Fay’s Favourite’s – Worst Client Ever – Modern Almond Acrylic Sculpting Tutorial

Kirsty: Hi, everybody! I’m Kirsty Meakin from Naio Nails. In this video, we have the fabulous Fay, wish me luck. And we are doing Fay’s favourites, which means we’re gonna do Fay favourite set that she’s ever had, which is what, two years old, nearly? Fay: Yeah, two years.
Kirsty: Yeah, two years. So, she just.. Adam: Why was it your favourite set? Fay: Um, colour.
Kirsty: Yeah. Fay: Because they’re quite dark and quite intense, aren’t they? They’re not like pale and subtle colours. Kirsty: Yeah.
Fay: So yeah, we just got *! Kirsty: The Moody nails.
Fay: Yes, they’re moody nails. Kirsty: You see that?
Adam: Oh well, they suit you then. Fay: Perfectly. Kirsty: But we’re changing them up a little bit, modernize them a little bit.
Fay: Yeah. Kirsty: Yeah!
Fay: And Kirsty’s gonna see if she can improve them a little bit. Kirsty: Yeah, I’m gonna see if we can improve them by changing up. We’re still gonna work with the colour theme and a lot of the techniques that go on to create the design, Kirsty: …but we’re gonna add
Fay: How many colours have I picked? Kirsty: Well, she’s been quite good today because let’s have a look at The colour palette is this. Adam: That’s very non-Fay-like. Kirsty: I know.
Adam: Oh, that’s just the acrylics, though. Kirsty: Well, I don’t think we are adding anymore glitter.
Fay: That’s it. Adam: What? No glitter?
Kirsty: That is it. Fay: Or maybe because Carnival in Venice is literally like… Kirsty: Full on glitter.
Fay: Full on glitter. Adam: What did you do to this girl last night?
Fay: I know. We had a sleep over. Kirsty: Yeah, Fay stayed at mine last night, we didn’t go to bed till after two o’clock in the morning.
Fay: No. Adam: Did you have some kind of like hypnotic something on her when she was asleep Adam: …that said, “don’t pick loads of glitters.”
Fay:You were putting that thing on Adam: “Don’t pick loads of glitters.”
Fay: * that thing on… Kirsty:
Fay: …and I was like, don’t like it * Kirsty: I said, “I want you to listen to Bob Ross.” Kirsty: I said, “Because do you know what? Put it on, Cassidy fell asleep like that.”
Adam: Mmm! Kirsty: And I said it’s got a such a soothing voice.
Fay: * Kirsty: Soothing voice, she might actually go to sleep and not ate me up chitter-chattering. Kirsty: I put it on, she was like, “no, don’t like it. Don’t like it.” I was like, “what, Bob Ross?”
Adam: She was * Fay: I know.
Kirsty: I know. Adam: I was like, I’m in bed
Fay: I know! Sorry, Ad. Kirsty: So anyway, we had a sleep-overs *
Fay: Adam was like. “Go to bed. Get to sleep.” Kirsty: I said he’s gonna tell you to go to bed in a minute.
Fay: You did. Kirsty: And she went, “oh yeah, he’s telling me go to bed.”
Fay: Yeah! Kirsty: Today, we’re gonna do these.
Fay: She’s got a plan. Kirsty: Yeah, *
Fay: She’s done some sketching, we’ve got the colours. Kirsty: Mm-hmm.
Fay: She’s got a makeup on, she looks glamorous. Fay: She’s got clothes on, jewelry, hair done. Adam’s here, film crew. Lights, camera, ! Kirsty: We soaked off Fay last night, so she have no nails on. Fay: Made the nails for…
Kirsty: It’s nice to have a naked nail. Fay: Awful.
Kirsty: But it’s nice to have your nails naked and then I can just… Fay: Today. Kirsty: Yeah!
Adam: Rather than have to soak them off. Kirsty: Oh my God! Fay: Especially as we’re up against the time… Kirsty: I’m sure that Adam’s gonna put…
Fay: … as Kirsty’s got football. Kirsty: I’m sure that Adam is going to put…we’re gonna use that one Adam’s gonna put you a picture up on the screen somewhere of the previous nails that we’re talking about Kirsty: …because I hope you think…
Adam: I’ve already done it. Kirsty: Have you done that already? Adam: yeah
Kirsty: Alright, okay. That’s fine. Fay: Oh, Adam, you’re so good.
Kirsty: So good. Fay: So good. Kirsty: I don’t…
Adam: In fact, I haven’t even done that already, somebody else has done it already. Adam: Jay or Emma have done it already.
