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  1. Hi mr Anderson, I am a fellow teacher who makes videos using the snowmen app on iPad. What software do you use to make your videos? They are fantastic!!

  2. hi,
    this wonderful video, but I needed to quickly help I need to download this video quickly, but I tried and did not appreciate it

  3. fungi are pretty rad. they are cool. i like them. i think their kewl. they are totally awsome. i like fungi because they are cool.

  4. Great video! We're studying fungi in biology class. Neat to learn that fungi cell walls and insect exoskeletons are both made of chitin.

  5. Thank you, I have always dreaded biology, but you are making it so fun and easy to understand. I actually remember the five important phyla without Notes!!!

  6. great tutor !! , I hope that the our professors watch your  lectures and learn this attractive style in education >>

  7. Really well done video, just one thing: I think that "zygo" comes from typical structure of the gametangium (sexual reproduction) and not form the sporangium (asexual reproduction).

  8. Hello Mr. Anderson. This is the 1st video of yours that I viewed and I'm HOOKED!! If I had a teacher like you in HS, I probably would've been a scientist. You speak and explain everything so well. The video went by so quickly because I truly enjoyed it. I just subscribed to your channel and am looking forward to viewing more of your videos. Wish there were more teachers like you. Great job!

  9. The best and clearest explanation! And easy to remember. thank you. that helped too much.. I ll share with my friends

  10. It is so hard to remember all these facts. I took a test on kingdom fungi and more than once I gave the question a dear in the headlights look. The electrical pathways in my brain had no place to go. Too much information had been forgotten. Biology is so much harder than math. With math, all you have to do is memorize a few ideas with biology you have to memorize all of life with patterns that are few and far between. I love it but it is hard for my little monkey brain to remember all that stuff.

  11. a great chance and way for dear students to learn easy and keep in memory for long time , if not for ever. God bless the producers.

  12. Puffballs, like the Lycoperdon pictured, produce sexual spores. Unlike agarics (gilled mushrooms), they have statismospores, which are passively discharged, rather than ballistospores. Perhaps that was the distinction you intended to make. Also, " Asco" means sac, not cup. At 5:48, you are indicating the apothecium, not an ascus. Asci are microscopic sacs of often 8 spores, which sit on the apothecium—in some Ascomycetes. Nearly all plants form mycorrhizal relationsships bot not necessarily the Arbuscular mycorrhizae of Glomeromycota, many instead form ectomycorhizae with Basids and Ascos. Many mistakes! Sloppy!

  13. Embarrassing question
    But better to ask someone that knows their fungi
    How do I get rid of that nasty stuff between my toes?

  14. This will sound weird but, I use to have fungi and when I got it came off like it cane off and left the spot where the fungi is and later on I got more but here’s the werid thing it was a little hole and it show the fungi kind of going into my feet it’s the one that body doesn’t know it’s there

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  17. Great vid again. But it's a little bit distracting how you sometimes say "a fungi" when you mean "fungus", singular. More serious, I didn't understand why you changed "glomeromycota" in the graphic to "glomerulamycota" at 1:45. Edit: Apparently zygomycota is now defunct as a fungus phylum.

  18. You always make me look at things in a way that interested me your way of teaching make me want to discover more and opens the door to study without burning.
    Thank you Mr. Anderson

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