First Day Of Preschool For Huxley

geez so why wasn’t I invited to tacos do
you need goodbye no teeth yet no Cove is actually not gonna be attending
gymnastics today because oh so today I wanted to do something a little
different and yes I’m crying I just watched
Angela’s video (This Gathered Nest) where she showed all of her kids her new baby that she just
adopted and I am crying so I want to know what your mom tips are the girls
are doing homework right now it’s morning we should be doing home school
but they have gymnastics and it lasts until like we have to start a new
gymnastics so we’re gonna be there until 9:00 it’s just a really long day and
it’s two days a week of gymnastics on those days I can never find time to get
their homework done what do you do on those days that’s like I feel like
that’s really really tricky where they’re doing their activities but they
still have to get their work done before school what do you think you love
gymnastics don’t you what are you gonna do special tomorrow have a sleepover
with Grandma and Grandpa Nona and Paul and what are you gonna do with them no
Jacob favorite thing to do in the entire world is to watch these scariest movie
ever all right before my workout I’m gonna do
some UCAS and I’m gonna go ahead and stir this bad
boy up this one actually tastes amazing there’s a supplement please close to our
house I was like what actually tastes good and he showed me
and he was 100% right this literally tastes like blue kool-aid and brings me
back to my good old days I’m still drink kool-aid blue kool-aid every single day
like literally it’s too good to be true it’s so delicious BCA’s are in and it’s
time for a killer workout so what I’ve been doing lately I’m gonna get see that
I do a seven incline and a four speed and this puts me at length it’s almost
like I’m walking really fast like a healthy jog uphill for ten minutes
straight and usually when I run or I want I don’t sweat very often but when I
have such a good incline I am sweating not dripping in sweat it’s nothing crazy
but it’s a good workout for me and then sometimes I’ll have to lower it just a
little bit a couple times through the walk cuz ten minutes is a good bit of
time for school there you go you got a rock and roll hold on hold on
aren’t you ready he’s off to the races any smiles hold it hook like this cheese
you ready all right let’s go so for the last four months Huxley has
actually been an in-home therapy which has been one-on-one ABA therapy with a
specific therapist that is working with him on his needs and has allowed him to
excel tenfold over the last four months which has been absolutely amazing to see
but one thing that they’ve recommended that after those first four months is to
get him into an actual preschool with other children and what happens is is
now that he’s going to preschool they’re gonna be going with him one-on-one in
the classroom which is gonna be awesome so getting ready to drop Huxley out for
his first day of school I’m excited I know the therapists are excited to see
how he does because in his first preschool he went to just because of the
classroom size he did well but there was so many kids and they didn’t understand
how to meet his needs they didn’t understand his signs and everything else
that it was fustrated form so there’s a lot of outburst and a lot of struggles
that he went through himself so for this they’re gonna have his aide with him
that’s been working with him for the last four months that understand him to
the tee and they’re gonna be able to help him work through the day in all the
different activities and transitions that he sometimes struggles with so this
is gonna be awesome for him I think are you excited to go play yeah you can go
play friends yeah it’s gonna be awesome dude I’m excited for you oh yeah oh yeah
today is Huxley’s first day of school I’m really excited to see how he’s doing
onyx is sleeping from the Starbucks rod Oh who’s here today behind I was a
guitar maker let’s get back how was it did you have fun a little tired
okay there you go so we had a huge parent failed this morning we wanted to
give hugs Leah’s supermanned backpack for preschool and we couldn’t find it so
he borrowed koba’s candy one so hopefully he didn’t mind but we found it
so tomorrow he can have the right stuff and then I got a little package from
Tula let’s see what it is hey I’m talking to my girlfriend
Bree Bree can you say hi to the vlog okay yeah you’re just a hair right now hey hey oh you’ll get it figured out I’m
gonna leave Brie’s channel down below so you guys can check her out but anyways
what are you up to so why wasn’t I invited to tacos do you want to drive
home for taco you’re welcome I mean I would love to if my husband
will let me I would I seriously would if today wasn’t the biggest drowning day of
my life I would be there in five seconds why can’t you just live an hour away why
do you have to live an hour and fifty minutes away
I was science in history energy today and it’s so funny what books like they
called it waiting and like moving energy I’m like no that’s just like static and
kinetic energy let’s just call it what it is like so they were trying to
simplify it for kids they do but like I don’t know for me it’s hard when I teach
any science or even history it’s just like they try to dumb it down and then
the kids have to relearn and I’d rather just realize yes I rap but it look like
he was like responding video to you are you the balls kinetic energy yes you are
that was your diaper static energy in there this is onix’s favorite person we talked
to same language she’s got a baby dude in a baby routine she’s got her camera
set up in the chair so the girls were talking about doing a kid’s channel and
right now YouTube’s going through something funny with like kids and like
kid audiences let’s just put it on hold and figure it out
did you put water in your hair what’s happening what’s happening over here
let’s let me let’s try something different it looks really nice it looks
like you really tried but let’s do a brush real quick and just put it all up
in a nice pony okay we are only allowed to go to gymnastics if we can clean that
up all of this like this look at me hangers when we’re trying to clean we
don’t shove it all into our dollhouse clean that up please okay yes mama
I may have got crazy bit this stuff let’s see what the bathroom looks like
let’s see gotta make sure we keep this place tidy
this looks a little messy let’s clean this up too a couple weeks ago I cleaned
the browser in Fargo and I got it really really nice and you put everything right
belong so I want to try to salvage mommy’s hard to work that’s what I’m
hoping for to be honest with you but one of the big things we’re gonna do to the
house and it’s coming up is we are going to literally do a little makeover to