Kirsty: Oh my God! Jay and Emma are amazing. Adam: And you know, I don’t even have to touch things.
Fay: He’s just so good. Kirsty: We’re going to do a different shape. Fay: Yes! That’s so exciting! Kirsty: That’s exciting.
Fay: I’ve not had new shape for a while. Kirsty: And this is a shape we have not even filmed.
Fay: Yeah. Adam: Christmas Tree shape. Kirsty: Yeah.
Fay: Yeah! Kirsty: No! Fay: Can you have raining Christmas trees there? Adam: We don’t have a Christmas Tree shape like…
Fay: Absolutely not. We have leaf shape. Fay: * Fay: Not tree shape.
Kirsty: No, you’re not. You’re not * Fay: I want raining Christmas trees there, okay. Fay: You know how we did the *?
Kirsty: Hmm! Fay: And we’re all… Kirsty: The bee attacking us
Fay: Oh dear! Kirsty: I think you’re gonna have to shove the chair that way because you’re gonna want to… Fay: You’re very demanding. What do you need to do?
Kirsty: Says you. Kirsty: That’s it.
Fay: There? Kirsty: Yeah.
Fay:I can’t get no further otherwise i’ll be on the… Kirsty: Right! So, we’re going to do a modern almond. Oh my God! I have seen Krisztina Ujvari this nail. Kirsty: I love Krisztina Ujvari. She’s one of my good friends.
Fay: Shoutout to Krisztian Ujvari. Kirsty: She is an amazing nail tech, and I love this shape and I’m like, I need to be doing this shape. It’s just so nice. So, we’re gonna have a go. First time I’ve ever done it, first time we’ve ever filmed it, Kirsty: …first time you’ve ever had the shape.
Fay: I’m not okay about being a guinea pig. This is not okay. Fay: Kristina, I’m not okay about being a guinea pig. Kirsty: Sorry! Fay: this morning, Kirsty text Krisztina, Krisztina text back like that. I was like, why do you text back like that, hun? Why don’t you take a leaf out of Kristina’s book? Kirsty: And I wonder what time of day it was.
Fay: Yeah, I wonder what time it was. Adam: Where’s she at?
Fay: Hungary. Kirsty: She’s Hungarian
Adam: 2 hours. 2 hours ahead. Kirsty: I think…oh, ahead.
Fay: Oh, ahead. Kirsty: See! That’s why. Kirsty: Because it was like just before 8 o’clock here when we sent her a text. Fay: Me and Kirsty up at the crack of sparrows. She was like, let me have… we were watching Good Morning Britain and literally was like, “let me have ten more minutes.” So, next to me, she’s head down on the pillow, right. I thought, oh, she’s gone here. She’s very still and very quiet. Anyway, I was clearing me throat. Making as much noise as possible. Kirsty: Yeah!
Fay: I was up, I was down. Fay: I was in the bathroom. I was spraying dry shampoo
Kirsty: dry shampoo. Fay: You name it, it was all going on. I looked out the window, how icy was it Fay: I feel like you’re really pissing around with that.
Kirsty: Well, it’s got to be spot on, ain’t it? Fay: Yeah, *
Adam: Just a quick question while you two are just blabbering on here. Adam: So, what you’re doing right at this moment in time, the shape relies on the form placement?
Kirsty: Totally. Adam: Okay!
Kirsty: And I was happy with that one, so we’re doing it again. Adam: So, do you wanna explain a bit about what you’re doing?
Kirsty: Yeah, I want to get it on Kirsty: …and then you can see as I explain.
Adam: Okay. Kirsty: That was my thinking.
Adam: Alright, okay. Fay: And on the Good Morning Britain, that’s that conversation.
Adam: What? Fay: Good Morning Britain this morning, so Kirsty was sleeping, right? It’s 9:07 because there’s this little time on the corner in the screen. It * literally… she was like, “just ten minutes.” I was like, right she’s having this. 9:17, right that’s it we’re getting up Adam: Hang on a second, even at 9:07 you were still in bed? Fay: No! Adam: What about taking Cass to school. Fay: Cassidy had been gone to school. Cassidy was long gone to school. She’d done two subjects. Kirsty: She was at school
Fay: She was on to her second lesson Adam: * gone back to bed. Kirsty: We lay in bed.
Fay: * call it English now, do they? Kirsty: English Literatiure
Fay: Oh! Kirsty: English Lit and Language Kirsty: What number we’re going to, Fay? Fay: Four. Kirsty: Yeah!
