Heal Yourself 101- never get sick again

if you have any kind of health problems anything diabetes weight issues heart problems arthritis allergies a TD sleeping problems men can’t get it up or women don’t feel the magic anymore if you have MS autism low energy or brain fog if you have stomach problems or are aging faster and faster if you’re tired of all the doctors and drugs and surgeries and fad diets and our wit’s end this could be the point of your life where everything changes take a deep breath first of all stop depending on others to solve your problems or heal you stop throwing your money away there is no magic pill no magic product no magic machine no magic all natural wonder substance no magic healer shaman psychic doctor surgeon or that money you’ve been waiting to come through that’s gonna solve all your problems and heal you the only one who can truly heal you is you if you break a bone a doctor can put it back together but it’s your body that does the healing your body knows what to do you just need to give it what it needs stop doing the things that cause the problem in the first place things do not just happen you are the result of everything you experienced in your life every thought everything that’s been told to you everything you put your mouth your body everything you breathed in touched and absorbed the only one who can change all that is you because you are who ultimately controls you body your mind in your spirit you are designed to function a certain way it’s simple live the way nature designed you to live the further you wander from that design the more problems you get the less energy you have and the shorter your life becomes it’s not that hard to live the way we were intended to live we just need to be reminded of a few basic facts and rules people all over the world are dramatically changing their lives and some of these are nothing short of miraculous hi my name is Marcus Roth Kranz 20 years ago my heart was collapsing my liver was clogged my kidneys were shot my lungs were so filled with mucus I was choking my digestive system was so messed up I was bleeding I had glasses thicker than the windshield of my car I was a mess thanks to doing nothing else but living the typical American modern lifestyle I didn’t even drink or smoke yet I was dying at 27 and medication drugs and pills just made it worse I tried everything I vegetarian I still got sick I went vegan I still got sick I took thousands of dollars of supplements every month I tried it all then I just gave up completely I got rid of all my possessions went out to the desert took my clothes off and started over as I wake and naked to the first rays of sunlight – no sound but the quiet was spur of the wind there was a rabbit nearby a turtle some lizards and the call of a beautiful eagle soaring overhead and I realized I was finally free I knew the answers it changed my life forever I was alive I could hear the truth speak to me twenty years ago I was barely alive and dying that was almost 20 years ago you know that movie were Brad Pickett’s younger and younger the older he gets what if you could have just a little bit of that just a little bit you’ll never guess how old I am I am almost 50 years old that’s right did you your is a Fountain of Youth you can’t get younger I’ve never felt more alive more vibrant more energetic and all my life I do not get sick anymore I mean I feel younger now than I did when I was in my 20s it’s amazing I look around me now and I see all these people burnt with health issues aging more rapidly every day lamenting on their last youth wanting to be young healthy and alive again people I am living proof you can bring it all back no magic products no doctors no pills no lotions potions or plastic surgery you do this at home it costs you almost nothing just some basic things you buy at the corner market you might already have this stuff true healing doesn’t cost anything just the willpower to do it you can see and learn more about me at beautify live.com you might even see me in person someday I speak all over the world I wrote a short ebook that you can download right away on your computer that tells you everything you need to know how to change your life right now tonight at home you don’t need anyone else no products no gimmicks nothing even the Bible says we’re supposed to live to be at least 125 all it is is long nature a chance to do with this design to do this is what changed my life this is exactly what I did and you can download it right now it’s easy to read no big words nothing fancy it just gets right to the point tells you what to do I’m so inspired to just go home get rid of everything and just just start over just like he said just want to start over he could read the whole thing in 90 minutes and it could very well change your life forever I’ve never felt more alive more vibrant than all my life since I wrote this book I’ve been getting emails from all over the world telling me how it’s not only save people’s lives made them disease-free and alive again but also how it saved their relationships and inspired them to finally be and do what they were put on this earth to do it’s called heal yourself 101 the site is heal yourself 101 calm and you don’t need anything else you download it you read it and within 90 minutes you can know everything I did to radically change my life as you read this something inside you will resonate strongly and tell you this is the truth what’s in this book saved my life send me your before and after stories and pictures because I know they will be dramatic and inspiring people this is it if you want the answer here it is

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  1. D**n you look good for almost fifty.  Good for you!  I'm 47 in April and divorced.  Where are the almost-50 guys in Tennessee who thrive like you, are single, and preferably have a nice foreign accent?   

