What’s up, guys? Jeff Cavaliere, This is not the usual video for me, but it’s
one that I feel like I had to make. I actually made one similar to this before and kind of
vowed at that time – at least to myself – that’d I’d never have to go down this
road again because I’m not in the business of reviewing other people’s supplements. However, when one of my subscribers asks me
to review something that turns out to be so egregiously bad that it pisses me that bad,
I feel like I have to stand up and say something. In this case, I really have to discuss this.
I don’t care if these people wind up being exposed, or whatever. That’s not my duty to protect them because
this is all basically my opinion about what I think is going drastically wrong here. As
I’ve said, one of my followers on Instagram – I actually check my Instagram, so if you’re
not following me over there, you should. It’s @ATHLEANX. We post a lot of unique stuff over
there. But he direct messaged me with this product
here, which is called – get ready for it – D-BAL. D-B-A-L. But they’re claiming
this to be a dianabol alternative. Scum bag move number one. Meanwhile, a nice price tag
of $79.95 and you get a month’s serving of this. What’s comical is when I start to review
this – all I want to do is go through the label with you guys because it’s going to
be so comical. At the same time, so shocking, and so – should really make you sick to
your stomach – that you can see the reason why I felt like I had to make this video. If there’s one thing I think is criminal
when it comes to supplements, and the supplement industry, is knowingly putting dangerous supplements
on the market and hoping to only find out after it’s too late. Meaning, you’ve already made enough money
on this that you’re long gone, and you don’t really care about what’s going on with the
health and well-being of the people that actually believed in your stuff. The second thing,
just a little bit lower than that – one notch lower than that – is putting out stuff
that you know does absolutely nothing. Whomever made this supplement, unless they’re
a complete idiot, knows that this does absolutely nothing and they charge $80 for it. Let me
take a look at this. When we look at the label itself, we start off with a three-capsule
serving for 30 servings in a bottle; a one-month supply. But this is literally where it becomes a joke.
There are 12 calories per capsule, which gets you thinking “What are they putting in capsules
that have calories associated with them. You scroll down here and there’s really nothing
of substance until you get down. There are 2g of protein. So here are your active ingredients. It starts
off with why protein concentrate. 450mg. You understand that 450mg is only .45g. So, you’re
talking about less than ½ a gram of protein. Not to mention, whey protein concentrate,
which isn’t as high quality as isolate protein, or hydrolysate protein. But it doesn’t matter. You could have the highest quality protein
in the world, but less than ½ a gram is doing absolutely nothing. Then it has Restin amino
acids in here, Isoleucine, Valine, and Leucine. The interesting thing here is, the least quantity
of all those three comes in the form of Leucine at 75mg. We know from research if you want to have
an effective dose of Leucine you need to have at least 4g-5g of Leucine alone. Whether that
be in a single dose, or a split dose pre, and post workout. The fact of the matter is,
75mg is literally nothing. You can probably walk by a gym, inhale, and have more anabolic
benefits than taking this product. That’s the problem. Number two: there are
300mg of Valine and 300mg of Isoleucine. Again, research shows that the ratio you want to
take is in favor of Leucine to those two. You should be taking in at least a 2:1:1 ratio
with Leucine being in the highest content, with the others following after that. Again, it doesn’t matter because all these
amounts are sub-effective, in terms of how much they’re putting in here, and it actually
becomes a joke. Finally, this must be their big ingredient; Trib. Tribulus Terrestris. At 75mg, not only has this never been shown
in studies to be effective, in terms of boosting testosterone – it might have some libido
enhancing effects, but not in these dosages here. What’s even more bothersome to me,
as someone who is actually involve in supplementation, they don’t even tell you which part of these
they’re actually using. They don’t even tell you what they’re
using. The stem? Are they using the flower? What are they doing here? The fruit? What
are they using to get the Trib? Because it makes a dramatic difference in the overall
impact of this. Overall, when you look at this entire supplement
formula, there’s absolutely nothing. What boils my blood, yet again, is that people
think “There are no proprietary blends here. Everything is listed out. That means they’re
not hiding anything.” These guys should be hiding something. They should be hiding their entire company
so far that nobody could ever find it because I’m going to show you what’s even more
disturbing about this. When you look at the rest of their product line up here, the names.
DBAL we’ve already covered. Beauty. Trenerol. Clenbutrol. Amverol. TESTO-MAX and HGH-X2. Again, what’s bothersome to me is not just
these names – because these are some pretty bad names. As a matter of fact, I would probably
love to rename this company. What’s up, Lucky? What’s up, buddy? Hey! You want to
– what’s that? You’ve got a name for them? Oh, the D-Bags? The D-Bags. Okay. Lucky
says he wants to name them the D-Bags. Guys, what’s even more bothersome to me
is that I actually feel – when I get messages from my followers, guys that watch our stuff,
and I feel know better, are educated – we put the science back in strength. They’re
educated and they’re still falling for this stuff. I feel like I’ve failed. I feel like I haven’t done a good enough
job of educating everybody about how this stuff has no place in this industry. I’ve
already talked about it before, many times. When it comes to supplementation there’s
a small segment of people I think are qualified for supplements and should be taking supplements. Those are the guys that are already dialed
in and serious. But unless you’re at that top level already, where your nutrition is
locked in and your training is locked in, then I don’t really feel that you need to
run for supplements. Unfortunately, people still do that. In the case of this young man
that wrote to me, that’s what he was doing. He was looking for the ‘savior’. The answer.
And he fell for the shit. Here. Guys, this stuff does fire me up and it’s very irresponsible.
Like I said, there are two horrible people when it comes to the supplement industry. It’s the people that knowingly put dangerous
supplements out on the market, and also those guys – scumbags like this – that actually
put crap in their supplements. Literally, nothing at all. Nothing in here. Like baking
powder. Nothing at all and claim for it to be something effective. And you go waste your hard-earned money thinking
it’s actually going to do something for you, only to be wasting time you could have
been putting toward something actually effective. Maybe a workout, here and there. Guys, I hope
– again, I don’t want to get in the habit of doing this. It really bothers me that I even had to cover
this, but for the second time, I’m not going to let this get away. But I don’t want to
make it a habit of reviewing other people’s supplements. The only thing I can do is work
on putting the best supplements that we can out there, and that’s what we’re committed
to do. I cannot vouch for anybody else’s supplements,
and I’m not going to try to do that because I think, unfortunately, you can wind up getting
burned pretty badly by doing that. All right, guys. I hope you’ve found the video at least
a bit enlightening. Don’t fall for it. It’s not just about ‘proprietary blends’ and
being open labeled. It goes well beyond that and I think this
is another perfect example of that. This is just a whole new level of ‘douchedom’
here. Let’s make sure we focus on what matters. What matters here is bring you guys the best
videos I can. I’m going to continue to do that. If you’re looking for workout programs that
you can follow to help you get consistent and build progressive training and results;
those are all over at In the meantime, I’ll be back herein just a couple
days. See you.

