Getting Back, New Supplements and Training Gear, B12 Injections

Hey guys, how are you? Yesterday I got back from Thailand. After one hour on a boat, two hours on a bus, 12 hours on a train, 11 hours on a plane, 2 hours on a different plane, and 4 hours in a car I finally got home. The weather here is a little different, but I can use some of that too. First of all I’ve got to do something about this hair That’s better Some of you have been saying that soy protein isn’t the best one, so this time I got something different. I’ve got 2 kilos of pea protein and 1 kilo of hemp protein. I think I’m gonna mix it or something. I also bought resistance band. This is 17-22 kilos of resistance, I think. It’s quite strong. I think I’m gonna make a video about the resistance band so stay tuned. I’m also back to sleeping on the floor on my bedroom/gym situation. Few years back I did a blood test and it came out that I am B12 deficient. I was taking pills for some time, but it didn’t work, so I went for injections. It’s even easier if you don’t mind needles. And I don’t. I lost some weight in Thailand, but in upcoming weeks I will be focused on the training and diet so I will definetely get back my muscles. I also have a few new ideas for the channel, so subscribe, stay tuned and I’ll see you in the next video.

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  1. I don't know why this man have a few subscribers and views, I think that his edition and topics about calisthenics and diets are really interesting.

  2. Hi, do you think eating different foods together is better than one at a time. Eating together helps in better absorbing nutrients, especially vitamins and minerals, than eating one at a time. Like eating Brocolli with lentils at the same time, is better than eating brocolli first and then eating lentils two hours later? i read that you need some vitamins or minerals to absorb them properly. Thanks.

  3. At 00:33 I expected you come up again with you beard trimmed! hahaha Nice job my friend, you are doing amazing videos. Keep Up The Good Work 🙂

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  5. bro please answer me on this, i am doing all the movements that you teach us from pull up to chin ups and push ups and squads, my question is is there a time i should rest one day from not doing those or everyday no issues ?

  6. Do make a video on importance of vitamins and minerals in healing joints and tendons. Most people just focus on proteins, carbs and fats, but not much on how important vitamins and minerals are in healing inflamed joints, muscles and tendons.

  7. Hey! Great channel man! I'm vegan and started calisthenics just a couple months ago. Although I'm Italian, I live in Poland and I'm wondering what brand are the protein powders that you ordered and from which website did you buy them? Thanks in advance and keep up the good work! Cheers 🙂

  8. Hey man, if you want to skip the injections, did you make sure you tried multiple forms of b12? For some people the methylcobalamine works better and for some the cyanobolamine works better, theres also one thats absorbed really bad by both

  9. Omg David the depth and gauge on that needle is huge. Your might not mind the big ones but you can get thinner needles and there's no reason to go that deep, damn.

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