James’s office and turn it into like kind of like a guy like lounge he’s
always wanted that since I’ve been married to him to have like this leather
chairs in the corner and like just like a sit down recharge and a place for him
to get his work done yeah so if there’s nothing in there so there’s nothing
really for me to show but if you have any ideas or inspiration or something
that you might think would work really good in like a man office let me know
tag me on or show me on Instagram since we can’t do pictures or anything here
but let me know on Instagram I need some inspiration this is the space and there
is nothing to show yet but I’m really I’m hopeful that it can turn into
really cool for him because I did me and the kids really do have most the house I
will say one thing though Christopher James Christopher I will say
you have to admit that me and you both have very modern clean simple decor
styles and I do copy that quite a bit do you agree so this is a new picture I
think I showed you guys this in the last vlog but if you didn’t see the last vlog
we picked out this picture together an interior decorator was doing like a
sidewalk sale and I’m obsessed with this picture but we both saw it pretty much
simultaneously when we were looking through like what they were gonna sell
and instantly were both like we need that so it was kind of cool because I
think we’re more alike than we’re different baby toes baby toes for the
day guys the cutest thing in the world are hey so I got this play mat on Amazon
he loves to see the black and white since babies see in black and white so
since I got this one he initially had minimo one he has been so much happier
you just sits there and looks at these random situations and he lives in the
coolest part is he’ll just like kick this little pole and when he kicks it he
makes all of them shake by himself kick kick now so nice thank you hey can
you go upstairs and brush your teeth let me see go brush your teeth okay go
brush em goodbye job Alex do you need apparently do you need advice no teeth
yet no TV oh just a white baby thrush tongue did the reader white good girl TTT TTT do let me see those
teeth that means he do his teeth first we’re having a mini moment as to what do
we do artist dreaming the kids have gymnastics
in 20 minutes Huxley of therapy in 30 minutes the milk
is being sawed and homeboy balloons in it hey why did you turn off they can
still hear me if they can do it I only have Jake and Radley with me Cove is
actually not gonna be attending gymnastics today because she didn’t get
her homework done and for our kids for homeschool what we try to do is we give
them a packet of sheets of stuff that they learn from that day they have to
continue working on to master and we do that because we want to instill an end
the ability to you know study on their own complete their work complete their
task and we try to do that early on so that way they can get better at as they
get older but Jake also was gonna point out what did she also have Jake Oh was
it a B+ or a c-minus good job at least come we’ve got a good grade on her test
right well she got a B or did she get a D she did I think so sadly we had to
tell her that she’s not able to do gymnastics today and we don’t like to do
it like I hate I hate that she can’t go today but it’s one of those things that
we’re trying to make her understand that like if you don’t get your stuff done
there’s consequences you know it’s one of those things that you have to learn
as an adult as a kid that your actions have consequences yeah I think worked
out for me have taught me a good work ethic taught me to get my stuff done to
focus right Jay you get your work done then you can go
play right I used to play ice hockey you know that oh the ice hockey boy Peter Pan you’re right I took do now
that it’s 87 degrees I could probably take off my sweatshirt but I wanted to
tell you this before I head to the juice place Huxley is in therapy and as the
therapist was coming up mind you this is one of Huxley’s absolute favorite
therapists he has four of them and he kept going in the corner and going he
goes because he doesn’t want to do it and when I I was like we have to do our
work like and just gave me this saddest look ever and it’s so hard for me
because this therapy is paying off so much like the leaps and bounds and the
gains that Huxley is making is nothing shy of a miracle if you saw his brain
scan and like if you remember what he liked how his processing worked when we
brought him home this is nothing shy of a miracle but now that he’s starting to
make these big gains whenever he has requests I just want to give him
everything that he wants if you want food if you want to go swing or if you
want music you want to dance whatever you’re signing I want to give it to you
and it’s so hard today because it’s such a conflict of interest like I want to
give I want to say no but at the same time this is helping you so much
so rather technically doesn’t have class today oh I love mr. cricket did you go
along for a ride no sadly technically doesn’t have class
today but I’m hoping that we can try to squeeze him in one since Cove is missing
hers maybe he can like take her makeup because otherwise he’s gonna have to sit
with me for like two hours I shut the door and this rock and roll and see if
we get you in a class buddy good job alright which one did you want
to pick oh come on let’s try it again so you want to get the cookies or fish I
see it’s actually funny he’s obsessed with vending machines right now what do
you like any other change so much what’s your favorite part like anywhere we go
those of any machine he like felines for he thinks is money every time don’t you
yeah where do you put your wallet friend put your wallet sometimes open keeps
them in a safe spot if you don’t goes it around his necklace which is cool he’s
got a routine don’t you let’s go to watch Jacob okay they were a little
squeeze some images dig Elise how was your class how was yours Roca man good
good good they got bubbles apart her pillow distracted but it was nice that
Radley got to jump in a class and he got to get his wiggles out but it’s now time
to head home I’m starving yes it was dinnertime in that vlog but
sadly I I didn’t vlog anymore the rest that night guys I apologize we didn’t
get it close it unofficially on that video but I didn’t want to say thank you
guys for watching today’s video make sure you subscribe to for not already
and thank you for being part of the stalker family and if you guys want to
leave a comment go and do so on our IG it’s a picture of Huxley from his first
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love you guys and we’ll see you guys in the next vlog they bionics say bye bye

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