Fay: Four. Kirsty: Four. Thank you! For four foot snake, thank God. Right! As you can see, this form is flat at the back here and we are going to come… I need something straight to be sure. Straight out that side wall here. So, it’s kind of like a stiletto, how you would fit a stiletto because the form is dropping down slightly. I’m gonna come straight out and then as we sort of come to this three and a half, we’ll actually gonna have a little slope up, and this is what it looks like. It looks like it’s a stiletto and it’s got two sides that slope up like this. Kirsty: It’s a beautiful shape.
Fay: Beautiful. Kirsty: Beautiful. Fay: You better do this good otherwise, I’ll run off to go elsewhere.
Kirsty: Or else you have to go to Kristina. Fay: In Hungary. Kirsty: Alright! I’m gonna Medium-speed, I want a little bit of playtime but not overly too much. I want it to set up very well. If I wanted more playtime, I would use Max Adhesion. If wanted to do it quite quickly, then I would use high-speed. Fay: What are you using?
Kirsty: Medium speed. Fay: Middle for diddle.
Kirsty: Middle for diddle. Kirsty: Right! Dehydration of the nail with Nail Prep Dehydrator. Fay: Is that the professional way of doing it?
Kirsty: Yeah, not… Fay: Spitting on it Kirsty: And then I’m gonna use Ultra Bond Acid Primer on that natural nail. I need Crystal Clear. Right! Clear, make contact with the nail and then we’re gonna pat and press and slightly slide the product towards yourself. Keeping everything nice and thin. So, we’ve come to that number four. Then we’re gonna check the sides, are they nice and straight? Yes. Kristina Ovari does actually do this shape generally in gel. She is like the gel queen. Fay: So, are you doing that as a guide or is it got a purpose?
Kirsty: We’re doing it as it a guide. Kirsty: So, you can see from here, we have a little slope up.
Fay: Beautiful! Kirsty: See. So we’re gonna go Natural Beige. Might put a bit of Rock and Roll at the end as well actually. Fay: Just a bit of skank in that nail.
Kirsty: Where? Fay: There. Down. Can you see? Kirsty: It’s not skank, it’s your finger.
Fay: No, it isn’t. Kirsty: It’s multiplied, that is. Fay: It’s skank.
Kirsty: Oh, you’re doing my head in already. Fay: Can’t believe you say that to a client
Adam: She calling herself a skank. Kirsty: So, we’re gonna go Natural Beige at the cuticle area and on the natural nail. So, we’ll just colour because it camouflages the natural nail. Adam: And the skank. Kirsty: Yeah, and the skank.
Fay: Yeah, a bit of skank because she’s just put it there. Fay: God Kirsty: Do you want nice nails?
Fay: Yes! Kirsty: Towards the tip, right at the end * Rock and Roll. Blend that up. Fay: Oh, it’s glittery that it, is it? Beautiful!
Kirsty: It’s lovely, it’s got a nice shimmer to it. Fay: It looks like it’s got a bit of… has it got a bit of a haze of like Berrylicious in Kirsty: I think that’s the form underneath that you can see. Fay: No, I’m looking in the pot check, sorry. Kirsty: No, it just look like it in there… Fay: Don’t it?
Kirsty: Yeah! Fay: Beautiful that is. Kirsty: Then we’ve got Berrylicious. We’re gonna put that on and blend that up as well. Fay: What’s the level of difficulty with this shape of the nail? Kirsty: It is difficult, it’s not easy, but I think if you don’t push yourself and try new things, you’re never gonna get better. Fay: So, is this like, just in general, a relatively new shape of nail Fay: …or is it been around for like *
Kirsty: No, it’s new. It’s new. Fay: Almond I’d say almond, what would you say? Allmond? Adam: Armond. Fay: Armond?
Kirsty: I know, yeah. Kirsty: Armond *
Adam: Had this discussion lot of times. Kirsty: Armond.
Fay: What’s armond? Kirsty: I know.
Adam: It’s armond. Kirsty: It’s not even a word, is it? Fay: Since when did it have R in?
Kirsty: I know. Fay: Armond. Kirsty: Then we’ve got a little bit of…what’s this one called? Fay: Is it something Venice? Fay: Carnival in Venice.
