Fibromyalgia Solutions and Antibiotics

Hey folks, Dr. McCarthy here again and
today we’re going to talk a little bit more about fibromyalgia. Today we’re
going to talk about the effect that antibiotic use has on people’s chronic
health problems. We see many, many folks who come in here dealing with a chronic
health problem, like fibromyalgia, who have over the years taken countless
rounds of antibiotics for all kinds of different supposed bacterial infections.
Many times it’s a viral infection and an antibiotic has no effect whatsoever.
However, when you take these antibiotics over and over and over it’s got a really
bad impact on gut function. There are supposed to be billions of good bacteria
living inside your gut and antibiotics wipe them out. You’re supposed to follow
a round of antibiotics with a few months worth of a probiotic and that’s probably
information that’s not readily given to you by the traditional health care
provider. One of the big issues that we see, a real close combination connection
between the two, is a specific type of antibiotic called fluoroquinolones and
these are some of the most commonly used prescription antibiotics here in the
country. Things like cipro is very common and levaquin-these antibiotics
have a really bad effect on what’s called your mitochondria. The
mitochondria are in all the cells of your body and each cell has a
mitochondria in order to produce ATP or in order to produce energy. So if you’re
taking these fluoroquinolones and it’s beating up your mitochondria
and you’re not able to produce energy, do you think that could have an overall
impact on the way you feel? I’ve never seen anyone come into my office, who has
been previously diagnosed with fibromyalgia, who says “man I have all the
energy in the world.” Everybody who comes in here with that diagnosis says “I’m
just wiped out, you know, I just want to take a nap in the middle of the
afternoon.” Your sleep cycles are all messed up. “I just don’t have energy. I
don’t have get up and go and there’s no motivation” and this can be due to
long-term or repeated episodes of antibiotic use, especially
fluoroquinolones. There’s a category called fluoroquinolone toxicity
and, if you look at some of these folks, their symptoms are very similar to folks
who are diagnosed with fibromyalgia. So fibromyalgia might actually be, in
some folks’ instance, a fluoroquinolone toxicity. So if you’ve never heard this
information before and you would like some more information on this; give us a
call here at the office. Feel free to call us. We’ve got an upcoming workshop and
you can contact our office at any time to reserve a seat to come to the workshop.
Hopefully this information is valuable to you. Like it, share it, send it to your
loved ones, and have them give us a call. Thank you.

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