Fox News: The 99 Percent ‘Parasites’

detachment from fox news side of thomas
sowell so soul who claims to be and intellectual and uh… one of the leading thinkers on the
right we supported gels in this but he’s got a call uh… everybody who whose not on the top one percent
basically a parasite let’s watch this is the age of complaining flashes
whether their lawyers community activists radical feminists
response we’re sure other squeaking wheels looking for whale
no society ever thrive because it had a large and growing class of parasites
living off of those who produced is what we’re hearing with these wall
street rosa protesters from these complaining class of hillary uh… i cannot be mad at them when i was
there they reached that i would have enough money that i can afford to hang
around reports that we’ve sorted out of dot vic gov dot doing any work done
and uh… about bringing in a year ago and i get a lot of that i really did
says they’ve got enough to live without not having to go get a job so
wait a minute so are they bombs that homeless or they have so much money they could
live in luxury here puzzled look like they’re not living in luxury they may be placing like all these guys
are storage yeah you know the rich are sleeping out here without a
tent on the concrete floor to fight against the top one percent was
what our government how does that make any sense it doesn’t but the people like thomas auld make a
living by sucking up to the right wing and by saying okay how can i stop you
lack an adult other people that have people or the ninety nine percent are
parasites but they’re not done by a longshot
litigated awsome and get gleeful we’re thomas or watch well i’d be a credible figures they’re
they’re a lot of them are there to complain about capitalism initiative on
cell phones not to mention that i thought i didn’t get out with a look at regret that with the play of the discussion
about them wherever the interview the incoherent there there there they will toss out a
few uh… scraps the rhetoric of a few things said
something uh… but uh… that they can tell you
exactly what they want there to tell you what what they’re
really complaining about over that the world not bill to the the specification
last night comes and goes to a girl all over india as that they say they’re against up was
about that ones about one that’s a word installed business
sense were saying the banks for example should complete in
a free market i’ve thought that was a cap was thing to do i thought that was
the thing that you were in favor of supposedly advice news now with the
banks of taking a one and a half trillion dollars of our body patrol isn’t that bad half a trillion they turned out of the
treasury so was a free market in that we’re not against small companies were
against the company’s that haven’t unfair advantage because they contribute
to our politicians willing brother paul too plays it gets even worse watch where
these people get these ideas word that that uh… they were all worse off because of capitalism and there’s a
there’s a little hint of that in your book that i picked out as well you say no
small part of our social problems today come from mister educated degree holders
who have nothing to contribute to the crop of society but who are full of
demands and indignation and resentment of those who are producing is that where
these ideas come from as does and i think the the the
education of the pathetic that right when i see these people on home i guess probably a hundred thousand
dollars the release of an expanded their education cutting the public schools uh… i wonder what what kind of return
is there a when when when they are unable to put together a few coherent
sentences the say what it is of a the like
specifically and one is of a think ought to be done and why so now so strikers
say they have been an asset as well the top one percent or the producers
they’re the ones that produce everything and everybody else i guess that leads in
that parasite and they say all they came up with the
other couple uh… coherent sentences alright here’s
a couple of korean senses again the banks are one-and-a-half trillion
dollars they had not returned good we bought their toxic more just to
the tune of a trillion dollars from the fed we don’t want to do that the
taxpayers don’t want to give them at unfair advantage we don’t want to give
them monopoly what we want is an actual democracy where our
representatives represent ast and not their donors was
akko again enough for you to think that i understand it so-called scholar first of all of the whole those shop
still waiting for someone jobs what is the fishes that forty percent
forty percent fifty percent either of us are you going to give me some principle
by which you buy that sir and really uh… it reminds me of the
old question as to the federal government the legendary labor leader is that what is organized labor war he
said one word family say fisher maybe more that’s only
the privacy for all of them are you what
numbers on t_v_ numbers how about during the clinton years well we had a marginal tax rate of forty percent we
created twenty three million jobs in eight years there were only along the top income that tax rate which is what you want to
do to thirty-five percent over the last ten years we’ve lost a million jobs i’d
like them numbers and itself up all of these guys pages one a tax the rich more
but they never get numbers about your numbers about your philosophy ought
never stays tax the rich last last last last the order of the things planned warren buffett would pay anywhere from
zero to one percent in taxes and i suppose that’s still isn’t enough for
you part we have the numbers to show than actually we can create jobs all you
ever do is lose jobs so unsurprising the batsman in seoul had a little gleeful
interview there were again the representative top one percent the
bankers who are robbing a swine boxes at its best

26 Replies to “Fox News: The 99 Percent ‘Parasites’”

  1. This man obviously doesn't know the first thing about what Thomas Sowell stands for, because at about 2:24 in the video he starts arguing for the principles that Sowell himself espouses. His biggest point is that big banks ended up with one and a half trillion dollars in the bailout, which vanished into their vaults, never to be seen by the American taxpayer again. But Sowell argued vehemently against the bailout. You can find videos of him doing so right on youtube.

    Another big problem is that, in fact, a lot of Occupy was made up of socialists and communists; people that oppose the capitalist/free-market system. Many of them weren't even there for particular economic reasons. In arguing in favor of a free market, rather than the public ownership of the means of production or fully centralized planning, Cenk Uygur doesn't even represent many of the people standing behind him.

    It seems to me that Sowell has it right when he says that Occupy couldn't even coherently discuss the things that caused it to form in the first place.

  2. Thomas Sowell served in the Korean war as a United States Marine. He put himself through college as a black man in the 60's and earned a Ph.D in economics from the University of Chicago.

    He's taught economics at the likes of Rutgers and Stanford, written countless books and for the most part, has been pretty moderate, and respectful with his political views.
    I would gladly hear ANYTHING he has to say over whatever drivel the likes of Cenk are spewing. You don't have to agree with everything he says, but I think Mr. Sowell has reached an age in which he simply doesn't care what any of us think of him. 

  3. Soooo Cenk is against Government intervention in the free market? Also lol at the correlation = causation fallacy

  4. This is scary, Cenk plays a clip and then starts ranting about things he attributed to Sowell. He just makes things up then rages about the dream world he invents. 

  5. Thomas Sowell has literally spent his life researching economics, this guy who I see has done nothing but bitch and complain about him using numbers to support his idea. What a "dumbass scholar" right?

  6. Cenk, it is an insult to even put you and Thomas Sowell in the same sentence. If he had the chance to take on you one on one he would stomp you like a cockroach in less than a minute. That's why you use smears while he uses facts.

  7. Cenk should debate Thomas Sowell. Sowell uses reason and evidence to prove his point. Thomas Sowell is one of the greatest thinkers of our time.

  8. When did he say that the top one percent were the producers. The top one percent are 12 percent of people due to income mobility.

  9. Hilarious thing is, seeing so many comments from TYT viewers themselves laying cenk out.. Not one has appreciated incoherent blabber this cenk has just done..

  10. If you don't have a job and are homeless, your first priority should be to find a fuckin job. Protesting isn't gonna do shit.

  11. I read Basic Economics by Thomas Sowell, and I read Intelectuals and society, and Knowlage and desisitons, and then The vision of the Anointed, and then I read at least 5 other books by Thomas Sowell. This guy know how to think, not just slander and rationalise his vision like most of the 'smart guys ' like Noam Chomsky. And he is saying the hard truths not just easy to hear delusions.

    Just read basic economics. This book will shatter your deluduon and learn you how to think In a way (economical thinking) that you Don eprobibly know that it exist. You will then start to learn how the world ACTUALLY Works, not HOW YOU WANTED to work.

  12. there's no morality – there's no "bad words" but watch this…
    "accountability" aaahhhh! the horror!

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