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  1. HDL cholesterol isn’t “good”. It’s benign. And dietary cholesterol doesn’t affect serum cholesterol in most people. Very outdated info.

  2. Thanks for the vid, but I got a question… all studies are funded by some entity, correct? So how is there not ALWAYS a conflict of interest…?

  3. Love how they try to justify their greed 😂 it’s so sad at the same time. If they would lay off the dairy as well as meat, their mind would be clearer to see how ridiculous they sound.

  4. What did Dr. Gregor mean about having one spoon full of spinach is like having 9 eggs?
    What does that mean? Spinach is a good so I don’t get that phrase.. @nutritionFacts.org

  5. High cholesterol is not a marker for disease, that is a lie. High insulin and obesity from fatty organs (abdominal fat) is THE marker for heart disease, diabetes, high BP, and cancer. I eat 6 eggs a day, I have high cholesterol, but low glucose and just had my heart scanned and scored a 1 on the calcium score and my carotid arteries have zero restrictions. I’m 50 years old and eat cheese, bacon, sausage, steak, spinach, broccoli, cauliflower, and hamburgers without the bun. I gave up soda 25 years ago, perhaps the best decision for my health I have ever made. It’s the sugar and processed carbs that are killing people. Fructose is a poison and should be banned. I’ve done the research, read enough books, including How Not to Die and How Not to Diet. I don’t believe a strict vegan or carnivore diet is healthy. I believe a balanced diet is healthy combined with regular fasting. I have less cholesterol in my arteries than Pritikin did when he passed away at 62. Just get on top of the insulin and ride the wave of health.

  6. she has no conflict of interest since she is only interested in getting paid. Most doctors fall into that category as well.

  7. Come ON, Maria L. Fernandez…taking money from the egg board and then citing 'no conflicts of interest'; skewing the data… SHAME ON YOU!

  8. The Real Truth About Health conference starts today, with Brenda Davis, Milton Mills, Pamela Popper, Joel Fuhrman, Alan Goldhamer, T. Colin Campbell, Caldwell Esselstyn, Garth Davis, Walter Willet, David Katz, Joel Kahn, Anna Maria and Brian Clement and more

  9. Science hasn't moved forward with instruments that are able to assess the energy booster received from eggs. People that I've met that are overweight don't eat many eggs, although they do drink a lot of alcohol. When I increased my egg intake when I had chronic fatique, it was definitely beneficial.

  10. Since watching NF videos (4 or 5 years), I have stopped eating eggs completely. The food system is full of a sickening bunch of opportunists who are so under pressure to make money, they have made peace with potentially killing their clients in the process.

  11. “It Is Difficult to Get a Man to Understand Something When His Salary Depends Upon His Not Understanding It.”

  12. I eat over 700 per year. Doing good. And my HDL and LDL did both go up. My ratio is fine (245/62). And LDL is a BS indicator of heart disease anyway.

  13. No conflicts of interest then…….Hmmmm seems like the Egg 🥚 board has got to her and made her an offer she cannot refuse 😂😎

  14. i ate 1-2 eggs a day for a month, after week 2 i started having pain in my left arm and in the left side of the chest, after a month i stopped eating them and the pain disappeared, so…

  15. My husband believes that vegan eating is a cult. When you find that everyone on YouTube knows all the other vegan people and they Meetup etc. Well you get the cult part I'm sure. That's why I follow the science and not people.

  16. This is exactly why I don't believe in science/scientists. Too much "we believe", "we think", "probably" garbage with many teaching theory as facts, and falsifying data to twist the facts. Thank you Dr. Greger for being a man with integrity.

  17. Smoking a pack of cigarettes per day is protective relative to smoking two packs per day.

    Some people, you just can reach…

  18. So eggs are a cardiovascular death sentence? Zero redeeming qualities? Or will we find out conflicting evidence at a later date? I mean I like Dr Gregor a lot, but just say it. “Don’t eat eggs” or “smoothies increase the glycemic load because you are artificially masticating the fiber giving your body easier access to simple sugars”.

  19. Meh. This is just standard industry spin. When I worked in radio, I used to joke about using listener data to claim the station was #1…(among women, aged 34-42, who drink 3+ energy drinks per day). I never did this, of course. It was just a joke, about how I could justify almost any claim, given the right data. I mean…technically things can be true, if you apply the correct spin.