100 Replies to “Get “CRAZY BULKED” Fast (SUPPLEMENT SCAM!)”

  1. Want to win an ATHLEAN-X program for free, no strings attached? Click the link below to find out how!

  2. Was just about to use that site but thought I’d check out the reviews first. Thanks for saving me money time and effort.

  3. I was just getting ready to buy 3 bottles for $250. Thank you for this video and me YouTubing it first. Please make more of these scam videos to prevent people like me from almost getting scammed!

  4. i used to be a supplement sucker… over 300 bux a month…now i spend that on high quality food and the diff is remarkable..i personally am convinced if u have great nutrition u do not need supps.. i am getting better gains than when i was taking 200 g of whey a day

  5. Thank you so much for making this video. You saved us alot of money. Make more reviews on product and supplements

  6. Jeff you probably won’t respond but I was wondering what you thought about pea plant protein vs. whey protein? Is it better? What do you think is the best supplementation for bulking?

  7. Did you start your own product line about a month after making this video? I have no ties to Crazybulk other than I've tried their products before and it seemed to work for me. I was also on a solid diet and intense workout routine so it could've just been that. I didn't do their little testimonial so it isn't like I got that free stack from them or whatever it was. But I have been doing that same workout routine for years and definitely noticed a difference with their products. I made sure not to take anything else so that I could be sure it was their supplements working. Then recently I ordered their HGH. I just started taking it so I will have to wait and see what comes of the HGH. Today I watched your video so I went on to their chat to ask about the video and what comments they had about it. They claim you made this video and then started your own product line a month later. I'm kind of in between on the products but I'm going to give the HGH a try. You seem to be a pretty well renowned guy but I have taken their stuff before and it seemed to work for me. I'm 22 years old and have tried many different supplements over the past 4 years or so. Would like to hear more from you on this.

  8. Thank you… You know its a scam when it's hard to find any genuine reviews.. And all the articles have no comments lol I feel bad for all the people who get filled easier that the people who made the efort to find this video

  9. For most people the only supplement I feel is good, is a multivitamin. Besides that, some protein powder. But I consider that more of a food than a supplement. At my level I don't need any of these "performance enhancing" supplements. Once I get my nutrition and lifting dialed in, then maybe.

  10. I what to know what the ingredient list is off because this is D-bal

  11. I bought this stuff about a year ago when I was really self conscious about my size but man after a week of taking it I would feel really angry all the time and overall felt like crap I threw that stuff out that night. P.S. I was a self conscious 18 year old

  12. Better off spending your money on some steaks
    Why are people falling for this still when all information is at your finger tips.
    Google or Bing search engines are very good for research
    Go find out before spending.
    Diet first training second supplements last

  13. To be genuine and true I see these products every day and as a newbie in the gym they are so convincing making you think you are going to get mad gains. I for one wouldn't take these PURELY as I don't know what side effects come with it. However I can see how people can see then being amazing but you should make more of these videos so new gym fanatics can learn from this.

