30 Replies to “Five Japanese Whitening Supplements”

  1. Wow! You made a video of my suggestion! Thank you so much WONECT team! I have learned a lot from this video. This will definitely help me and the others who want a brighter and healthier looking skin. πŸ˜πŸ‘

  2. thank you for the reply 😊 I hope you make more videos I will going to try the transino white C..thank you

  3. Hi,
    Thank you for the great efforts that you are doing I really appreciate this πŸ™‚
    Recently I had acne and it kept dark marks on my face.. I went to hospital for 2 times I got a medicine ( tablets + cream) .. I requested the dermatologist to give me a cream for the marks but he didn't so I though maybe this is an esthetic issue and hospitals don't offer this option with insurance..
    actually I'm a foreign woman who's living in Japan and still I have troubles of language.. for this I kindly request you to help me finding a product that can remove my acne dark spots
    Thank you so much
    Have a nice day 😊🌹

  4. Hi ! Thanks for the video, it's really helpful ! Do you think I could use the transino white c with another collagen supplement, like the amino collagen from Meiji ? Would it be safe ?

  5. I'm a light skin person but my skin are quite tan I wonder how long does it take to remove the tan with whitening supplements?

  6. I just found this video about Transino II. thank you for the great information about these supplements. How long can a person be on Transino II ? thank you in advance.

  7. I have been using transino white c for 1 month and It brings a very good results to my skin. Should I keep using it and if yes, how?

  8. Can you help me to find a whitening supplements for men. And whitening soap also.. im a フィγƒͺピン人 living here in japan for almost 6 months.

  9. Anyone here try hakubi? I try it near finish one bottle but now suddenly I have pimple not sure because of that or my new foundation

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