100 Replies to “GOD LEVEL Street Food in Turkey – The ULTIMATE Istanbul Street Food ADVENTURE with Mr.Taster!!!”

  1. Ooooh yeah!!!! New vid is up!!! Go subscribe to Mr. Taster here: https://www.youtube.com/user/TheMrtaster !!! I hope you guys enjoy the video! We had a lot of fun eating this food and filming this video for you! Make sure to watch until the end cause there is some INCREDIBLE Turkish food you're not gonna want to miss! Thanks for watching! Let me know what you thought of the video down below!

  2. Flour dust. Flour dust is a hazardous substance. Workers in baking-related jobs may inhale flour dust when it becomes airborne. The dust can irritate the respiratory tract and lead to occupational asthma, also known as baker's asthma.

  3. Proper cig köfte is acually made with raw minced meat and it`s cooked with the spices, takes quite long to make it

  4. it’s all fun and games until Istanbul gets nuked and returns to it’s true form Constantinople of Orthodoxy

  5. Yes indeed the food and people are amazing ❤️ great video Trevor, looks like you have loss some weight, the little guy reminds me of Goerge Costanza on Seinfeld 😂🙊

  6. You’re basically supporting “sultan “ Erdogan, the nazi fundamentalist killer of decide of innocent Syrian refugees, mostly women and children. That’s why I’m unsubscribing from this vlog. You’re too greedy, Trevor & co.

  7. You have to visit Gaziantep for baklava,You have to visit Erzurum for cağ kebap.Istanbul is just a showcase:) Best regards.

  8. In Sha Allah i will go one day in Istanbul and i try all of that delicious food ! Seni Seviyorum Türkiye

  9. Hi there, I'm Keshava here from Malaysia. I love all the videos that you upload about traveling and foods. I really wish to work with you sir. It would be an honour for me to get a chance to explore different places and foods with you sir. Thank you. [email protected]

  10. I think if Mr. Taster laughs less, he'd be funnier. His whole personality is already funny, he does not need to try hard, unless the laughs come to him naturally.

  11. Did I really see the guy in the intro stick that skewer in his mouth, then throw it back on the line??? Yay Covid virus!

  12. Another turkish video and again i hated it because it's instagram tour number 2 – in every video before you discover or ask locals to try things some bad some good some so so but now you just follow a non turkish guide in istanbul and only go for famous social media places which got no taste and no authenticity what a waste of time i feel sorry for you turkey got amazing cuisine and you didnt even try the mediocre ones in your 2 videos hope you enjoy your stay in turkey have a great day

  13. Ting and Trevor, the genius behind and making and creating this film are a couple of genius artists, educators, decision makers and beautiful sharers of the world beyond our imagination. They are sharing heaven tastes and ideas with the world of love and hopefully will get to the level upon the level of next level to find an audience and big huge payments with a mass entertainment. Crushi 🧡 💛 💚 💙 💜 🖤 +

  14. Love to see turkish people and their awesome food and culture. love frm Bangladesh

  15. Hi Trevor, curious about your thoughts on China’s culinary practices involving the torture and slaughtering of live and exotic animals for human consumption. Is all this non-vegetarian food exploration still very cool in light of coronavirus taking the lives of thousands of people in China and gravely endangering the lives of millions across the globe?

    Would be nice to see a series from you on vegetarian exotic foods appreciated and enjoyed in different cultures. You can make a difference in influencing people to making culinary choices that are healthy not only for their bodies but also for the environment and for the welfare of animals.

  16. MMMMMMMMMMMMM …. lol I feel like all the time spent in China has made you show your respect for food by making sounds of enjoyment. 🙂 show more of Turkey if you can wonderful video

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