  14. Interesting that you say they should hide it so no one can ever find it. There are 0 REAL reviews out there for these…that is a MAJOR red flag.😶thank you for this!!!😄

  15. This supplement war on YouTube is insane. Everybody claims to have the best supplements, only their supplements works and all other supplements are a bunch of bullshit.
    What gets me most is that not a single "Fitness YouTuber" is going to tell you that you don't need any supplements to have a healthy and beautiful body. All you need is a workout, clean air and a HEALTHY food. And what I mean under healthy food is a GMO free food. The best way would be to grow your own veggies and animals you want to eat. I thank to God that I have that privilege. It's a lot of work but it pays off. Just to give you an example, I visited US and made a self experiment. I ate the same food in same amounts and worked out the same way I do overseas and gained 4,5kg on fat in only two weeks US. Even "organic" food in US is a bunch of crap. When I came home I felt like I was born again.
    Food is like those supplements. If it grows fast it's a crap. True natural food needs time, healthy seed and a healthy earth. Eating a tomato in US was like eating a chewing gum without any taste.
    Fuck any kind of supplements then they are going through a chemical process in production.

  16. I'm cool with ppl calling out products. WHEN THEY HAVE USED THEM. It's easy to say oh this works or this wont work. Oh I know what this product does so it wont do this. Well sodium and chlorine are pretty bad stuff, when you mix them it's now table salt. You cant say what each ingredient does separately, no matter how much you read, unless you actually try it. Then if you do a 8 week cycle and nothing happens, bash them.

  17. I heard about dbal on the Internet and the first page of Google is filled with positive reviews etc, however I knew it was a scam. I also knew Jeff would know the validating answer, thanks Jeff

  18. The owner of that company should fucking taken out and hung in a public square . For real . You didn't mention the 80 websites the guy has that all link back to his shitty products. With names like , dbolgains .com . I think one or 2 companies tried suing them over it . I don't remember what came of it .

  19. anybody who believed that the ingredients found in those supplements were going to make them big, shouldn't even walk into a gym or let alone touch a weight. Go play golf.

  20. Jesus christ! these guys should go to jail! What a failure as a human being… To be so idiot and scammer and hurting and tricking other people…

  21. Thank u so much for this post. I have a 20 year old nephew that almost fell for this stuff. My words only go so far with him. He values my opinion, but it means so much more coming from you. We both think you are a pro in the fitness industry and we very much value your fact and science based perspective on things. With your help, I was able to save him from wasting time and hard earned money on these so called supplements. Thank you

  22. Hi Jeff, You just saved not on ly about 100 UK ponds = 140 us dollar – but You also did save me for being pisst about being cheatet… Sometimes I just go for a thing fast and buy it – this time it was HGH-X2 should be a like growth hormone – but legal in my country… I study the SUPPLEMENT FACTS – – – and did not buy. THANKS

  23. This shit is still being sold. It has four star ratings.

  24. Enough of crazybulk already, it's fake fake fake,
    nor does it work. I bought clen and just about all crazybulk products.
    Its ingredients are too weak and they added some vitamins to make the
    skin tingle and think it works. Just about everywhere crazybulk tries to
    market and insert their scams. Enough is enough from this FAKE product. And it cost so much money

  25. He only supplements that work are the sarms like LGD and rad140 and pro hormones and growth hormone that’s it ! Nothing else helps build muscle

  26. Just came across this, wanted too look at reviews, seen how low they were then this video. Thanks for putting scams into perspective once again, I used to be the kid working part time after school and getting weight gainers with my money. *weight loss and gain now isnt an issue for me since I started learning more about nutrition. Now days younger people will be better prepared I hope.

  27. Not gonna lie, I used the anadrole supp and i bulked up a good ten pounds, lasted longer, and pushed harder. made good gains. Theres also a chance Jeff could just be hating. Just putting it out there, not saying its the truth. Just an opinion.

  28. People here laughing at the "Inhale by the gym" joke, meanwhile I'm laughing at "…Supplements have nothing in them nothing at all, probably baking powder"

  29. One of my buddies reccomended this to me. I was sceptical, started researching this and here I am!! Thanks for this video.

  30. I know this is a year old. But I'm curious to know have you ever actually tried this your self personally? Because let's face it why review something you dont try

  31. why you all believe in what he said even if you doun't try by yourself, i did used crazy bulk supllement for more than year and i gained more lean muscle and strenght , in my blog i showed my journey here:

  32. Thanks for the video Jeff, a little bit late for me I got scammed big time. Stopped taking that shit after 3 weeks and noticing no change.

  33. Jeff, not one to normally call people out however Technically zero is absolutely nothing, whilst 450mg is absolutely something…. 🤔. Or did I misunderstand Newtonian physics?

    Either way, I still find the best pre and post workout supplement is water…. Not sure why but this really seems to work…

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