Foods More Powerful Than Drugs | Must See!

In this video, I’ll uncover some food derive
nutrients that are more powerful than medication. Many people go about their daily life without
giving any consideration to their overall health and then all of a sudden a health problem
arises, they run to their doctors and they’re conditioned to look for the most powerful
prescription medication in order to solve their problem. The truth is, is that they
do this without giving any consideration to getting to the root cause. How did this happen
in the first place? Are you deficient in different nutrients? What is your diet like? Are you
exercising? Looking at some of the root causes of why this happened. The other thing that
you have to give a huge consideration to are what are the food-based nutrients that you
can utilize in order to solve many of the common health problems people are facing today?
And that’s what we’re going to talk about in this video. We’re going to talk about foods
that are more powerful than drugs. Some of these food-based nutrients that have been
research proven to outperform popular medications. But before we get started, I’m Dr. Zyrowski
and welcome to the channel. If you’re new to the channel, it’s a pleasure to have you
here. Be sure to subscribe, hit that bell notification, and join our notification community,
that way I can help you excel your health and your life. Let’s go ahead and dive right in. First, we’re
going to talk about garlic. We have four different topics to talk about here. Four different
food-based nutrients. The first is going to be garlic. Very powerful. Let’s talk about
how it outperformed a medication. Basically, what it has been shown to do is lower blood
pressure in a very powerful manner. There was a study where they took 210 people and
garlic outperformed the popular drug etnol. So basically, if you have high blood pressure,
you can take a concentrated garlic capsule, you can add more garlic into your daily food
and it’s going to help lower your blood pressure. But the good news is, is that it actually
has other benefits as well. Some of the other benefits is that it improves cholesterol,
lowers your bad cholesterol and improves your good cholesterol and boost your immune system
and also is going to help reduce flu and the symptoms associated with it. And this is very
powerful and it’s even found in the research that people who are using garlic right around
the time of your typical flu season or if they have the flu, it’s very powerful at stopping
it dead in his tracks. I know in my house we use garlic, we even use garlic oil for
our kids when they have ear infections because it’s a very powerful antibacterial. So, before
you consider running off and getting a medication for some of these issues, look at the powerful
benefits that garlic has to offer because it’s something that most people have in their
house and it’s very, very beneficial. Now let’s talk about red yeast rice cause
this is also something that’s very powerful. Where was it outperforming medicine? So, it’s
great for lowering cholesterol. There was a study where they basically reviewed 93 other
studies and what they found is that it was lowering bad cholesterol and improving your
good cholesterol. It also is going to reduce the risk of heart attack. There was a study
in China with 5,000 people, and what they found is that it reduced subsequent heart
attacks by 45% and it also reduced the risk of dying from a heart attack by 33% pretty
powerful. So, this is red yeast rice. Now, one of the reasons it’s so powerful and beneficial
is that it has small amounts of medical and k. This is actually a nutrient that is found
in many prescription drugs, but it’s in a very natural products. So red yeast rice is
good stuff and it has other benefits. It has going to help reduce blood sugar, it’s going
to reduce inflammation and reduce oxidative stress. Now, let’s talk a little bit more about inflammation
and oxidative stress, and that brings us to curcumin. Curcumin is such a powerful nutrient.
Many people aren’t aware of how powerful it is. Let’s talk about where it outperformed
their typical medications. So it worked as a powerful anti-inflammatory and a study where
they had 45 people with rheumatoid arthritis, they found it to be more effective than the
popular drug diclofenac. Now here’s another study that’s very interesting. When we see
it came to depression, there was one study that proves that it is more effective than
the popular drug Prozac. Okay, that’s so informational and so interesting because basically what
it shows is people who are suffering from psychological disorders, people who are suffering
from depression, people who are suffering from brain disorders are suffering from inflammation.
Very, very powerful. As a teaser, I’m going to be doing a lot of brain content here, coming
up very shortly, and inflammation in the brain is a very, very big problem for many people.
Here’s some of the other benefits that curcumin offers. It’s a powerful antioxidant. It also
is going to get to the root cause of many different problems out there. When we look
at cancer, when we look at heart disease, when we look at all of these different diseases
that people are facing, one of the places that they’re rooted in is inflammation. If
you can down-regulate inflammation, then you can really help get to the root cause of the
problem. Now, why is inflammation occurring? Really due to the poor lifestyle that many
people are living. But we have to really get that inflammation out of the body to get results,
and if you want to learn how to do a simple at home inflammation tests, I will go ahead
and put a link right up here in the corner on a video that I did on that that’ll help
you know if you have inflammation occurring within your body. Let’s look at Berberine next. Now, Berberine
is also very powerful. Where did it outperform? It reduced blood sugar in a very, very powerful
way. Results similar to metformin according to studies. They did a couple studies on this.
One study found that in 116 diabetic type two patients, they were able to reduce fast
and blood sugar using Berberine by 20%. And another study, what they found is that they
were able to reduce HBA1C results by 12%. Pretty powerful when it just comes to taking
a simple nutrient. So Berberine is really, really awesome and it has other benefits.
It’s going to help lower your blood pressure. It also is going to be a powerful antibacterial.
This is something that we use in our different micro products in order to help get a lot
of the bad bacteria out of the gut for people who are suffering from like a bacterial overgrowth.
If you haven’t seen my gut videos, check those out because I do a lot of different content
on that. So powerful antibacterial and it also is going to help lower cholesterol. So, when we look at these different nutrients,
once again, I’ve shown you how in many cases they’ve have been scientifically proven to
be more powerful than many common drugs. So, don’t overlook how powerful some of these
food-based nutrients are for improving your health. Be sure to give this video a thumbs up, share
it with your friends. If you have any questions, put it in the comment section right down here.
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81 Replies to “Foods More Powerful Than Drugs | Must See!”

