It tastes like you’re chewing on a pine needle but it’s okay. Actually it’s very refreshing in a way. Three drops of Siberian fur in your mouth and also three drops of lemon
eucalyptus on your stomach so that those molecules
go into your blood stream, they go systemic within about five minutes meaning they are in every cell in our body within five minutes. The combination of these two strategies is gonna be a great way to help ward off the candida in your body. Now if you for sure know
that you’re suffering or that you have candida
then your gonna want to use this protocol three times a day, until you start feeling much much better. So the symptoms that I
read off in the beginning that those start to go away and you start to feel more clear, you start to feel healthier digestion. And then you can back it off to once a day or once every couple days. But if you just want to
support your immune system, support your body, your like “Man I don’t wanna get candida.” Then this is a good
solution to help support the healing of your body. Just use Siberian fur, three drops in your mouth one time a day or once every other day. And lemon eucalyptus, once a day or once every other day. Three drops with your
carrier oil on your stomach. So that’s the solution you guys. It’s simple as that. A great strategy for combating
candida in your body. We love you guys. If you found value in this video at all please go ahead share it, like it, comment if you have any
questions about this protocol, and we love you guys and we’ll see you on the next video. Oh, one thing I forgot to mention. If you’re new to My Oil Lab, go to There we have a gift for you. Its a free protocol guide. Just a one page top 20 protocols for each organ system in our body. You just go to, scroll down a bit, add your email and then you’re able to
download that immediately. We also have our other resources that are master classes at and also our master guide which is very effective
at transforming your life through the application
of these protocols. How to use them, why they
work, the science behind it. So check out that as well. And that’s it. Hope you enjoyed the video. We’ll see ya next time.

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