Green Tea Extract Is It Good For Gut And Weight Management?

Back, thanks for coming back, we’re going
to talk about weight loss and green tea extract. There are many studies that have been conducted
with green tea, particularly in the last five years. I’ve looked at lots of different studies. Unfortunately, it’s a mixed bag because some
studies say that green tea works well to drive down [inaudible] of inflammation, green tea
works to some degree by helping to repair leaky gut. Green at helps by reducing insulin sensitivity. But then there are other studies that say
it doesn’t do any of those things at all, so it’s confusing for you guys out there,
you know? Lots of these studies conducted involve mice,
unfortunately, and haven’t really been replicated in humans, okay? And one study in particular, when they got
hold a group of male mice, apparently female mice don’t really respond well to obesity
food challenges or metabolic challenges induced in labs, so they used male. And what they did is they got a group of male
mice and I think it was like eight or ten mice, they split them in half. They put one group on a high fat diet, which
is sort of akin to like a Keto kind of diet and they put another one on a standard mouse
diet. Not the standard American diet, probably standard
mouse diet. Now the thing with mice you got to remember,
like rodents, is they eat each other’s poop. Not a really pleasant thing to talk about
this time of day. I’ve just had breakfast, thank goodness, but
you get my point. I mean, when animals eat each others bowel
stuff, it’s a bit different from humans that don’t usually do those kind of things, so
their gut bacteria are going to influence to a degree by other rodents. So, what they did, when they split the group
up, the group on the high fat diet, on the standard mouse diet, they gave them a green
tea extract, which they mixed through this high fat kind of a diet and they found that
that group had a 20% more weight reduction than the group that didn’t have that included
into their diet. But what they’re not telling is how much green
tea extract was mixed through the high fat mouse diet. That could well be equivalent to you guys
for having say, perhaps, I don’t know what, 30, 40 cups of green tea per day or maybe,
what, half a pound of green tea powder to eat that, mix it through your smoothies and
stuff. I don’t know about you guys but I don’t think
I could handle 30 cups of green tea a day. I think one or two’s about my limit. Again, you can understand now, you can’t just
look at a mouse study and immediately extrapolate that through and say it works for human beings,
okay? There can definitely be some effects there
but they need to be explored much deeper. Green tea is very, very healthy to drink. In my opinion, a lot of teas are healthy to
drink. Not just green tea, also Oolong tea. I like the smoky teas like Lapsong Suchong
or caravan tea or sort of those smoky teas. I quite like them. Jasmine tea. There are so many nice beverages you can drink,
so but green tea certainly has got a very, very high flavonoid profile. It’s very rich in antioxidants abilities,
so it’s a superb tea for you to drink one or two cups per day. I don’t believe that green tea is like the
nirvana of weight loss like anything else is touted, so just be careful not to fall
into the trap where someone’s going to sell you green tea and tell you, “You’re going
to lose 100 pound in a week by drinking …” It’s not going to happen. It’s not going to happen. Just like going to Vegas isn’t going to make
you a millionaire, okay? It’s not going to happen. Thanks for tuning in. Don’t forget the link in the description box
if you want more free report.

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  1. hello sir will lemon water destroy my teeth? i like squeezing half a lemon in my 750ml water bottle and sipping on it throughout the day often with some aloe vera and l glutamine, i find it clears any mucus i have and aids my digestion as i recover from candida and a bacterial overgrowth so id like to continue this habit but ive been hearing its bad to sip throughout the day… not sure if its a big deal or not?

  2. Hi! I know the best thing is to cook fresh food every day, but I work in an office and lunch time is super hard for me. Can I still bring food from home och will I have to find salad places to go out to eat at?

  3. Hey Eric, I've been seeing a naturopath for a few months now and after having lost weight, improved conditions, and reduced candida symptoms, he says I'm ready for the rebuild phase. For this, I'm going to send in a second stool test so that he can best determine what my treatment should be. The stool test is going to take over a month to come back, so my question is: what can I eat, take or do in the meantime to help in the rebuild phase? Even if it may be a shot in the dark without the stool test for now.
    Thank you for your time.

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