  1. I actually started implementing fresh garlic into my nutrition. After my dinner meal I'll cut up some garlic and swallow it with some water. Starting out very little and gonna build up it more over time.

  2. 🐦 Hi Nick 🙋
    Great videos as usual & I'm really using my travel cup on a daily basis it is awesome !
    Thanks again !!!

  3. Doc, I have looked at the Red yeast rice before , but there have been concerns that it can cause liver damage. There is a British Medical Journal BMJ case warning about it. …What are your thoughts?

  4. I've been on the red yeast rice (with added coQ-10), took it for 4 months and my bad cholesterol went to normal. And I eat keto!

  5. I get raw organic garlic already peeled half pound at vons for only $3.25 eat 2 eo 4 cloves in the morning on empty stomach great energy booster also provides antioxidant to the lens of the eye and so does curcumin helps with cataracts you are what you eat

  6. In poor countries people die from not eatting….in rich countries people die from eatting to much…. Eat to good health or bad health the choice is yours.. HEALTH IS YOUR WEALTH…….

  7. I use fresh and powder turmeric which had the Curcumin. I’m also going to try haritaki which I hear is really good for you. I just started drinking Chaga powder which is loaded with antioxidants.

  8. I’ve been doing keto since March. I’ve only lost 20 lbs. I stopped taking my statin drug. My concern is I have my right carotid artery is 100% blocked and since stopping the statin my blood pressure has gone up some. My upper number. Do you have any suggestions?

  9. Problem: Red yeast rice does not appear to be for sale in North America (at a reasonable cost). Only supplements. Hmm

  10. The way I understand it is lowering cholesterol is a consideration only when the body uses it to help repair the damaged to blood vessels caused by a diet high in sugar and processed carbohydrates.

    I say stop eating refined sugars and processed carbohydrates and then you will not have excessive amounts of cholesterol jamming up the works in your blood vessels. No need for cholesterol build up because there will not be lesions caused by high levels of insulin in your blood 24/7!

  11. Will I get benefits from garlic powder and turmeric powder? I started putting those and ginger and cayenne pepper in my coffee

  12. Great information but unfortunately GMO everywhere. I can say garlic that you eat in Africa is way stringer in smell and more effective than the garlic in the western world. Speaking from experience

  13. Just started following, definitely great info in your videos Thank you! Question: Do you see any issue with chopping up a garlic clove or two and mixing in with routine ACV each time?

  14. Is the studies looking at food that have these ingredients or are the studies looking directly at the ingredients?

  15. Forget the red yeast rice.
    Years ago when the pharmaceutical company found out this info. They lobbied the govt to pass laws banning the active ingredient in RYR in supplements thereby rendering RYR useless so we would have to be dependent on their products

  16. While watching, finished my OMAD + my supps which incl red yeast rice and berberine. Use some form of garlic qd simply because I like it just as I do this video. Thanks Dr Z

  17. Great video…..would love some more info on how much to take, in what form you can get the food in. Are there supplements we can take that contain these foods in? Thanks again, I really enjoy and use the information you are providing!

  18. I already take berberine everyday the biotech brand for a few years now.. I don't see any difference in my BP or BS. Can you recommend me a good brand? Thanks in advance.

  19. Hi doc I love your videos. Thanx so much for all the information. I suffering from dystonia. Doctors prescribed some drugs that are not helping me. It’s just getting worse. Pls help me

  20. Garlic, turmeric are mentioned with their properties in ancient indian medicine book(Ayurveda).. glad the rest of the world is taking note of their properties now

  21. Thank you Dr Zyrowski. I've taken a lot of your advice on weight loss… Just through food adjustments and apple cider vinegar I've lost 20kg in 3 months! So thank you

    My wife has sacroilitis and general inflammation problems. She's breastfeeding at the moment. Is taking berberine safe during breastfeeding?

    Thank you

    God bless you and your family


  22. Medication makes us sick. Good food makes us healthy. Avoid all dairy except butter. Avoid to much meat. Avoid refined foods. LDL IS NOT BAD CHOLESTEROL. THE BODY MAKES IT FOR A REASON

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