Essential Supplements for PCOS

Hi, did you know that PCOS is one of the
leading causes of infertility and it can’t be cured? However it can be
managed so today we’re going to talk about three essential supplements that I
use with my patients that will help get really good results if you’re trying to
manage your PCOS and get pregnant! Welcome to Tea with The Fertility
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we’re going to talk about some three essential supplements that I find really
helpful last week we talked about food so if you didn’t catch that video you
might want to go back in and see that how because because foods really
important and helping you not only manage your health and your symptoms are
also helping you get pregnant so we’re going to talk to you about that today
specifically one of my favorite supplements for a women with PCOS is
myo-inositol Indy Cairo inositol so the trick with this supplement is they need
to be combined out of 40 to one ratio so like what does that mean you need to
have more myo-inositol / d Cairo so if you’re doing the research and it’s
confusing they both work but specifically the myo-inositol is most
important for PCOS because what happens is your ovaries have some imbalances
that it doesn’t allow your body to absorb the myo-inositol and in ours in
our normal cells we have this normal ratio so it’s a 40 to 1 ratio and in our
free gift we mention the brands that we like for that so it helps you with your
research but what does myo-inositol do it’s so
great because it helps regulate your menstrual cycle so most women with PCOS
have slightly long cycles or sometimes really long cycles so it acts as like
almost like a metformin but without the side-effects of metformin and it helps
balance your insulin levels so that your periods can become more regular okay it
also helps in balance your insulin levels so that as you know with if you
have PCOS you can be insulin resistant so because it manages it helps keep your
insulin your insulin healthy so that you can actually get the sugar into your
cells so that you have more energy it’s going to help with that so because it
does that it also helps with inflammation and when women who have
PCOS if you have PCOS you’re going to be more inflamed in general so this we’re
going to go actually most of the supplements I’m talking about today
really address a lot of good inflammation thankfully Haley type with
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about the essential supplements of PCOS so the other thing it does believe it or
not is it lowers cholesterol so because PCOS you have more of a chance of being
out of risk of heart disease so you want to make sure that you’re of course
eating healthy but this will help balance that as well the other
supplement that I Oh insulin I want to talk to you about this this is why I
make notes I love notes the only thing that insulin does is not only does it
cause inflammation and it causes hormone imbalance but when your insulin
resistance you have you’re hungry all the time so when you take this
supplement it helps balance your insulin levels out so you’re not as hungry as
well and then it decreases inflammation the other thing that myo-inositol does
specifically is for hi Brandi good to see you um the other thing myo-inositol
does is it helps with in quality so we definitely always want to be focusing on
in quality that helps getting pregnant having a healthy baby
my other favorite supplement specifically for PCOS is an
acetylcysteine or n/a C and this is the we call it the precursor to glutathione
so n acetylcysteine converts into glutathione on it and what that is is
it’s your main detoxifier and your most powerful antioxidant in your body
so because PCOS has a more inflamed condition and because you know your body
isn’t detoxifying you store estrogen more this is really helpful in helping
your body a bit unnatural detoxifying process and because it’s a he because
it’s a antioxidant it’s going to protect your eggs and help keep them healthy so
it’s really important for equality as well to protect your ovaries it also
does improve your menstrual cycle Hines Ahava it also does improve your
menstrual cycle so it helps regulate your menstrual cycle as well so those
are two of my favorite now the third one and the three of them work together I’ll
share with you in a little bit is coenzyme q10 so Cleanse and q10 we use a
lot for a quality but we’re talking mostly about PCOS because it’s PCOS
Awareness Month so itself it definitely gonna help with equality and you know
you definitely when you have PCOS you need as much support for your body as
possible to Co Q 10 not only helps your ovaries function better it helps the
energy of all your cells in your body it also helps lower cholesterol and it
protects your body from cell damage but with the main thing about coenzyme q10
is that it um it increases ATP so I don’t know if you remember this from
biology class but that ATP is the energy of your cells so you need to have a lot
of energy in your cells in order to make an egg in order to produce the tomatoes
so have a good ovulation and then in order to have an embryo and then the M
development you can see there’s a long cascade of things that need to happen so
you want to make sure that your hi Lisa you want to make sure that your body is
as healthy as possible in optimal health so these are my three favorite
supplements so again you can type the word essential in the comments below and
we’ll send you our list because some of these are big words and will be really
helpful for you as you’re trying to get them and you know we’d love to help you
if you guys have any questions please feel free to comment or you can also set
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more please make sure to share our video so we can help more people with PCOS and
help them get pregnant and having healthy babies so I just want to recap
for you we talked about myo-inositol and D Kairo because that’s gonna really help
regulate your menstrual cycle by balancing insulin levels insulin is
really important and keeping managed so that you can get the right energy into
your cells and also help decrease inflammation because inflammation is not
your friend for health or especially when you’re trying to get pregnant it’s
gonna damage those ovaries the eggs anyways NSEL cysteine is the other
supplement that we like you to take and again that’s a huge antioxidant it’s the
precursor to glutathione and so the major antioxidant helps your body
detoxify so you can get rid of excess estrogens and other toxins in your body
that can cause a tea on it take damage and other hormonal imbalances because
the toxins are attaching to the estrogens so NSEL cysteine is a really
good one and then the other one is coenzyme q10 which is again another not
only is it another antioxidant but it’s also a helps increase energy in all of
your cells so you’ll feel definitely feel the benefit of that so please be
sure to share our video give us a thumbs up if you like this video hopefully you
found it helpful and we’ll see you next week we’re going to be talking about
we think next week we’re talking about the toxins and how that affects your
fertility so I’m excited about that because that’s my new favorite subject
all right you guys make it a great week here’s to your fertility and we’ll see
you soon bye

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