  2. two words raw food, im 30 and we will wee eachother when I am 50 marcus, Im exited to see what I look like then :0) <3 <3 I will look 20 as well :p

  3. What a Amazing, Awesome Video, thank you so much for sharing it here with Me, have a Great Day, you and Cara, truly Look Amazing, sincerely, Diana Lipski.

  4. Funny you mention Brad Pitt because his age start to show it on a sleep its not looking good. You are far better looking then Brad Pitt dude.

  5. Hello, I have tried this way of life before felt a million times better but come college I went back to the typical diet of pasta, and anything quick/cheap.  Guess what?  I fell ill again, hospital, pills etc.   That to me is proof of the lifestyle being a cure all.  One question though,  how would you suggest a college student stay on top of this lifestyle with limited time and funds?

  6. This is great. I found you searching for natural healing of teas, I saw your video on the Pine needles, Licorice and Rosemary tea.. haven't tried it, want to though.. Rosemary is great, I drink that everyday, I have Fibromyalgia and all that goes along with that.. I know there is no magic pill for sure, I am going natural. On my way, crazy what is out there for medicines that make you sicker. I love you story. thank you. 

  7. Markus, The Pine needles, Licorice and Rosemary tea, is the business! I got the flu late January, I made the tea while I was out sick, within 4 days out, I was back at work feeling better…this tea works.
    Now on my way to cut out sugar n starches…thanks so much 

  8. I love this. But I have a few questions, #1 : where can I buy these raw foods? #2 : so I can't eat carrots or beats? #3 : why in some of the recipes does it say, meat & or fish? #4 : what kind of meat and fish+how? Thank you can someone please get back to me that way I can get started even faster

  9. Where the heck did you come from!?
    My parents told me about you a long time ago,
    and I've really just started looking into your stuff.
    I love your vibrancy….it seems so unbelievable…
    you seem so happy go lucky it almost seems like a sales gimmick…
    but you also seem way to authentic and genuine for that to be possible.

    *all of the super healthy people I know come across this way….
    seemingly way too happy for it to even be possible…. but I know it is 🙂  *

    I admire you.
    You and your girlfriend Cara
    seem like you were designed for each other.

    I'm very happy for you, and I'm very very very thankful for all the information you put out.
    Please keep it up 🙂

  10. I like this guy because he doesn't bullshit. He even wrote about how "great" alkaline water and diets were but he found out he was wrong and got a Dr on his show to explain why alkaline diets are bad and he totally owned up to his mistake

  11. if only there translate for chinese, would be awesome cause my parent. i have one question does your DVD come with subtitle language?

  12. My friend gets really bad migraines.  I read that magnesium is good, but what other plants/herbs can you recommend?  She is desperate for relief. 

  13. He forgot to mention that when you go out to the desert it gets very cold during the night  and you have to watch out for the black widow spiders, the scorpions and the rattle snakes. If your gullible you'll swallow this nonsense. He must be one of those new wave thinking moaning and groaning meditators from Sedona AZ.  :-).

  14. Hey Markus, awesome videos………  Can you help me bro. I'm 28 years and have alcoholic hepatitis liver disease and may have cirrhosis. What do you recommend I eat bro?

  15. Hi Markus !
    I had read your books "heal your face" and "heal your self 101"

    They are amazing books,congratulation !

    I am still confused about soy beans,You claim here cause mess with hormones because estrogen.

    I make my own soymilk about  5years daily,and I feel excelent.

    I have in my country one expert in soy beans,he study about 10 years only about the soya and he said :
    "  There is not one molecule of estrogen in any soy product.   Not one!   ISOFLAVONES are not ESTROGENS.   The ability of the soybean has long been recognized as an "adaptogen", meaning it will improve estrogen levels in women who need it and block estrogen use in women with high levels."

    And in my opinion all the chines are top soya beans consumers and are more then  1 bililon  people,so they are very potent…..

    Any way for me is very important what you think about this,because you are a very god sourse of my inspiration.

    Any way after that I will make my own choice after I will balance all the opinions.

    Than you very much !

