I jumped.
Why? It was from here.
Smell the burn, it just happened. Hello, people
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your body transformation process. Never buy things made in China. I jumped. Why?
It was from this. Smell the burn, it just happened. Yes, yes, yes, yes. So, what we wanted to tell you. Move aside,
we haven’t filmed the intro. We have to go
to check his fridge. He told me something,
please repeat it. The thing with the fridge. I had to move the fridge,
to move the socket, to make it more accessible. And when I made the change,
I thought the fridge had broken. Actually, don’t buy things
made in China. And there was another thing,
that you wanted to call a friend with a fridge. I thought about it,
if you came all the way here, I had to do something. If not, I could’ve said:
the light isn’t working, it’a broken. Let’s see… I should apologize… Don’t worry.
I threw everything… Don’t worry.
Here it is. Check this out,
we have Stanleybet. I stole them. And sports betting.
I will remove them. I took a picture
and posted it on Facebook. On New Years, on every shelf,
I emptied them and stuck: Unibet, all the betting sites. My money is here.
My holidays. Yeah, this is it. Come here, on this side,
we will keep it open a little. Let’s take a peek. To identify… Down there is the
black chocolate I bought. Yeah, but it’s not something…
Let’s start with this one. I didn’t buy those. These are not yours? No, the ones up top are not mine. These cans aren’t yours? No, no… Pork… I see. This milk?
No. Not yours either. The ones down there, no.
Those are eggplants, uncooked. I see. The mushrooms?
Yes. These are good.
Here we have the meat. I bought minced meat,
to make flaxseed meatballs in the oven. Aha, aha. My favourites. You don’t say. Those are wings.
And that’s goulash, all from Lidl. Yes, yes, yes, yes Bring the camera closer,
when we present these. That’s also goulash… I think it’s a lean meat. It is indeed.
We give him form time to time. Alright.
Here we have some pork. It’s ok, I guess. Those are very old. That’s fried fish, but
I don’t like it. I see… Mushrooms, mushrooms are very good.
I recommend, they have protein. Let me put this here…
So we don’t make a mess What do we have here? That was some gizzard.
It’s not mine, I don’t like it. What about there? Eggplants. They’re ok. Eggs… what do we have here, sauces. That was jam, but
I don’t really like it. That’s with quince, but I don’t eat.
It’s too much sugar, too sweet. Here we have some soup. Beef soup, my favourite. Bkack chocolate 70%. Did you check the calories,
to see that they have as muchcalories as normal chocolate? You should. If you compare this
with normal chocolate, they have the same calories:
520-559 calories. The only difference:
fewer carbohydrates. than the normal one. But it doesn’t mean
you can eat a whole piece every day. See here, this is cut into squares,
and if I’m in the mood I take two or three. Squares… Yes, if I feel like it. That’s different.
I agree with this. I bought this one because it’s 80%.
Let’s see which is better. Yes, yes, yes, yes. Look, this is better,
cause it has fewer carbohydrates: 20. Carbohydrates are sugars,
and they make us fat. This also has 20. This has 47-50, you know? I see. Carbohydrates. So this is better.
This is better. But if you were to nibble,
I would recommend this one. What do we have here: tomatoes,
cabbage, stuff like that. Do you eat vegetables? Yes, they are my favourite. So you can eat a cabbage salad… That’s my favourite.
They are all my favourite. You’re the best. I was telling you about these.
Look. Aha, aha. Let’s check them out. First of all, what’s the weight?
130 grams. 130 grams, and at 100 grams
it has 386 calories. This one is the same. Yes.
You eat one of these a day? Or more? Now I see they are the same.
So you eat this, too. One of these, every day? Yes. Not two? No, no, no. So just one. That means we take around 400,
another 100 more… Somewhere around 500 calories
we take from this. But it’s not much. So it’s not much. If you can live with one of these a day,
it’s fine by me. Rainz Academy clients Prove No matter what You can get spectacular results There are no excuses Online training is cheaper
than going out for a meal “I don’t have time”
is not an option Rainz Protocol was made Exactly for you Thought up to the smallest details In tune with your schedule The method of the future Leave the past behind Be efficient With Rainz Academy Be smart Choose the cheapest, most efficient system To transform your body Rainz Protocol It’s a good starting point. You mean just… Just this.
As a substitute for bread. Yes, yes, yes, yes.
