Feces-born swimming pool parasite – the numbers are up

ACROSS THE OZARKS. THE DAVID OUR TOP STORY AT 5…. THE C-D-C IS WARNING ABOUT A PARASITE IN POOLS THAT COULD MAKE YOUR FAMILY SICK. GOOD EVENING. I’M DAVID OLIVER. HEATHER I’M HEATHER LEWIS. THANKS FOR JOINING US. THE PARASITE IS CALLED CRYPTO-SPOR-IDIUM AND COMES FROM FECES IN THE WATER. KOLR 10’S NYZAH MCDONALD SPOKE WITH LOCAL HEALTH OFFICIALS…. AND IS HERE TO EXPLAIN WHAT THEY SAY YOU SHOULD DO TO HELP PREVENT GETTING SICK. NYZAH? NYZAH DAVID AND HEATHER, HEALTH OFFICIALS SAY CHLORINE FILTERS AREN’T ENOUGH TO GET RID OF THE BACTERIA NICKNAMED “CRYPTO.” AND THE C-D-C REPORTS AN UPTICK OF CASES IN RECENT YEARS. Nyzah McDonald/Reporting: LOCAL HEALTH OFFICIALS ARE WARNING YOU OF WATER-BORNE ILLNESSES BEFORE HITTING THE POOLS AND LAKES. THEIR WARNING COMES AFTER A RECENT C-D-C REPORT SHOWS A FECAL PARASITE TRANSMITTED THROUGH SWIMMING POOLS, IS ON THE RISE. Kendra Findley/Administrator, Springfield-Greene County Health Department: “Cryptosporidium can survive up to seven days in swimming pools, even when the swimming pool has proper chlorine levels.” NICKNAMED “CRYPTO” – FINDLEY OF THE SPRINGFIELD-GREENE COUNTY HEALTH DEPARMENT SAYS THE PARASITE IS TRANSMITTED BY SWALLOWING CONTAMINATED WATER. Kendra Findley/Administrator, Springfield-Greene County Health Department: “If there are parasites in the water, you’re going to get that from getting water in your mouth.” FINDLEY SAYS TO AVOID VISITING A PUBLIC WATER SOURCE IF YOU’RE ILL AS THIS CAN INCREASE THE CHANCES OF SPREADING A BACTERIA OR PARASITE. Kendra Findley/Administrator, Springfield-Greene County Health Department: “If you have something like this parasite and it gets into the water source, other people aren’t going to know. And it can be in that water source and infect other people and it can be very difficult to get rid of once it’s in the pool.” JENNY EDWARDS OF THE SPRINGFIELD PARK BOARD SAYS STAFF MONITOR WATER LEVELS MULTIPLE TIMES A DAY. Jenny Fillmer Edwards/Public Adminstration Officer: “In the event that something’s gotten into the pool that shouldn’t be in there, we will evaluate based on a chart that the lifeguards keep.” EDWARDS SAYS THE EVALUATION DETERMINES THE STAFF’S RESPONSE. Jenny Fillmer Edwards/Public Adminstration Officer: “Anywhere from just removing the substance from the pool and checking where the chlorine was where it needed to be at the time of the incident. If it is up to a type seven level incident, we would need to close the pool that’s when we would go into the hyperchlorination.” NYZAH IN ADDITON TO PUBLIC POOLS, THE HEALTH DEPARTMENT SAYS CRYPTO CAN ALSO BE PRESENT IN LAKES AND STREAMS. WHICH IS WHY FINDLEY SAYS IT’S IMPORANT NOT TO SWALLOW WATER WHILE OUT SWIMMING AND COOLING OFF FROM THE HEAT. AND HERE’S A FACT MOST PEOPLE DON’T KNOW – THE CDC SAYS ANYONE SUFFERING FROM DIARRHEA SHOULD AVOID SWIMMING IN A POOL

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