  16. Hello Markus,

    I want to start out by thanking you, for sharing your knowledge. Do you have any info on shrinking uterine fibroids? My largest one is 10 cm and it causes a lot of bleeding, etc.

    Thank you.

    Lisa Maggiore, Orangeville, Ontario Canada

  17. Hello Markus is there a product you sell for gaining weight Im 22 years old and Im only 7 stone I feel run down all the time I eat a lot but I don't seem to put any weight I would be very greatful if you could help me out! Thanks for your time!

  18. hidden footage of markus in the desert thankfully his clothes were on when captured http://media.giphy.com/media/3o85xz4ZhF0muExtug/giphy.gif

  19. Can somebody answer this question: in his parasite cleansing program, Mark tells you not to immediately use the strong herbs to kill them but to start juicing, doing colonics etc for some time before taking the strong herbs, but why not take the strong herbs all along?. Also what fruits can you eat during a parasite cleansing?

  20. Because you have search a truly natural way where God have design us.
    I pick you point when you have say that only we people who cook our food that really not design to eat us. And you encourage to do not use any of artificial product like lotion or processed food.that make as sick.?
    But I have wonder that you have said why virus not the bad guys that harm us?
    Can you pleas explain me farther so that I can use this for additional report that can I use in Biology at this next month?
    I will also use your Video about parasite because my report is about Phylum Nematoda that are commonly exist as PARASITE.

  21. Great info. What can I do when my stomach is so bad that raw foods are Hard to digest and can only eat steamed Apples or pears?

  22. I have cancer, and so much of what he talks about rings true. Had I only known a fraction of the information shared I truly believe I could have saved myself so much suffering! But today's another day, and I plan to follow these steps and take my life back! Anybody with me on this? Lol

  23. hi Marcus I have a friend who has lymphoma and it already spread to his bones his doctor told him he could eat anything he like and he's getting fat. pls tell me its not too late 🙁 can he still recover if he will do the cleansing and raw vegan.

  24. Markus, could you please, please, please make your books audiobooks? I have the Audible App on my phone and LOVE to listen to books while I'm on my power walks or hikes. I checked Amazon and you aren't on the list of Audio books yet 🙁 I have your un-cookbook and Instructions for a New Life, but I want the others on Audio. Most of the books the author reads it, but some do not. I think you are such an inspiration, so it would be cool to listen to YOU reading it 🙂 Thanks so much!

  25. I appreciate your thought. But I've read so many testimonials my eyes are crossed. Right now if nothing else, I'm truly praying to find others who might be interested in grouping up and maybe sharing their ideas, and helping the newbies. I am ashamed to admit it, but I had no idea just how bad I've treated my body, both unhealthy eating habits, and everything that goes with it. Huge stress levels as well. But Im one of those live in the solution type people, and that's exactly what I plan to do! My major issue is there's just so much to Learn and do – especially for someone who knows nothing about this type of thing – that I get so overwhelmed, and confused, I end up throwing my hands up! But I keep chugging along. If there's anyone out there who is willing to partner up, share knowledge, support, anything- with a few struggling cancer patients /scratch that – cancer survivors – We are In. We're all pretty smart gals, just ignorant to this new way of living! Where have they been hiding all this stuff? That audio book, would be awesome to drive to and at days end when a person's just too pooped to read.
    Thankyou so much for taking the time to reach out, I was so pleasantly surprised to get the notification. Your awesome folks out there!!!
    Ms. Ginger

  26. Hello Markus…..watched your video, and I was really amazed how you look….. ! And you said you're 50 yrs. old? That's unbelievable. You're video is an inspiration to all….! Thanks for sharing…! Mac from AZ

  27. Hi Markus. I think I can relate to your issues as I am 24 and kind of feeling like slowly dying.l I have chrons and god knows what other autoimmune stuff but I am in pain. Recently I decided that I will change the way I think about stuff and will start over. I am very determined now that I will cure myself and will leave all medications. Thank you for sharing, you are a great inspiration. Any way you can be contacted? David

  28. I've been a raw vegan for 14 yrs and started using the parasite-free.. about 60-70% of my diet is fruits (no seedless or dried fruits)..Do I abstain from those during the cleanse?.. Typically I take parasite cleanses before bed, is that less effective then 10 minutes before lunch as in your directions?