Kirsty: Carnival in Venice. Fay: Carnival in Venice. It’s just beautiful. Kirsty: I love it. It’s just got so many different pieces of glitter in. Fay: Yeah, it’s beautiful. Absolutely beautiful! Kirsty: Put that there, just drag that down a little bit. Fay: Now, there is a Carnival in Rio, what’s the deference? Have they got different… Kirsty: Different colour. Kirsty: Oh, look at that.
Fay: Yeah, it’s beautiful. It’s absolutely beautiful. Fay: I’ve got to work out how to use this when I go to work tomorrow. Great. Kirsty: You’d be fine. You’re used to having long nails *
Fay: Nail shape end. Fay: Think it’ll make no difference?
Kirsty: I think you’d be absolutely fine, Fay. Kirsty: Then you’ll still be typing as fast as…
Fay: I did before? Kirsty: Yeah! Fay: Well, I’ve got two choices because the nails will be staying. Kirsty: Not sorry. I’m leaving work, I can’t work.
Fay: Yeah! Sorry, I can’t type. Fay: See you in the New Year.
Kirsty: Yeah! I’ll see you when I’ve had these changed. Kirsty: Because these are actually Fay’s Christmas nails because we’re filming this just before Christmas.
Fay: Yeah! Fay: In fact, it’s literally just before Christmas… Adam: It’s the 17th today, so it’s actually like eight days.
Fay: 17th! Oh my days! Kirsty: When did that happen? Fay: 8th. Kirsty: I still have Christmas *.
Fay: How can it be eight days? Oh, yeah eight days. Fay: I felt like you’d say a bigger word than eight. Kirsty: So, cap all that in Clear. Obviously, we want to build structure and protect the colour. We’re gonna let that set up a little bit. We’re gonna pinch that nail now. Adam: Really hard.
Fay: Yeah, it’s not very tight, that end. Adam: Was joking. Kirsty: We’re gonna crush it, still spongy. Alright! We’re gonna take this off the form. Fay: Oh, Kirsty!
Kirsty: Ooh! Fay: I want you to see my excited face. Adam: That looks like you’re straining for a poo.
Fay: No, it’s not my poo face. Fay: Oh, it’s beautiful! Kirsty: Right! We’re gonna give this a file. I am gonna go over with the e-file. If you make a mistake by over pinching, like, you pinch it and you’d over-pinched the products and the products is being disturbed, finish the pinching process, then add your Clear if you need to do that because if you stop and then start to add Clear and then you wanna pinch it, everything else will be set and that Clear won’t be. So, you will not get a uniform pinch. Fay: Okay! Fay: So, * of the way you’ve got it the done.
Kirsty: Oh God! Yeah, definitely. Adam: So, you’ve watched * learn a lot.
Fay: Oh, I’ve already seen some of your videos, Mr. Bouabda. Kirsty: I was showing Fay Tik-Tok as well…
Adam: Alright! Kirsty: …last night.
Adam: Should get yourself on TikTok, Fay. Kirsty: Alright! So, we’re gonna get these side walls nice and straight, and you can see we’ve already got a bit of a kick up there, to do this beautiful modern almond shape. Fay: That’s absolutely beautiful nail. Sorry, I’m really distracted by the beauty of that nail. Fay: Are you impressed with that because I love it?
Kirsty: It’s absolutely beautiful. Fay: Because that is absolutely stunning. Kirsty: So, I’m looking down the barrel still, I’m still sort of checking underneath, so I can see if I have too much thickness and if I need to file anywhere else. Nice and straight at the the sides. I mean like, this file is flat as these sides as I’m filing up. Fay: Is it important, there’s a reason behind why you do that as well, aren’t they? Kirsty: Yeah because it just makes it all very slim and it goes up like this.
Fay: So, it gives it the definition? Kirsty: Yeah, and… Fay: So did we! Fay: I hope so.
Kirsty: So did we, Siri. Fay: It’s quite frightening.
Kirsty: Imagine Siri randomly just come on, is it your watch Adam: yes
Fay: you haven’t hear the best the best. Fay: So, Nick’s in the kitchen last week, I’m fast asleep in bed, right?
Adam: Hmm! Fay: The home pod in the kitchen randomly comes on, playing music but dead loud and I can hear Nick going “Hey, Siri, turn it off!” Because he was thinking Fay’s fast asleep in bed and now heard the home pods just randomly just having an outburst. But it does it occasionally but Nick was deadly quiet Fay: …because obviously he wasn’t talking to anybody else at all.
Kirsty: Yeah. Kirsty: Why does it do that?
Fay: I thought so. Fay: He was talking to her.
