Garlic Naan in Oven | Garlic Naan without Tandoor | How To Make Naan

hello everyone please welcome join me Indian Punjabi style cooking best of all my easy steps cooking I’m going to cook today garlic naan and how do I do it I’m going to share with you and let’s get started with the ingredients what we need it I’ll have four cup of all-purpose flour in other words you call it a maida we’re going to use a lukewarm milk 2 cup half cup olive oil any vegetable oil will be fine I’m going to make this garlic really you know good naan so I’m going to use one big bulb one small bulb what I’m gonna be doing I’ll just sprinkle a little olive oil on this and I will put it into oven and I’ll put aluminum foil and once they are all baked then I’ll crush them I’ll use them and the water as for the naan as needed I’m going to use two eggs as for Yeast using the rapid yeast instant yeast it’s a 2 tablespoon 1 teaspoon salt 1 teaspoon white sugar and 1 teaspoon baking powder and as for yogurt I will use 1/2 cup of the yogurt and then let’s get started purpose flour I wanted to share with you in easy steps so all its easy to make and you can make it yourself and you can enjoy it baking powder salt yeast sugar half cup yogurt and two eggs if you have a machine that is the perfect so it’s all sticky already my double looking good what I would do now I’m just a little bit olive oil at the bottom just grease it now I’ll let it sit for two hours and we’ll come back and we can set it like a you know two hours garlic roasted so I’m going to take it out of each clove all and mash it and look at my dough has been risen so good this is the perfectly done you have to punch it will play boxing dish……ooom like this see how the air comes out that’s what it’s gonna happen as I take it out I will dust my counter with the dry flour and I made my ball I’ll let it set another 15 minutes and now this is my garlic is really well done in this whole Cup I’m going to use that I show it to you how to make it to put it in no oven with little bit olive oil it’s according to you if you wanted to make any shapes you know typical wrong shape or you know when it comes to naan if they are freehand you know fee hand means you want to really you know typically pay attention on the size but the majority of times they are more oval so as you see this is a good size I put it into my tan and I will use the garlic paste the garlic is well cooked already this will add a little bit of cilantro that’s going to bring another excitement to your known so I’m going to put it in known this is the other way I’m gonna show you I’m going to make you add some garlic in there some cilantro it’s going to be a garlic buns look at my beautiful delicious looking garlic naan are already I’m just going to brush them with with the butter they’re really rich and my other ones already I made some more bun with the garlic and all of them plain and I can use some sesame seed you can do all kind of different things you know I add different nuts look at how beautiful this is one I wanted to show it to you it’s smoking hot my garlic my cilantro look at how perfectly inside so that’s why how you can make your buns as one garlic bun garlic naan they are already look at how beautiful delicious -looking look at how beautiful spongy look real nice and look at this the other one I cut it so nice and I really appreciate each one of you joining my Indian Punjabi style best of all easy steps cooking and garlic naan and thank you and if you liked it please like share and subscribe me thank you very much and I’ll see you soon with the new recipe bye bye

44 Replies to “Garlic Naan in Oven | Garlic Naan without Tandoor | How To Make Naan”

  1. Hi there,I tried your recipe but dough became very runny.
    In description you mentioned adding yogurt then it will take
    6 cups of APF. So should I put 6 cups or 4 cups with half cup of yogurt.
    Kindly reply me so I can try it again as buns look gorgeous.

  2. Both Garlic Naans and Garlic Buns look so delicious.
    If we store the dough in the fridge for a couple of days will we get the same result?

  3. Omg 😲 looks awesome and actually so easy to make definitely going to give a try my thanks for sharing such a easy and delicious 😋 recipe.
    Keep up the good work regards from Europe.

  4. wow, no oven need just put it in the pan and its done.. oh wait.. maybe you missed a step.. not so easy steps after all hmmmm!!

  5. I used the same dough to prepare stuffed bun today and it turned out heavenly. I used Indian style vegetables stuffing. Temp setting was 375 deg F and baked for 20 mins. Thank you.

  6. an really struggling to keep my naaan soft . soon as I serve it it gets very tough and crispy. how can I make it very soft . thanks

  7. Ive done a few of your recipes and they have all worked out.thank you for all your uploads. Im already subscribed and given it a thumbs up

  8. Sir Maine garlic naan oven me banaya but vo bahut hard bana.aisa kyu hua.jis mode par cake banate hai using mode par non banaya humne aur tep.180deg C rakha tha. tave par gas me banaya to achcha bana.pls suggest me sir.

  9. This recipe is great. Just tried it with fresh yeast and added cheese for filling. Nice side dish for chicken masala. Thank you for sharing! 🙂

  10. They are making videos just for their ad. Not teaching anyone how to make. No temp settings and time. Dont understand why you make fool of everyone. Time waste video

  11. I love the looks of this bread! Would you mind sharing the oven temperature used and approximately the cooking time? I can't wait to make this bread! Also, could you share cooking temp. and time for the roasted garlic as well?

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