Of course, no problem. And you don’t eat bread at all?
No. So a day can pass
without eating bread? I haven’t eaten bread for two months. This is awesome. I’m gonna check this, too. I keep to these things.
If I know I don’t eat bread, instead of bread,
I eat a bigger cabbage salad.
Yes, yes, yes. Cabage is healthier. It has 385. Exactly. Cabbage is so cool,
because it contains anticalories. So, by eating cabbage,
your body uses energy just to digest more calories than cabbage has,
because it has so few, that digestion, to eliminate those fibers,
burns your calories, you see? Same with cold water. Cold water also has
an anticaloric effect. If you drink cold water, your body consumes calories
just to heat the water. So practically you burn calories
by eating cabbage and drinking water. Wait a sec… I don’t know where to put this. Give it to me, I’ll take care of it. I have something here,
I don’t want to fool you. But I don’t know where it is. Anyway, my mother bought a Nutella.
but for her, not for me. So it was for her. Yes, that’s why I didn’t put it in the fridge,
I didn’t want to seem like I throw away chocolate. Yes, yes, yes… Telling you those things
in the park, I feel like I’m familiar with them. Yes. I just don’t have
that contact I need, like you have, to put them together.
I’m chaotic, you know? Yes, yes. I wanted to ask you,
from what I know, you told me you did your examinations. Yes. Can I take a look,
can we find them? Well, I can send them on Whatsapp,
I have pictures, if I can find them. Alright.
Let’s stay here, And take a look.
I want to talk about them. Yes. Can you come here with the camera?
Come here, so you get a good look. Ok. How’s the prolactine?
Prolactine is within normal limits. 329 for men and it’s maximum 456. We have the TSH hormone,
I was afraid of this. The thyroid is ok,
it’s within normal limits. Like I said… Potassium is normal. They were amazed by me,
because I’m so big, and the results are really good. But they said it might be the last time
they are this good, if I don’t take action. Ok, negative, bla bla bla,
everything ok. What else do we have?
The liver results, the cortisol, this is for adults.
Normal value. Ferritine, good value, thyroxine,
testosterone. Low testosterone. The minimum testosterone,
I know from my examinations, is between 2,49 and 8. You have a low testosterone: 1,42. You know why it’s low? Not because your body didn’t secrete it.
Nu ca nu ti-a secretat corpul.
It aromatizes, in the fat… Exactly what we walked earlier. Put the camera on me,
I have something important to say about this. They made some studies,
on the value od testosterone. 8 is the maximum normal value. To see who has
the biggest muscle mass. Someone who has perfect testosterone,
value 8 or someone who has value 4? They notices there’s no big difference
in muscle mass, to say: “this guy is full of muscles”,
as they analyzed people who weren’t exercising. So they didn’t find
a big difference in terms of muslce mass.
but you know what they found? 30% less fat on the people
with perfect testosterone. So a bigger muscle mass, or… The point was, even though
it’s not known, testosterone has mechanisms that don’t allow you to get fat,
on one hand. On the other hand, it’s possible
that the reverse happens: if you have much testosterone,
but your body converts it, because you have fat.
If you didn’t have fat, when your fat drops,
your testosterone will be bigger, when you get the results. So there is a connection between them. I will take them again… Yes. You can see on the testosterone levels, I didn’t know this and nobody explained it. They told me: results ok,
pacient dead. Come here, to look further,
what else do we have… So this, let’s see… Other values… Yes… The VSH is a bit enlarged,
but nothing to be scared of. Proteins ok, sideremia,
iron is ok. My iron levels are big,
because of the multivitamins. Other values, wait,
I don’t want to miss them. Ok…
Albumine… The liver is ok… You don’t abuse of anything,
you have no vices. Smoking… That helps a lot. nothing excesive to pressure the liver,
like drinking. I don’t waste nights, I sleep…
Excactly. Last night I went to bed at 3,
but I talked on the phone in a conference with someone,
because I couldn’t sleep. If I couldn’t sleep,
I needed to find something to do. But I don’t smoke,
I don’t drink. Yes, yes. These things help you.
Imagine if, what it would mean, that aside from the weight,
to have these other issues. Rainz Fitness Rainz Protocol We push the limits Of the human body Scientifically proven We can transform the human body In record time With the most advanced online training system Record your weight loss
with Rainz Protocol 3.0. Thanks for watching Don’t forget to like and subscribe


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