Kirsty: Yeah, he was talking to her. Nobody was talking to Siri then. Fay: * beautiful. Miss looking at my nail last night Don’t even hold my hands in the same way as if I had no nails. I feel like I hold them in a certain way because I’m used to having such long nails on. Kirsty: I always feel like you, bump your fingers
Fay: Not used to clutching in it. Look at that. Fay: I’d never clutch me fist, do I?
Kirsty: And does it feel weird? Fay: Yeah! Adam: Try to punch somebody. Just to give it a go. Fay: Shall I have a go, Kirsty? * Adam
Kirsty: He’s there. Kirsty: Right! I’m gonna buff this now I’ve filed, just get it nice and smooth. Fay: No one is as excited as I am on nail day. No way! I’ve literally just under my breath, just * my lips, no sound, gone. Kirsty: *
Fay: I mean…absolutely. Kirsty: That is a beautiful nail.
Fay: That is a beautiful nail. Kirsty: It’s a beautiful nail. Fay: So, you need to *
Kirsty: Of course, they’re just so lovely. Fay: So, you need to *
Kirsty: Of course, they’re just so lovely. Kirsty: I know, *. Let’s just wipe over with Gel Residue Wipe-off Solution. Kirsty: I know, *. Let’s just wipe over with Gel Residue Wipe-off Solution. Fay: Oh my God! Fay: Oh my God! Kirsty: Damn girl, that is a sexy nail. Kirsty: Damn girl, that is a sexy nail. Fay: Oh my God, it’s beautiful! That is literally like life in the nail world. My face, I’m like… Fay: It’s beautiful, ain’t it?
Kirsty: That is sexy. Kirsty: That is so sexy.
Fay: So now, it appears a little bit more pointy at the end. Kirsty: When you look over the top, it’s…
Fay: It is softer. Kirsty: Yeah, can you see, it’s like an almond at the end?
Fay: So… Kirsty: But if you look at the top view here and then obviously, the side view, you’ve got a little… Fay: Yeah, that looks like you’ve got a really like prominent points but actually when you look at the top, Fay: …if you didn’t do that, you wouldn’t have that soft.
Kirsty: Hmm! Adam: Mm-hmm! Fay: Right! Get some top coat on. Exciting! Kirsty: So, I’m gonna use gel top coat because we’re going straight over the top of acrylic. This gel top coat is designed for sealing in your acrylic. It’s not for gel polish. Fay: I was just going to say, to me, that absolutely confuses the life out of me. Kirsty: Yeah, it’s not the gel polish, it’ll shatter in gel polish. It reflects. Fay: What do you mean shatter?
Kirsty: The gel polish has got a flex. This doesn’t flex, acrylic doesn’t flex. Kirsty: You know, so it’s… like together, they are like the prefect married couple. Fay: Wow! Kirsty: Pop that in the lamp. Just finishing off with a little bit of Cuticle Oil. That is a beautiful nail. So, that’s your modern almond nail. Kirsty: Love it.
Fay: Love it! Kirsty: So, we’re gonna continue this series of videos on Fay’s favourites, and we will complete this look. So, everything I’ve used today will be listed below, and I’ll see you in the next video. Please, keep watching for the full look. Bye! Kirsty: Right! Adam: Right!
Kirsty: Right so! Fay: Have you’ve seen the state of that badass nail? Kirsty: Beautiful!
Fay: * Fay: Do you know what you’re doing? Kirsty: Yeah, Fay: You’re gonna blag it?
Kirsty: Mm-hmm! Fay: No, have a plan. Go with your plan. Fay: You just get sketches
Kirsty: Shall I do this one nail in full? Adam: Mm-hmm!
Kirsty: Yeah! Fay: Are you going against the plan?
Kirsty: No! Fay: Honestly

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    ただ、私はEnglishが出来ません( ̄▽ ̄;)ガーン)

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    2- I was just rewatching the Jack Skellington video (I love rewatching your 3D art videos) and thought how much I would LOVE to see you do a set on Faye with more involved 3D art like that one or the Alice in Wonderland series! I know it would be a nightmare, but…oh my god…so worth it for those of us who love your skills and Faye's nails! ♡♡♡

  30. I have a hard time understanding what's happening in these videos but I like to watch once she finally gets started, who is the guy in the background? Why does she call Faye her worst client ever? I'm so confused.

  31. Lol about Bob Ross! Kirsty is my Bob Ross. I find the nail videos so soothing! Well, the ones that aren't as rowdy, anyway. 😂

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