GUT HEALTH: Why It’s so Important

Hey guys, it’s Anita Tee from Today I wanted to talk to you guys about gut health, because gut health is kind of an ongoing theme of my channel; all of my videos you’ll see kind of no matter what they’re about, they’ll circulate a little bit back to gut health. So I just wanted to explain to you guys why that’s important, and why I’m so interested in gut health. For those of you that don’t know what gut health is, gut health is sort of the new term, it’s like a trending term, and it’s used in science a lot, and it’s the way to kind of refer to the whole health of your digestive system. So there’s a reason that gut health is becoming such a trending term, and that’s because basically gut health is just really important, it’s one of the biggest factors, in my opinion, I find it to be the biggest factor with my clients in determining your overall health, and your current state of health, and any symptoms you’re experiencing, so it’s a trending term because a lot of people are interested right now in improving their gut health to actually improve their overall health. So basically your gut acts as the barrier between your external environment and your internal biology; I know you guys have probably heard me say this quite a few times before, but that’s because it’s just a really really important thing. It protects us from any sort of chemicals, or anything nasty that we don’t want getting in our body, and the way that it does that is though your gut lining, when you eat all these foods, it actually selectively absorbs what it wants, and keeps out what it doesn’t want. So basically it takes in all of your nutrients, and it leaves out anything that’s foreign to the body, anything that could be dangerous, or any chemicals that you don’t want, or could damage your system. So it protects us, which is obviously a great thing. Because the gut is responsible for taking in all your nutrients, that’s what really makes it so important, because your whole body needs nutrients to function, and some parts of your body and certain organs are going to rely more on certain nutrients in order to function, but your gut is sort of the root source, think of it as like the soil for your body to grow on, the root source of where your body is getting all of these nutrients from. So if your gut health is actually compromised, then it’s not going to be taking up the right nutrients, or those certain organs that are missing those nutrients are going to be what suffers, and you could feel the impact by having symptoms in almost any system of your body really, not just necessarily the digestion. Overall, the guts capacity for absorption. absorbing the right nutrients that you need, and keeping everything we don’t want out, is such a powerful capability of it, and that’s why it’s really really important that we make sure that we keep our gut nice and tight, and it’s not a loosening up. You guys may have heard of the term “leaky gut”, which some people debate as to whether it’s a real thing or not, however there is accumulating, massively accumulating amounts of evidence, I just looked the other day and there was about 13,000 papers on the topic, so it’s pretty undeniable now that leaky gut is definitely a BIG THING in science, but basically keeping our gut tight, and keeping that barrier strong so that we can take in everything we need and leave out everything we don’t need, is a really critical part of saying healthy overall. So how do you guys know if your gut health is compromised? Basically you won’t necessarily even know at first, some people get symptoms pretty quickly, and some people experience no symptoms, even though their gut health isn’t the best. However it’s sort of inevitable that eventually this will lead to experiencing some weird symptoms that, like I said, could range from digestive symptoms to sort of anything else along the spectrum of whatever can go wrong with those organs that require those nutrients. So what I encourage, as a scientist and a nutritionist , is to maintain the health of your gut lining as a preventative measure. This can prevent you from experiencing things like IBS or digestive symptoms, which one in five people in the world experience, and it can also, by tightening up your gut, and increasing your gut healthy, reduce any current symptoms you’re experiencing, but also it can help to improve or protect against a whole bunch of other symptoms or disorders.For example, mood, a lot of people wouldn’t really guess, but your mood is hugely related to your gut, and basically there’s a connection between your brain and your gut. And so if you’re actually feeling things like anxiety or sadness, or if you’re just generally irritable and feeling crabby on certain days, chances are your gut can actually have some significant role in that issue, and if you guys actually want to read more about that, I’ll link an article that I wrote on my blog that’s called “bloating and your bad mood”, and that’s just to do with how we gut and the brain interact. That’s just one example of a disorder that you may not realize is coming directly from your gut. Another common example, something that I hear really really often in practice or get written to a lot, is about fatigue. A lot of women and people of all ages tend to experience a lot more fatigue than they should be feeling, and that could hugely have to do with your gut, because if your gut isn’t absorbing all those proper nutrients that you need, then of course even though it could be eating enough calories and getting enough energy, it may not actually be getting enough nutrients, and so it might feel pretty deprived, and that could lead to a lot of fatigue. There’s sort of an endless list of symptoms and systems in your body that can be affected by the gut, and things you can experience from it can range anywhere from weight gain to skin rashes, to even like respiratory symptoms, it really can affect all parts of the body. So anyways, that list can go on and on, which may make it seem really confusing, but there’s actually a really big positive in knowing this, and that’s because they all link back to the gut, and so that’s such a great place to start. Improving your gut health is always going to be a positive thing, there’s definitely no downside of getting a healthier gut, but there’s a huge upside, because it can actually sort of address or fix a lot of these symptoms that you didn’t even know we’re related, and you can really see drastic improvements in your overall health just from focusing on this one area. And that is why I really love to talk about it, and I really encourage a focus on gut health, because it’s such a universal thing for the total health of our body. I think a lot of people go through life, I see it on a daily basis, where people are just feeling like garbage every day, and they’re feeling moody, or they have acne or skin problems, such as psoriasis or something, or they’re tired all the time, and I think that people go through this and expect it to just be a normal part of daily life now, because so many people suffer from these issues. But that’s not the case, we’re not supposed to feel tired and moody, and be breaking out all the time, that definitely signifies that something is wrong. Overall, a happy gut makes for a healthy body, so basically just to kind of wrap up here, I just want to emphasize that you know, we all go to the gym to keep our bodies tight, and keep our bigger tight, and there’s some women who even use special tools to keep their special areas tight, and we’re always focused on like keeping things tight and sexy, so why not keep our gut tight to enhance our overall health? That’s right guys, give a Thumbs Up for a tight and sexy intestinal tract. Anyways guys, that’s my little spiel on gut health for the day, if you guys want some tips to improve the health of your gut and your overall health, then check out my videos for more info. Thanks for hanging out with me, and if you guys want a scientist on your side to give you gut health facts that are totally off the book, then subscribe to my channel below, and give this video a Thumbs Up. I’ll see you guys next time, bye!

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