25 Replies to “Good Soapy Weekend-Making Almond Butter Goat Milk Body Wash”

  1. Definitely need to try this also!! Goodness, I'm far behind!! Great job Patrick!! Love your family's treasures! Hugz, Tree

  2. Good morning… liquid soap is the the one soap I can not get right. Over the past year, it has gotten better but it is still not right. Your liquid soap looks lovely and creamy. Thank you for sharing.

  3. Looks luxurious. I enjoy all your videos, but I LOVE watching all your botanical concoctions, infusions and soaps 👍

  4. I'd love to see you making a batch of that almond butter soap, or bath bombs….i have scent fixations on anything almond or honey

  5. I love the creaminess in that and I didn't think you were bragging though I would have!!! Did you actually mention the preservative you used, did I miss that?

  6. Goodmorning Patrick! I love this and it looks so good and I am sure it will be great for the skin..

  7. Patrick, I would to see u do liquid soap and bath bombs.. To be honest I love watching u make anything u do a great job at it all.

  8. I really enjoy the video this was so cool I really would love to learnmore of the precise method use to do this it was every interesting and I want to make bath fizzles and bubble bars myself I also want to make bath whipped soap I like those alot in grape cranberry pomegranate or raspberry and guava fig fragrances but I love essential oil more too thx Patrick for all the great videos🐐🌼

  9. Oh that looks lovely and rich and creamy. Very good video. I use a washcloth myself. Old fashioned girl that I am. LOL

  10. Hey Patrick, I have a question for you. I suppose you can use any soap with this recipe right? Would you mind sharing the amounts of everything you used to make this? How many lbs/oz of each thing including the soap? You don't have to of course if it's your secret recipe, but it couldn't hurt to ask right? I'm in the middle of an allergic reaction to store bought soap/body wash that was supposed to be 100% natural ingredients right now and have really scratched myself raw in places. It is driving me bonkers so I thought I would ask and make better homemade soap to use in a homemade body wash that won't make me breakout like this. I will understand if you choose to keep it a secret. Thanks for making such great videos.

  11. Great video! I've watched many videos on diy body wash and you're the 1st person to mention health hazards caused by not using a preservative. Thank you!

  12. Hi Patrick, I ❤ natural almond scented products and I'd be interested in purchasing a bottle. How & where? Thank you in advance.

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