Genes, Calories Or Gut Bugs, Which One Is Most To Blame When It Comes to Weight Gain?

Greetings, Eric Bakker. Thanks for coming back. Now, here’s a very interesting one. An interesting report that I read online. Genes, joules or gut bugs: which one is the
most to blame when it comes to weight gain? So we’re going to call it genes, calories,
or gut bugs, kilojoules or joules really is, it is a caloric, sort of a metric caloric
measurement, isn’t it? So what is making people fat? Is it genetics? Okay, is it the calories that they’re eating? Is it the bacteria in their gut? So what’s actually making people fat? So if you read the link down below, have a
look at it, you’ll see that in fact, genetics don’t really account that much at all for
people putting on weight. About 100 genes so far have been linked with
obesity, you know, with people getting bigger out of the many genes that we have. But the interesting thing is less than I think
0.3% … Well, right about, I think 3% it might say on the link, less than 3% of this
effect is genetic. So genetics aren’t really what’s making people
bigger. Okay? Now, if we look at gut bacteria, we look at
a composite of 13 studies. You can actually lose a little bit of weight
just by taking probiotics alone. You could lose, I think a couple of pounds
a month just by doing this, just by taking probiotics and getting that gut right, but
it’s a very subtle, slight amount of difference, but not insignificant. If we look at the kilojoules or the calories,
however, it’s a totally different ball game. All right? And what they did, they started to theorize
years ago if we could basically take 10% of calories out someone’s diet, wouldn’t they
lose 10% of their body weight? And it’s exactly what happened, right? When they had a 117 healthy participants and
they started to play around with the calories, they found that the body weight reduction
was commensurate with the caloric value reduction of the diet, meaning the less calorie the
person eats, the smaller they get. Okay? So that’s basically what it boils down to. So don’t blame Donald Trump for getting fat. Don’t blame the climate for getting fat. Don’t blame McDonald’s for getting fat or
your mother in law. Don’t even blame your next door neighbor or
your partner. Blame yourself for putting on weight. Okay? It’s time to stop pointing the finger at genetics. “Genes are making me fat. That’s what it is.” It’s the 514s I’m wearing, the Levi’s. They’re making me fat. It’s not that. We know that now; studies have proven that
to be crap, okay? It’s not the genes. It’s not the bugs. “It’s the gas in my gut. The bugs are making me fat.” It’s not the bugs in your gut; it’s you that
are making you fat, okay? It’s the calories, so the less calories you
consume, the less you bloom. Okay? That’s another way of putting it. I think you get my point by now. It’s got to do with the behaviors you associated
around eating, who you eat with, how you eat and what you eat. And remember, stress is a really big factor
in this whole equation. I just did a video previously you may want
to watch about stress. In fact, stress and cravings. And studies have shown that when people are
exposed to stress in controlled studies, okay? Their cortisol spikes, their stress hormone
goes up. Then when they have controlled days where
they’re not stressed, they’re relaxing, their cortisol doesn’t spike. They found the difference between both those
days in the caloric consumption was huge, that people who were stressed ate lot more
calories than the people who weren’t stressed. Think about all those poor people in offices
sitting in there, you know, and some people living some terrible lives where they’re pressured. 80% of people hate their job, for example. Hate’s a big word to use. So when you’re doing something that I like
and you’re stressed, it could be part of the weight way equation. It’s a sad fact, that that’s just how it is. So remember, it ain’t the genes. It ain’t the bugs. It’s you. Okay? It’s the calories that go in here that make
all the difference. Thanks for tuning in. Don’t forget to click on the link if you want
my free candida report. Thank you.

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  1. Like my husband would say Diabetic is in the family. Mum has it sister has it for years. Can’t explain anything to him. Gave up

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