Go behind the scenes with Simona Seizova | Parasite bouquet

Hi, I’m Simona and I work on infectious
diseases particularly a parasite called Toxoplasma gondii. The parasite is
spread through undercooked meat and soil and it can affect up to 80 per cent of the
population worldwide. It has a huge impact on individuals who lack a good immune
system and it can live in your body dormant for long stages of time up to
those points. Unfortunately we don’t have any drugs for this dormant stage and that’s a prime focus for a lot of research in Toxoplasma. So when I first looked down
the microscope I was really surprised to see flowers. These parasites grow
naturally in states called rosettes and they form flowers that look like daisies
or sunflowers or tulips and all I’ve done in my image is change the colours
to represent these individual flowers. I think Art of Science is really important
to show what scientists do on a day to day basis, and show that it’s not just
about facts but also about the beauty in discovery.

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