It’s time for another episode of “Learning
Stuff that Isn’t Super Boring”. Today’s episode: FOOD Fact: did you know one of the most popular
pizza toppings in Brazil is peas? Did you know that pure vanilla is so expensive
that scientists make artificial vanilla flavour from a slime found in a beaver’s butt? How can you think peas are disgusting and
not that? Fact: did you know that popsicles were invented
when a kid left a can of pop outside with a stir stick in it? Did you know that honey is made out of nectar
from flowers and bee vomit? Yes, Francisco, everybody knows that. Did you know that tomatoes are considered
fruits and not vegetables? Hey Kim, do you like red candies? Of course I do. Well, did you know that red food colouring
in a lot of candy is made out of a beetle? A boiled beetle? Or that there’s a cheese called Casu Marzu
that has maggots in it ON PURPOSE? That’s disgusting. Yeah, or that there’s a type of fungus that
can infect an ant’s brain and then rewires its brain so that the ant climbs up a tree
and then is forced to bite a leaf and then never ever lets go? And then the fungus bursts out of the ant’s
head? Oh my golly! Oh gosh. So gross. Yes! This concludes another episode of Learning
Stuff that Isn’t Super Boring. Woo!

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