Heal Your Gut For 5 Cents!

Hey, it’s Robyn Openshaw. I am the Green Smoothie Girl, and I’ve got a great little
present for you today. This is a very simple
habit that you can do to restore your gut health in 30 days. You should see a significant difference. And not only does this
only take about 30 days to see a difference, if
you’re having tummy aches, if you’re having bloating, gas, you have that swing from
constipation to diarrhea, these are not pretty things to talk about, but a lot of America is
suffering with these things because of all the processed foods we eat, because we eat too much meat, because there’s chemicals in our food, and of course we’ve got
all these hybridized grains that we’re eating,
genetically modified foods. A lot of people these days
have leaky gut syndrome, and most of us have
not been diagnosed yet. But there’s just a one
cell lining inside your gut that when it gets damaged, when
there’s inflammation there, you’re not keeping toxins
out of the bloodstream, you’re not absorbing nutrition well. And so repairing the gut, it’s more than just taking
some dried probiotic pill. There are cultured food
recipes from all over the world that I teach in my 12 Steps
to Whole Foods course, but today I wanna give you
for free a video tutorial and the exact recipe for how
you can make a specific recipe that will cost you less
than five cents to make it, and probably you have everything you need in your kitchen already. So, it’s an easy thing to do,
it’s a little bit foreign, and so I wanna show you exactly
how to do it in a video. So just go grab it, sign up, and I will send it right to your inbox, and you will have a video and you will have a quick recipe for a five cent habit to
rehabilitate your gut. Do it for 30 days, and I’d love to hear if this makes a difference for you. There’s no need for all
of us to be suffering from these digestive issues. If you’ve just accepted it that you have constant gas and bloating or your stomach hurts or certain foods make your stomach hurt. Sometimes it’s not right
after you eat them. Some foods, like gluten, may
not show up in the way we feel for 24 to 48 hours, so it’s
really hard to figure out what foods are bothering you. But one of the major
keys is to rehabilitate the healthy flora in your gut. If you’ve been on antibiotics any time in the last 20 or 30 years, it’s very possible that
there is still major damage to your gastrointestinal tract. There’s supposed to be a colony of hundreds of different
probiotic organisms that keep you healthy. It’s really 85% of your immune system. And on heroes, Dr. Bernard Jensen, studied 10,000 people’s colons, and he helped people
detox and he took pictures of what came out of their
colon when they detoxed, and he said that Americans, and keep in mind this
is 20 and 30 years ago; it’s only gotten worse, are 10 to one bad
bacteria to good bacteria, and our gut is supposed
to be the opposite. We’re supposed to have 10 times
for good bacteria than bad. That way when strep comes
along, when staph comes along, when the flu comes along, you’ve got all the good
guys there to neutralize and not allow those bad
bacteria to take over. So how do we get that good
climate back in our gut? How do we reestablish
a healthy micro biome? Well, it’s gotta be more than
taking a dried probiotic pill. That can help support a healthy gut, but to rebuild it I’ve
got a great tip for you, so I hope that you grab
this video and this recipe. Put it into play for 30 days. It is a game changer. Okay, so I hope that you like this. And make sure you like Green
Smoothie Girl on Facebook. But go grab that freebie right now, and I hope that it blesses your life.

16 Replies to “Heal Your Gut For 5 Cents!”

  1. I'm soaking quoina now! I like the fact that you ground up the sprouts to get the nutrition out of them. Thanks for the recipe. I was diagnosed with Ulcerative Colitis in July. Being using the Fodmap Diet and Food Combining. Doing much better and looking forward to using your recipe for Rejuvelac to improve even more.

  2. Hi Robin! After you soak the grains to make Rejuvalac, (I know it's the water and not the grain), do you still use the grain in baking or other ways?

  3. i can't stand the way you lead people on to get your free stuff. to much wirk!! you could've told us in this video instead of leading us on!!

  4. YOU have blessed me! Thank you so Much! I'd love to subscribe and get your free honest and educated information! You're a Godsend! Thanks

  5. Here's the non 'Freebie' that you get in exchange for giving out your name, email, and phone…

  6. There are no chemicals in 100%grass fed beef. It's always about the food you start with.
    Try eating natto for the microbiome.

  7. Can rejuvelac really help heal my stomach lining? Ive had stomach inflamation for almost 2 years and i really need some tips/your help to help me fully heal😥

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