  29. hey mark how do you get rid of tumors,sists, avoid cáncer, and get rid of diabetes, and flush OR detox your system?

  30. You're spot on, the foods on shelf are killing us with poisonous chemicals. However, the natural vegetables and fruits are mostly GMO or laced with pesticides.

  31. Wow thank you so much!
    3 John 2King James Version (KJV)

    2 Beloved, I wish above all things that thou mayest prosper and be in health, even as thy soul prospereth.

  32. I have 2 hairlines fractures twisted spine.They no pill or magic flower or weeds or herb that grow to help me I was born with a twisted spine.and have a bone in vertebrae that is rubbing on the other bone with no soft tissue in between.

  33. How about OCD. My ocd is very dangerous for me and actually other people too (as I involve people in my obsession, or atleast the worst one.. the thing im fighting right now…). Please!

  34. Hi thanks for great knowledgable videos! Iv ordered £500 worth of ur products so just waiting for them but wanted ur books but it's £50 postage every time so tx if I buy in bulk so can postage be reduced!?Allah the true God keep you happy always & never stop this Heath message as your saving lives& this is your call to do this hopefully!

  35. I have been trying to download the ebook, it won't appear in cart. Any ideas, I already have the recipe book and would love to add this one to the collection.

  36. I want to say THANK YOU SO MUCH for sharing such excellence knowledge with us. Your book "Heal Yourself 101" is brilliant. It has a lot of valuable, good and practical information. I free downloaded it yesterday. It`s a great gift for me. I`m so happy that I have your book. I have recently started to eat raw food because I have a lot of problems with my health and when we try to do new things we don`t know how it works and we start to look for new information about it. I`m blessed because I got your book when I start my journey to the new life. Thank you very much again.

    Keep it up !!! Harmony and Love !!! 🙂

  37. Thanks! I started reading the book on my cell phone. Fortunately, I have a wonderful backyard as here some elitists in power might ruin my life if I simply left my industry job. Nevertheless, this is helping me develop my plan.

  38. Hello Markus Rothkranz thanks for your help so far just wondering I bought the eye ebook and it doesn't mention anything about blepharitis and meibomian gland dysfuntion is there anything that I can do to heal it? Thanks for reading:)

  39. Reposted on Facebook groups, look up gohealthyworld.com on Facebook. Yes, in the search it is listed that way for a group

  40. Well now I'm REALLY confused. So I made my juice, half a beet, lots of celery, a few green grapes, a large cucumber and kale…then I started reading about blending examples and it said to "avoid carrot, beets, parsley while deep cleansing except the green tops will be ok" but your juicing recipe calls for those things. So should I stop juicing carrots, beets and parsley? Please let mw know because I bought a whole bunch! Thank you❤

  41. What do you think about liver flushing? Today (my second day on juice) after I drank my juice within 10 minutes I felt really angry and my cheeks turned red. Well I did some research amd read that anger is connected to the liver and that one should do a liver flush to remove gallstones. Would that be ok if I did one every 2-4 weeks while juicing?

  42. You mention the bible, the bible mentions his healers, ever experienced a miracle by giving healing to someone, I suggest that you check out the medical research on Reiki. It's very powerful in helping people it increases the oxygen in the blood. Did you know that too much fruit can cause issues for the pancreas.

  43. Маркус, здравствуйте!
    Вы делаете хорошее дело!
    Рада почитать Вашу книгу, но пока идёт проверка.
    Моё оздоровление – 1- жизнь по библейским законам, 2 – правильное питание

  44. Hi Markus, I feel like a real pain with some of the questions I ask. (I try to search your ebooks & online first.) After harvesting grasses, I got a tick bite. It's small but it looks like a thin red ring around a 1/16" to an 1/8" pale ring with a small dark red center. Any alternatives to antibiotics? I read online about things like ozone & ledum, none of which I have. In addition to the raw diet etc, what else can a person do to avoid antibiotics which may not work & cause more harm? If you have a suggestion, I'll call a health food store for the remedy pronto. (I put the natural tick repellent on the kids but forgot myself & here I am.) Yeah, that was stupid.

  45. Hi Markus, Super quick question. If I have SIBO or SIFO, is it ok to skip apple cider vinegar until the smoothie or solid phase? Thanks a lot!

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