  20. get your thyroid hormone in check and your cholesterol will decrease to normal levels again. It's the only reason why your cholesterol doesn't get converted to pregnenolon and from there to all the other hormones. avoiding cholesterol is a shitty long term strategy to keep it low

  21. Corporations can be good or evil. If given a choice between money or people, they almost always choose money. However, they are not mutually exclusive. A corporation can make money and still help people, but why do so few choose to to do so? Thanks Dr. Greger for exposing the lies!

  22. I've ate 5 eggs per day for three weeks (low carb with meat and vegetables, no sugar) and my blood work numbers were perfect.

  23. Thank you for the balanced information, Dr Greger !
    Although, I do eat close to a dozen eggs per month and will find it hard to replace that amount of eggs in my diet …I'm still going to make the effort.

  24. The government needs to step in and put warning labels on animal products saying that may cause cancer heart disease and other diseases

  25. Time for an egg sandwich with butter on the bread. It'll be great with a cup of tea containing cows milk and guess what? Sugar.

  26. Dr Greger is not a practicing physician. He works for The Humane Society. He has a conflict of interest in promoting vegan or whole food plant based diet. You cannot get all necessary nutrition from plants, that should tell you something right there. If you want to be malnourished and hungry and eating all the time, by all means become a vegan. But my heart scan and artery scan proves at age 50 that by simply avoiding soda, fruit juices, and processed carbohydrates, you can have great health and clean arteries and not be hungry all the time. I eat meat, I eat dairy, I eat 6 eggs every day, and I eat bacon and sausage. My heart is cleaner than Pritikins was. Don’t be a sheeple. Look into how our dietary guidelines came to be (Kellogg and the 7th Day Adventist’s). Then go cook a delicious steak and a nice glass of red wine….mmmmm

  27. Well, it's a good job we eat spinach with our eggs then. 75% of heart attack patients had normal or low risk, levels of cholesterol. https://www.sciencedaily.com/releases/2009/01/090112130653.htm

  28. The great egg-spiricy. Harvard health says there isn't any evidence that one egg a day is bad for you. Dr. Greger never mentioned how many eggs caused that 44 percent increase in heart disease.

    This is what Harvard health says:
    The evidence that cholesterol in one egg a day is safe for most people comes from huge studies-many conducted here at Harvard Medical School-that have followed hundreds of thousands of people over decades. They regularly report what they eat and all of the medical conditions that they develop. It is those studies that do not find higher rates of heart attacks, strokes, or other cardiovascular diseases in people who eat up to one egg per day.
    It's also a little odd that the centenarians of the longest lived group of people in the world have 5 percent eggs in their diet.
    Ldl is a very poor marker of heart disease. 75 percent of people who have heart attacks do not have high ldl cholesterol. Over half have ldl in the opitmal range:

  29. you can find fault with any food and I understand as a vegan you talk about the fault in animals as food a lot more than plants, but how about doing a video on retinal and the effect of choline on fatty liver

  30. Can you talk about farm organic eggs? Or however they call the best types of eggs. In spanish I think they call them huevos orgánicos de corral. I would like to know if even those eggs are not that good. Because Many people who have lean mass uses them. I think they are not well informed

  31. LDL and HDL are two types of lipoproteins these protiens can contain fatty vit e, ecential fatty acids, etc etc it doesnt have to have cholesterol in it

  32. "Why do you look at the speck of sawdust in your brother’s eye and pay no attention to the plank in your own eye?" Dr Greger begins by citing the fact that the research received egg board money. But if we look at virtually all nutrition/epidemiological research coming from Harvard, we find that there are conflicts amounting to many millions of dollars. The nutrition world is rife with corruption and this includes all sides. My advice: Avoid sugar, packaged/processed food and seed oils. Get lots of physical activity and sleep. Pitting vegan/vegetarian vs meat/diary/fish eaters simply plays into the hands of sugar/packaged food industry.

  33. When I stopped eating eggs (3 years ago), my cholesterol immediately went down to normal levels. The science on eggs being unhealthy for us is correct, not only in my case. My health is at its peak with a plant based diet. Any omnivore /carnivore/ Atkins bullshit diets are devious lies.

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