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Hey how you doing? It’s British cook I’ve partnered with Love Food Hate Waste for their Flung Together Food February challenge month.
Which is all about having fun while reducing food waste, enjoying the food
we have leftover, making something special something exciting and at the same time trying to remember source locally where you can reduce your food mileage
protect the environment and help those around you. So in this video and I’m going to be
making my simple hearty warming ham and vegetable soup ham and root veg. It is so,
simple so tasty! let’s get to it! So this ham’s actually going to be roasted. Normally you just pop in the oven and roast it quickly but I’m gonna
actually boil it up with some vegetables make a stock and then turn it into an
absolutely delicious high fiber hearty tasty ham lentil and
root veg soup and using a piece of ham or gammon like this is actually a very
efficient and very cheap way to make lots of different meals. So what I’m going to be using today is an onion we’ve all got one of those hanging around. I’ve got some split yellow
peas there, you can use lentils or any kind of pulse. As well I’ve got some old
frozen roast potatoes I always cook more roast potatoes than I actually need and
keep a few back for things like Stews I’ve got some rather tired looking parsley and
some unpeeled carrots So you can pick up a piece of ham like this for about five to seven pounds it does so many different meals
the first thing needs to do is whichever container you got it in just bring the
water level fill out the water to just about level of the top of the ham grab
the onion and chop into quarters grab your carrots no need to actually
peel them give them a quick wash they have extra fiber use it all we’re gonna
pop these in here as well and make sure to put the onion skin there as well
because the onion skin is full of flavor it’s full of goodness as well and it’s
all about reducing waste and to finish off we’ll just chuck this rather tired
looking parsley in here and for all of this there is a recipe down below remember that
this is about using up your leftover veg! Go for it if you’ve got some other root veg
go for it it’s all about mixing up and making sure using up well we got left
over. So just turn the heat on that cold water and we’ll bring up to a boil and
then simmer it for about 45 to 50 minutes and do you know what this is so much fun
to make and get kids involved and go around pick out the piece of veg it
doesn’t have to be carrot you can use root veg ,use lentils you can use all
sorts of things in this soup it’s just a basic sort of throw it together have
some fun and enjoy with the family kinda food. So after about 20 minutes of that
simmering away grab your pulses pop them in there and then grab your potatoes
which can be cooked or uncooked I’m using these old roasties and just pop
them in So just let that simmer now for another
20 or 25 minutes just look at all that delicious goodness there I’m gonna take
the ham out now and actually roast it that’s gonna be lots of different meals
for me So once the hams actually roasted then pour the roasted ham juices into this and then I chop a little bit ham up and pop
it in there I’ll show you all plated up in a second (Blender Noise) Okay so this is my flung together food
for February this is my ham root vegetable and also it’s got yellow split
peas in their soup absolutely delicious I just chopped a bit of rough parsley on top of
there it’s gonna be so good I can’t wait to try it
look at that honey roast ham as well two meals more like ten meals in one .So I’m
challenging you at home to love food and hate waste this February Flung
Together Food give it a go give this recipe a go Leave any kind of comment down
below any kind of tips or idea’s yourself on reducing waste ….and check out the link
down below in the description the link send’s you off to spoiled rotten which is
part of the website loads more recipes and ideas
now after Love Food Hate Waste have fantastic time thank you very much

31 Replies to “Ham And Root Veg Soup – Flung Together Food Feb – Love Food Hate Waste – British Cook”

  1. Hi Drew Gosh been awhile since you did a vid and so glad to see you. Thank you for sharing and hope u do more vids we do miss you πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ₯°

  2. This is a great idea, Drew. Thank you for sharing. I have a couple pounds of lentils which have been sitting in the cupboard for a long time. I am going to check the price of ham today when I run to the grocery store. If it's not to expensive, I will give this soup a go, otherwise it has to wait until next paycheck.

  3. Great video this would be great to freeze the leftover and have it again on another day, nice seeing you back on YouTube

  4. Wow the soup looks amazing. I can't wait to make it for my family. We love soup on a cold winter day in Canada. Glad to see you back making videos again!

  5. Yaya, glad to see you on YouTube again Drew. I love making a throw together meal every once in a while and I never waste food. Growing up in the Caribbean, food has always been expensive so we could never waste anything! One of my favourite soups is made using the hambone from the Christmas ham..super tasty. Can't wait to see more exciting dishes from you πŸ’œπŸ’œπŸ’œπŸ’œ

  6. Great seeing you again Friend. You’re looking fit and trim. This soup is going to be delicious πŸ˜‹ Im anxious to make it when I get home. I’m visiting Branson,Missouri at the moment.

  7. ham and root veg soup!! haven't had this in a million years! but they aren't making them like they used to out there I guess!

  8. great tips again, my friend. It's a pleasure watching you cook all these things, that aren't TOO hard to do myself heh

  9. so this is some traditional british food? I would LOVE to learn more about it since I'm soon gonna move over! yaay πŸ‘ŠπŸ˜Ž

  10. Hey British Cook thanks for the recipe! Lovely to see it and hope that ours turns out the same will have to let you know thanks!

  11. Wow that gammon ham looks proper lush! That is what I would call one seriously healthy and hearty meal thanks for sharing it!

  12. Hi British Cook love this video as I really love roasted ham especially the honey roasted ham! Great tips / great chap / great channel (Y)

  13. Really feeling this hearty ham hock! I could eat it for lunch and dinner and supper keep the great videos going @British Cook

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